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How then do we live? Week Two

O Lord, my heart is not lifted up; my eyes are not raised too high; I do not occupy myself with things too great and too marvelous for me.

Psalm 131:1
How then do we live? Week Two Book Cover

Zooming in and out of a picture or story gives us different perspectives. When we zoom out of the story of Martha, Mary, and Lazarus, we see the story that Jesus is living. The story of walking toward death for the sake of life.

As soon as Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead, the plot to kill Jesus begins. Even as he is bringing resurrection and life back to this community, he is walking toward his death that will lead to resurrection and life for all people. What Jesus did in the life of one man, in a community in Bethany, he will do for the world.

our temptation

We live zoomed in on our stories. And when we have to wait, we are restless for what is to come. While we wait, we are all tempted.

Even Jesus was tempted (Luke 4:1–13). Our temptations can include making things happen out of sync with life and God’s timing, withdrawing and isolating as we turn in on ourselves and exclude others, or denying what is happening. Or maybe even more practical things such as: overeating or over drinking, bursts of anger, or lethargy with work that needs to be done. Sometimes our waiting will be for a few days and for other things a lifetime. Waiting is hard. But it does not have to be done alone. As with any temptation, the invitation from Jesus is to pour ourselves out to him, to know him more deeply, to wait in community, and to get any other help we need.

as we wait

Martha, Mary, and the community had to wait for the resurrection of Lazarus. The disciples and the women at the cross had to wait for the resurrection of Jesus. Life from death requires waiting. As we wait, we prepare for what we know, and we rest. Key word: rest.

When the women at the cross saw Jesus’s body taken down, they followed it to the tomb and watched how it was laid (Luke 23:50–55). Then they went back home and prepared ointments and spices for the body of Jesus. They stayed present with what they knew and prepared for what was to come. Then the women rested according to the commandment of the Sabbath (Luke 23:56).

The invitation that is extended to us is to rest. Rest from our worries, rest from solving the problems, rest from idle busyness that makes us feel better because at least there is some type of movement. Rest in the provision of Jesus, trusting that resurrection will come in its time.

what are you waiting for?

For some things, resurrection will come in this life. For other things, we will have to wait until the final resurrection when all things are made new and death is no longer. While we wait, we grieve, we rest, and we remain in the present while preparing for the future.

What are you waiting to see resurrected? Is it a marriage? A relationship? A loved one’s life? Maybe it is the spiritual life of another? Or maybe it is your own life?


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Daily Question

Write a prayer below, expressing honestly the situation, your hopes and dreams, and your thoughts toward God. Give him everything. Ask God to show you what is yours to do now while choosing to rest in him. Then speak this prayer out loud and consider sharing it with a trusted friend. Rest in God. Trust him. Pour yourself out to him. He is listening.

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Comments (10)

Oh Lord. That my children would come back to you. That they would love you and serve you with their whole heart.
Lord I praise you for the healing you are doing I’m my body. I pray for the day I can get up and go about the day serving you without all the pain meds.
Thank you for your perfect timing. Help me to glorify you while I wait.

Dear Lord,
I fell at loose ends in life. Like I’m not really living as fully as I could. I want you to be the center of my life. Please show me what to do and give me the courage to do it. Thank you, dear Father. I love you.

Dear Lord, Thank you for everything. You know how my hearts aches and you know my prayer request. I have been praying and fasting and got tired and stopped then started praying again. Dear God am only human and you know this. You created me. Show me your will so I know what decisions to take so I live a life that brings you honor and glory always. Amen. Help me Lord to know what to do in this waiting period and help me know what you will restore and what I need to let go of. Thank you Lord. Amen.

Lord, I praise you because I know that you are always with us, and constantly hear our pleas. Heavenly Father I ask for guidance to act and speak with wisdom. To encourage and lift up those I come in contact with today. Grant me the ability to see others as you see them; to be compassionate and empathetic. To live with a passion and zest that your leadership in my life cannot be hidden.

Dear Jesus, I pray for external change. I feel like I’ve been in the same environment for way too long. I need a fresh start, a more independent life where I can be my authentic self. Father as I wait for you to elevate me financially and mold me onto a responsible individual, I pray that you may give me the strength to wait. Help me change my perspective and look at life in a more positive light knowing that all good things happen for those who love you. In the mighty names of Jesus I pray, Amen.

Dear lord
I am waiting for my husband. I am willing for the man you have for me. I know in the past I was disobedient, impatient and looked for love in men and not you.
Now today I am renewed and strength that if I keep believing, keep trusting you have him in your perfect timing!

Dear Jesus,

My hope is that I can live out the purpose that you have placed within me before the foundation of the world, before I leave this earth! Search my heart Lord and help me to be more like you everyday! Not my will, but your will be done! Help me to store up treasures in heaven and to not focus on the cares of this life! I pray that I can be a vessel to draw others closer to you! Amen!

Dear Lord,
I am praying for my marriage. Things are so uneven right now. Some days are great and others are bad. I am praying for my husbands attitude. He is so hard on our children at times and it scares me. His anger and his outbursts scare me. I don’t think he would ever hurt our children but his voice scares me. Our three year old has stated that she’s scared of him.

Lord, I just want peace and contentment in you. I don’t want to worry about nothing. I want your will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. Many times, I feel that people around me say they love you but they don’t. Have the action to support their claims. Yet, I get discouraged on the waiting for people to come along side and work for you, focus on their gifts and a common vision. Lord, help me to refocus on you and only you. Give me all that I need to be refilled as I pour out. Bless those whose actions are aligned with their words. Bless those who have loss hope. I pray for resurrection power in all of us.

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