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Jethro and Moses

Moses’ father-in-law said to him, “What you are doing is not good. You and the people with you will certainly wear yourselves out, for the thing is too heavy for you. You are not able to do it alone. Now obey my voice; I will give you advice.”

Exodus 18:17-19

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life-speaking friends

The seasons of life can ebb and flow. Sometimes, life’s waters are smooth and calming. Other times, when we’re buried in diapers or deadlines, we may feel like we are smashing up against the rocks. Are your responsibilities crashing over you like rough sea waves, while you strive to keep your head above water? Do you wonder if you are failing, or meant to do any of the things God has called you to? In these choppy tides, we need a life-speaking friend.

We naturally look for mentors: teachers who correct our grammar and help us to think critically; colleagues who point out the fastest printer and the slowest elevator; family members who teach us love, money management, and grace. We crave connection and our hearts long for a voice of comfort. We all need wise and compassionate companions to speak into our chaos. We pray for people to be placed in our lives who would point us to God, His will, and the ultimate pursuit of His glory. To be human is to need help. Even Moses—who parted seas yet was drowning in his responsibilities—needed this!

Here is the scene. Moses had led God’s people out of Egypt and they were all camped in the desert. Jethro, Moses’ father-in law, had heard all that God had done through Moses and planned to escort Moses’ family—his wife and sons—to the encampment. Upon his arrival, Moses greeted Jethro with joy and shared with him the awe and wonder of how the Lord had set the Israelites free. Jethro rejoices and worships The Lord with a burnt offering and a sacrifice. He celebrates with Moses and lifts his voice in praise as a response to the victory won.

Jethro praised God and worshipped Him with Moses and the elders. There’s a principle here: there is great joy in celebrating what God is doing in the lives of His children through praise and unified worship. When our friends are experiencing God’s movement in their lives, we get to cheer loudly and with abandon! Take time to celebrate.

constructive critique

As the passage continues, we read that Jethro observed Moses. He looked on as Moses sat among the people, judging civic disputes “from morning until evening” (Exodus 18:13). Jethro asked, “What is it that you are doing for the people?” and listened as Moses explained that he must help settle disputes and reveal the will of God. After asking questions to understand, and listening, Jethro gave a response. He says “ What you are doing is not good”(emphasis added).

At this point, Moses might have been caught off guard. He had just parted the Red Sea and led the people of Israel out of Egypt. He was doing his best to meet the needs of the people. Moses could have been offended by the statement “what you are doing is not good!” Frankly, some of us would be, too. But instead, Moses eagerly awaited his father- in-law’s solution. In Exodus 18:19, Jethro says, “Now obey my voice, I will give you advice.” Can you just imagine Moses leaning in intently? He wants to hear his friend. He trusts Jethro and knows that his advice is coming from a place of love; love for Moses and a deep love for the Lord. Jethro holds no judgement, no condemnation, and no desire to see Moses fail. There is simply compassion and a heart to help.

Moses set such an example of humility and willingness to receive genuinely constructive criticism. When the advisor is trustworthy, we are free to lay down our pride and our tendency to be in control, and instead heed her wise counsel. When anyone offers constructive feedback, our knee-jerk response may be to get defensive or argumentative. Let’s pray that we can discern opportunities to listen to the will of God, even (or especially) when it is through the words of a trusted friend.

When we find ourselves recoiling in response to constructive advice, we can take a moment to search our hearts for pride, and ask ourselves why we feel hurt. It helps to consider the source of the counsel or advice. Are they critiquing your character, or a specific circumstance? What’s their history of advice-giving? Do they have experience evaluating your situation? Is there value to what they said? Take a deep breath and ask God for ears to hear.

Because of Jethro’s sound and timely advice, Moses appointed judges to share the burden of shepherding the people. He was relieved from tirelessly striving to meet needs, and as a result, Moses was refreshed, the people were assisted, and God was glorified.


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Daily Question

Do you have a trustworthy friend, or a mentor, who provides you with wise counsel? When the waves of life’s everyday problems crash over you, who’s spotting you?

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Comments (11)

I do have a trustworthy friend that I can always count on for wise counsel that I value very much. This mentor is my mother. When I am feeling very overwhelmed and need solid advice on motherhood, I go straight to the source. My mom is someone that always answers the phone, always listens, and always loves. I can count on her no matter what and come to her for anything and everything. She gives our friendship 100 percent all the time. Her willingness to be loving and kind through good times and bad, make me a better person not only when I am struggling and seeking counsel, but also when I am doing well and need by my friends and even her. She as taught me so much and I value her friendship. I love my mother and hope that I can have a similar bond with my daughter someday.

Over the years, I have had several friends of all ages who have been and some still are my spotter. As we change, our need of certain friends change as we grow emotionally, spiritually and physically. I have 2 Godly friends who pray with me, for me and check me if needed. They have walked me through kids in prison, an alcoholic husband and his death, business up and downs, ministry opportunities and a new marriage too. We have walked through, cancer treatments, miscarriage, marriage and death of loved ones.God is always faithful, He brings new friends to our circle and continually broadens our gifts as we learn from many.

In each of these discussions I can think of one friend that would be here for me for anything, and has been. I love her and she is a wonderful Christian woman. We don’t see each other often or talk that much and she has best friends that she does things with. I look around and have lots of friends but my heart aches, and has for sometime, that I don’t have a best friend/friends. I know that I need to be the friend that others want to be friends with but am I? I’m 52 and I’ve loved the Lord since I was 9. I love everyone and have a desire to do for everyone in any way that I can…but still I’m lonely when it comes to having true, close friends.

I pray God leads you into godly community and opens your eyes to the people around you that you may have friendships with. I also pray that the truth that Jesus is your friend comforts you.

Yes, I have amazing women in my life that keep me grounded and focused! Without them the ability to fall into a dark abyss definitely could happen! They pull my out of the darkness and lead me back to Jesus! Loving me and carrying me even when I can not stand on my own. Allowing me to be free from the bondage of the situation or even my own thoughts!

I have a few strong God fearing women in my life today. When they speak, I listen. And when I need counsel they are quick to respond. I am grateful to have them at the tip of my fingers when I need to reach out to them.

Celebrate Recovery is a Christ center program that God uses to give us sound Christians who are honest with but mostly whom we are honest qith. It IS not AA even though the program addresses addictions it also addresses ANY hurt, habits amd hangups. It can give you support for life and your relationship with Gid. You may wanna see if they have the program close to you. Prayers for some good relationships to help.on your journey

My mom and my older sister are my "Jethro" in my life. They always point me back to Jesus and encourage me through counsel and redirection. I truly value their friendship in my life and praise the Lord we have grown up to be amazing friends.

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