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IF:Local 2022

Women are hungry for God,
and desperate to find their people. That’s why this is the best year ever to host an IF:Local.

IF:2022 is a two-day event where women all over the world gather together, get equipped, and discover the next step in their calling:

to go and make disciples.

We believe that you—taking ownership for the people in your places—will change the world.

So, who will you invite to join you for IF:2022?

If you’re able, what if you swing open the doors of your church or home and fill it?

You’re not just hosting an event. Together, we’re reclaiming discipleship as God’s means to change the world. Gather your people and host an IF:Local!

IF:2022 is available in Spanish and ASL.

Pricing Options

Host Pass

Purchase a Host Pass for $49 and then choose from 2 attendee payment options.


Pay for your attendees upfront!

Pay As You Go

Attendees will pay as they register.

You are not alone!

These numbers represent the amount of IF:Locals participating this year, and where each of you are tuning in from. There are women in living rooms, churches, and dorm rooms all over the world that will be watching IF:2022 together. We need each other, and we hope you’ll connect with one another throughout the event!

Women Are Gathering

All Over the World

Are you a college student?

We want you to host or attend IF:2022 free of charge.

Learn More

Interested in hosting,
but not sure what to expect?

Find all of the information you need to know about hosting an IF:Local in our Interested Host Guide.

Download the Guide


An IF:Local is a gathering of women committed to discipleship who gather across denominations, generations and cultures to be in the Word and worship together. Hosting an IF:Local is being a part of a sisterhood of women who are willing to step out in faith because there’s nothing better than women experience the love of Jesus. PLUS! We make hosting easy.

Bring together a few women at your church, your small group, or your neighborhood to watch the livestream of IF:Gathering. Join hundreds of thousands of women worldwide and host an IF:Local using IF:2022 On Demand anytime after March 21, 2022.

The Host Pass is $49, and you have a few options when it comes to paying for your attendees:

  • You can choose to let your attendees pay for themselves
  • You can pay a low per attendee fee up front

Pay As You Go: As a host, you also receive a discount code to share with your attendees so they receive $10 off of their individual ticket price. Individual ticket prices range from $29 – $49 without the discount.

Pre-Pay: Host pays a one-time upfront cost based on the number of attendees coming to your event

  • Why choose this option? 
    • We recommend the Pre-Pay option if you want to charge a ticket price for your event
    • This option also allows you to use your own registration system, as IF:Gathering will not be providing registration pages for IF:Local hosts this year. We will give you suggestions and tips for using your own registration site!
  • Cost Per Attendee
    • 100+ Women: $15 per person
    • 75-99 Women: $16 per person
    • 50-74 Women: $17 per person
    • 25-49 Women: $18 per person
    • 1-24 Women: $19 per person

RightNow Media Hosts: If your church has a RightNow Media subscription, you receive a discount on hosting! Get a FREE Host Pass and your attendees pay a special, low price of only $10 for a Basic Pass.

You can host an IF:Local during the following dates:

  • March 4-5, 2022
  • March 21, 2022 – October 31, 2022

Please note that you cannot host the weekend of March 11-12, 2022 or March 18-19, 2022.

You will receive the following content with your Host Pass:

  • Live Event Feed (During the live event on March 4-5, or through OnDemand after March 21)
  • Unlimited Viewing and Hosting Access, beginning March 21 through October 31, 2022
  • Access to all breakout sessions
  • Ability to watch the event in Spanish and American Sign Language

Resources to help you host, including:

  • The Getting Started Guide to plan your event
  • Event Guide with Information Specific to IF:2022
  • Mood Board with inspiration for decor
  • Media Kit with promotional videos, graphics, flyers, and much more! Plus, access to Canva to create your own customized graphics
  • Assigned State or Regional Coach for Planning & Promotion Help
  • Video-based training for hosts
  • Merchandise bundles available for purchase in the Shoppe to help make hosting even easier
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