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Making Time

For I find my delight in Your commandments, which I love.

Psalm 119:47
Making Time Book Cover

Psalm 119 is a love letter about God’s law. The author gushes over it. He delights in God’s statues not because he’s just one of those type A rule-followers, but because God gave us his Word to tell us who he is and who we are in light of what he has done. When we read our Bibles, we better understand who we are and to whom we belong.

Confession: We all read our Bibles imperfectly. Our efforts won’t be enough. We won’t have all the background information. We won’t know exactly what Jesus meant. Still we read. It will confuse us and convict us and sometimes make us cry and sometimes make us mad. Still we read. It will comfort us and make us laugh and give us goosebumps.

We read because this is how God reveals himself to us—not just how he revealed himself to some ancient writers at one point in history, though that’s true, but reveals himself to us, to you, now. The Holy Spirit speaks to us through God’s Word. Whether you choose a Bible study, a Bible reading plan, or a favorite book of the Bible, when you read to know God, he will make himself known to you.

It's God's Time

Reading the Bible begins like any good habit: intentionally doing it. This means scheduling time to do it. It may mean substituting Scripture reading for lunch with coworkers or waking up a half hour earlier and reading with your first cup of coffee in the silence of the house. Set a timer so you can designate that time for God. That time is God’s time, and the work project or dirty dishes don’t matter. They have their own time. One particular day may get derailed, but you wake up the next morning with fresh resolve and fight for that time with God. Without this daily meeting, we can easily forget who God is and who he made us to be.

It doesn’t matter if you met Jesus last night or have been following him for half a century. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t cracked the spine on your Bible or if your Bible is falling apart. We all need this reminder to make time because we all forget or get too busy or think we’ve read this before or we won’t get it anyway or we’ve already gotten it all (which will never be true, by the way). Pray that God will give you an appetite for the Word.

The more you get in the Bible, the more you’ll delight in it and crave to hear God’s voice more. But it starts with today.


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Daily Question

Open your Bible to Psalm 119 and read verses 41–48. How does knowing God’s Word change David? How does it guide his responses? What is David’s attitude toward God’s Word?

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Comments (16)

David welcomes God’s love and salvation. He trusts in God’s word and knows he gains wisdom from spending time with God. God’s word is truth and David lives his life by the truth. He will continue to delight and seek God’s law. He will unapologetically speak of God’s word to anyone because he loves the Lord and His law. He will worship God and His commandments.

David trust in God’s word. David delights in the lord and all the attributes that form him as a reflection onto David. David loves all of God’s commandments.

Knowing God’s Word gives David a love for the Word and for the commandments held in it. It gives Him a greater trust on Christ and helps Him not be ashamed of the Gospel. David’s responses are made as an outflow of his love for God’s Word. He will tell God’s Word to kings, he trusts God’s Word, he meditates on God’s Word, and He walks in the freedom found in the Word.

David loves God. He wants God’s word to control his life, to be a part of his very being and by doing so he doesn’t want to wilfully disobey God. His enemies taunt him and he wants to know that God love him and will not leave him. Knowing God’s love will allow him to respond to his enemies and not feel that God deserted him. David was honest with God

David loves God’s Word. He meditates on it and delights in it. He trusts God’s Word which gives him freedom and He wants to share the truth of God’s Word with others. He doesn’t just read God’s Word, David loves it and uses it as a model for His life and does what it says.

He walks in freedom and hope because he loves God’s word; he’s is free from shame because he delights in God’s commands and precepts. David is longing for God and you can sense his desire to be close to Him.

David finds delight and lifts up his hands in praise to the God who loves us. God’s love guides David and David submits to the love of God. David delights in God’s Word.

How does knowing God’s speech guide David’s responses? Because he knows God, he trusts God and what He has said. Because he knows and trusts, his responses are full of confidence, hope and assurance. Notice the many "I will" responses he gives. His attitude towards God’s speech? He says "which I love" in verse 48a. He loves God’s speech.

Knowing God’s Word gives David hope, a desire to obey God’s instruction, and freedom to walk freely. It allows David to answer those who taunt him with truth and to speak of God’s decrees before kings without shame. David delights in God’s word and meditates on it.

David loves God’s Word. We need to ignore and fight the enemy who doesn’t want us reading God’s Word. That’s my battle everything else gets in the way

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