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Who am I?

But taking her by the hand he called, saying, “Child, arise.” And her spirit returned, and she got up at once. And he directed that something should be given her to eat.

Luke 8:54-55

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How many memories do we have of feeling ignored, inferior, and just plain worthless as women? No doubt, these stories could fill volumes of books. Even though we’ve tried to brush them off or forget them, they can eventually take their toll. And we consciously or unconsciously alter our behavior because of them. We try to speak more softly. We hesitate to voice our opinion, even when asked. We suffer in silence.

But this is not God’s intent for us. In his eyes, we are precious women of worth who are loved beyond measure. He wants to heal our wounds and restore us. This week, we will unpack a few stories in the Bible that illustrate how God values the healing of women. We’ll discuss some of Jesus’s encounters with women and see how his healing power changed their lives.

Our stories come from the book of Luke, which has long been called the woman’s best New Testament friend because in it, Jesus elevated the women of the first century from their low, secondary positions to valuable members of God’s kingdom. Let’s see how he does that.

healing when it looks like all hope is gone

Today, let’s look at Luke 8, where Jesus heals a young girl. In the latter verses, we find Jesus among a crowd who desperately wanted something from him: healing. From the crowd emerged Jairus, a leader of the synagogue. His little girl was gravely ill, and he desperately asked, even begged, Jesus to come see about the young twelve-year-old girl.

With a crowd in desperate need of his help, Jesus could have refused. Instead, he valued the healing of a girl so much that he immediately went with Jairus. Unfortunately, the young girl had died by the time they arrived at the house and all who were present were grieving. Instead of offering condolences, Jesus had other plans.

In the room with the seemingly dead girl, three disciples, and two parents, Jesus lovingly said, “Child, arise.” And she immediately got up.

never lose hope

This passage shows the spectrum of who God cares about—he cares about everyone across the board. In the preceding passage, Luke recounts the healing of a man controlled by demons. It’s no coincidence that we see the healing of both genders. In fact, this is Luke’s pattern in many of his passages that recount Jesus’s miracles. The healing of a woman follows the healing of a man. Why would Luke do that? He wants to show that women are just as valuable as men in God’s eyes. This healing of Jairus’s daughter shows the value of human life to Jesus. He cares about our healing, no matter how old we are. This isn’t to pit men against women or vice versa. We all need the healing and restoration of Jesus, and he wants to restore all who come to him. In Christ, we all have equal standing, no matter our ethnicity, our gender, or even our socioeconomic status (Galatians 3:28–29).


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Daily Question

Do you have scars from the past? What situations seem hopeless to you? How do you think God can heal them? Will you pray and trust him to do so?

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Comments (37)

I do have scars from the past from men but I continued to pray and trust that God will restore me completely . It is a process and I am content with how far I’ve gotten !

I do have scars from the past, heartbreak and betrayal rocked me to my core years ago and led me to the arms of Jesus. I have forgiven in the situation ,but anger and bitterness sometimes tries to rise up make me relive the past as the person who betrayed me is my daughter’s father (we still have to coparent and interact for her wellbeing). I trust that I am totally healed and set free from my mistakes and setbacks and that God is going use everything that happened for the good!

I have scars of my past of not being good enough
I use to always think something was wrong with me
I allowed being premature to be an excuse to cover up
I wasn’t until I started going to bible studies and understanding God’s word
I now there was never anything wrong with me

So many scars but i think this is human nature. Some of them i seem to keep releaving daily even when i eagerly just want to move on, move past. I just want to find that 100% trust and leave all my scars, burdens and worries at His feet because He cares and know 100% that it is all good because now they are in the hands of The one who loves me more than i could live myself. I pray that i continue to learn to fully trust Him.

Oh so many! Physical abuse. Emotional abuse. Parents death. Boyfriend’s death. Because I believe in God and I know where he is, there is hope then I know no situation is ever hopeless. There are some areas I have been praying for so long that I don’t even know if I should keep on or change the prayer? There are some areas that I do want to give up on and am praying for clarity from God. Amen.

My health is such an issue. Most of it is genetic. I know God can heal me and he does but them something else comes up. I pray daily and thank him for healing me. I ask for wisdom. I pray for my doctors. It’s been over 15 years
I trust him.

I have let my past dictate my future for many years. I am now celebrating recovery and coming fully clean to live out Gods plan instead of my own. God has healed my wounds, I failed to let it go and trust him 100%. Now, I have given God full control.

God, I just thank you for this study because sometimes you can live with scars for so long you forget they are there. I have certainly done this. You God have reminded me that we all have value and our testimony is important. Just as you made the woman with the issue of blood speak and share her testimony, God I pray too that I will share the goodness and healing that you have done and are doing in and through my life. In this way hopelessness is being defeated in my life.

It’s so significant to me the symbolism of a 12 year old child going into what would have been considered fully matured age contrasted with this woman who has a fully matured issue, both situations seeming hopeless but you being able to see and meet both needs. God I pray for hope in both new and old areas of my life and in the lives of the women around me that you so dearly value. Thank you got seeing, valuing and restoring us.

I have been hurt many times in my past. I’ve been lied to, abandoned, betrayed, and put down. People have stabbed me in the back more than I would like to admit. These all caused scars for me, emotional and physical, and I still haven’t completely overcome it all. I lost sight of my value and my worth, and any confidence I’d had was completely gone. I now have very bad anxiety and depression, I’m possessive, I get jealous relatively easily, and my self image has still not been restored. The situations I find to be the most seemingly hopeless are the ones that involve viewing myself as worthy and beautiful, as well as ones that revolve around losing more people in my life and being hurt by those I trusted and cared about the most. God helps me to deal with all of this by showing me that those people’s opinions and love are not what’s important. God’s love and opinions are what’s important. He loves me and I am worthy and beautiful in his eyes. What other people have made me believe about myself is not true. I pray that God will help me to drown out the lies I have about myself and help me to see what is true.

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