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Story of Discipleship Week Three

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit

Matthew 28:19

Watch Week Three Day Five

Lexus Potts & Hillary Demeo

Lexus Potts
IF: SEU Leader | Lakeland, FL
Lexus is a passionate woman, dreamer, team player, & compassionate leader.

How did this relationship begin?

My relationship with Hillary began the last semester of my senior year of college in 2015. In our student leadership meeting, I learned that she would be starting a women’s ministry on campus the following school year. I have a passion to see women walk boldly in their identity in Christ, so I was excited that our campus was going to have a department to specifically focus on equipping women! I set a meeting with her to hear her heart for this ministry and attended every interest meeting. Our relationship began at the beginning of her journey in launching IF:College.

What were the qualities of the relationship that made it impactful?

About two years ago, I prayed that God would send me a mentor who would be able to walk with me in different areas of life. I wanted to have a mentor in my life who would take me under her wing, invite me into her home and let me be a part of her family. The number one thing I appreciate about our relationship is her genuine concern for every area of my life and the way that she invites me into her life.

My second favorite thing about Hillary is her teacher spirit. She is constantly teaching me things in a way that feels natural. She uses every moment as a teaching moment, whether it’s about being a mom, being a female leader, or how to make a delicious quick meal!

Were there trials that you encountered or was faithfulness tested? What did you learn?

One thing that keeps me faithful to Hillary is setting my eyes on how God has sent her in my life as a part of the greater vision that He has given me. I have to look past the current position He has allowed me to be in. Knowing that there is a greater purpose and role that God has for her in my life, that I might not fully understand right now, helps me remain faithful.

What does discipleship mean to you?

When I think of discipleship, I think of intimately sharing your life with someone for the purpose of helping them further grow into the person God has called her (or him) to be. Discipleship invites people into a more vulnerable part of your journey that many other people wouldn’t have access to.

How have you seen God change lives?

I have seen God change lives by changing hearts, once they yield to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Lives can be changed only once hearts are opened. By creating space for people to enter and have permission to be honest, vulnerable, and unsure, but willing to learn—that’s how I have seen God change lives.

How has your life changed?

Hillary has given me space to journey through thoughts, opinions, and new passions with her and her husband. My life has been changed because of it.


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Comments (2)

I have a tabletop chalkboard in my kitchen. Usually I put a scripture or motivational thought. This week Iwrote" How can I make time to ‘show up’ for one person today? " That led me to send a text or email to encourage other women in my sphere of influence. I visited a friend recovering from surgery, and dropped a dessert off to an elderly dear and give her a hug for Mother’s Day. I found that I’m as available as I choose to be.

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