this is our story. god’s story through us.

In 2007 Jennie Allen sensed God telling her to disciple a generation. It seemed to be an impossible and improbable calling. Jennie knew that if this call was truly from God, then He would make it a reality. So for years she waited, took small steps of obedience, and watched God begin to open doors and give favor—a book deal, friendships with like-minded authors and influencers, and the support of church leaders.

As Jennie began to share this seed of a vision with trusted friends, the response was collectively, “Yes, I’m in.” One of the first people God brought into this story was Lindsey Nobles. Armed with a similar desire and years of experience, Lindsey volunteered to come alongside Jennie to implement the vision and help lay the foundation for whatever this would become.

left: jennie and husband, zac,pray over the vision of if

right: jennie and lindsey watch the 2014 if:pray
gathering in austin, texas.

the vision was to gather, equip, and unleash women tolive out god’s calling on their lives.

Since discipleship happens life on life, Jennie knew the most effective way to serve the global church was to build tools and resources that women could use to serve the women in their communities through their local congregations.

Jennie knew that discipling a generation would require an army of women to lead alongside her. Some of the first friends to believe in her vision put aside their own individual ministries to leverage their collective influence for the glory of God and the good of His Church. These women took an incredible risk and believed in this vision before any organization had formally been established.

Women at IF:Gathering 2015 (from left to right, back to front): esther havens, jen hatmaker, bianca olthoff, lauren chandler, lindsey nobles, jennie allen, angie smith, rebekah lyons, and ann voskamp

In the fall of 2013, 60 influencers from diverse backgrounds were invited to Austin, TX to hear and speak into this vision that was beginning to take shape. During that weekend, God tore down walls of division and built bridges that unified women across denominations and various contexts.

Immediately after that retreat, with fear and trembling—but with faith— IF:Gathering publicly launched with a website and a scheduled first event for February 7-8, 2014. In order to be accessible for all women, the gathering had no set ticket price and would be live-streamed. Registration opened and 47 minutes later the event was sold out.

left: if:gathering advisors debbie eaton, shelley giglio,
and christine caine (not pictured) pray over the 2015

right: tables and tables of women show up to the first if:gathering.

In our wildest of dreams, we couldn’t have imagined what would happen next. Women around the world stood up as IF:Local Leaders and took leadership in their own communities and hosted the streaming of IF:Gathering in their homes, churches, and theaters. It wasn’t just one age group, one race, or one denomination represented. Women tasted what it was like to be a part of a global move of God where each person had a place and lives were changed. IF:Gathering became a reality.

in the first two years, our gatherings have reached more than a million women in 50 countries worldwide.

The best metaphor we have to describe what has happened is this: each person in this story is a domino. Small acts of obedience to God result in the laying down of our lives, or our dominoes. Jennie and the IF team’s obedience is a very small part of a really huge matrix of dominoes. What has happened over the last two years is that an army of women have been obedient to their call and it has unleashed others to do the same. The result is simply that God’s glory is on display through the laying down of lives in the midst of a generation of women who want to see Him move.

The global community of women leaders who have gathered, equipped, and unleashed other women to God’s calling on their lives are too numerous to count…so today, our leadership now consists of women like:

  • Sarah in Visialia, CA who had ever generation of women in their church around her IF:Table
  • Christina who could not put her IF:Pray gathering on the map because she is living among an unreached people group, using our resources to disciple women.
  • Abby and a group of pastor’s wives in College, TX who are leading racial unity conversations with over 80 women from around the country.
  • Hillary, an employee at Southeastern University, who has adapted our tools and resources to transform a college campus for God’s glory.

the dream is that ordinary women would become leaders who rise up to make disciples in every city in the country and every country in the world.

We have seen glimpses of this already, and we cannot wait to see what God does next.

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