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You Are Empowered by Jesus

And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!”

Romans 10:15
You Are Empowered by Jesus Book Cover

Once those present on the Mount of Olives began to understand what all had taken place, they headed out to do the work. The early church was filled with faithful followers, men and women, who obeyed the call to become witnesses first at home and then to the uttermost parts of the earth. They shared the news of Jesus with eagerness and love. No one was excluded from this message; all were welcomed.

the laborers in the vineyard

Think about the story in Matthew 20:1–16. It describes a landowner going out in the early morning to hire a crew to work his vineyard. Later in the day he goes out and hires more workers, and again later does the same. The last group is hired an hour before the day is finished. When it comes time to pay the workers, he pays the last crew the same that he had promised the first. They are all paid equally though the burden was greater for the first crew, and there is complaining because of it.

When the story was first told, there seemed to be a parallel between the religious leaders of the day and the first group of workers, while the tax collectors and sinners that Jesus associated with were the ones who were invited in last but reap the rewards. Following the ascension, the parable gained a larger meaning, one that started with the chosen people of Jerusalem and extended God’s grace outward to the entire world.

We did not have the privilege of standing on the Mount of Olives and watching Jesus ascend into heaven, and we may or may not be here for his return. No one knows when that will be. But we have been invited into the bigger story. His generosity, grace, and love have been poured out for us all. Friend, while we are not the women who saw Jesus, we are the women who have been called to carry on the message today.

believe god for the big, serve him for the small

We are not all called to do the same work, just as the women who interacted with Jesus were not all called in the same way. Each of their stories is unique and important, and so is yours. Your story is part of a much bigger story. It is a story that beautifully weaves together and declares the diversity and beauty of who God is.

It’s time to start believing God to deliver big on his promises and start serving him in the everyday small ways he calls us to. Some are called to preach, some are called to financially back others, some are called to make sure the rooms are ready for the banquets, while others are called to go out and labor in the fields. There is no one right way to serve God, there is only obedience when he calls you.


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Daily Question

What is something you can do today, big or small, to obey God’s call on your life? How do you feel he has uniquely gifted you?

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Comments (9)

Today I will pray. Pray for healing, reconciliation, peace, love and joy to reign in our country. Today I can tell someone different from me that I love them and stand with them…let them know how Jesus loves them and all mankind.

God has given me a heart of compassion for the outcasts. I can use this gift by extending love and grace to the clients that I work with.

I feel that God has gifted me with empathy. I relate to people well and can really feel what they are going through. With that, I can be more intentional when it comes to reaching out to/catching up with people. A few weeks back, I was speaking with some friends from church about only catching up with people on a surface level and since then I am working on (and I think improving on) digging deeper and having more thoughtful conversations with people. Something I can do is reach out to someone I haven’t spoken to in awhile and see how they really and truly are doing.

Write words of blessings and peace and love to everyone in my life who needs to hear them. Speak those same words in prayer every day.

I thank God because we are not all called to the same tasks and indeed he has uniquely gifted us. I feel he wants me to pray and help others and am praying for him to clearly show me what this means and his expectations. Amen. I thank God because he has not left anyone without a gift but we as humans forget or either don’t want to use our gifts or maybe haven’t even been intentional on finding out our gifts.

I can seek him first before everything and pray without ceasing! I feel he has uniquely gifted me to minister to women/ single moms regarding the importance of keeping him first in all we do!

Something I can do today is to focus on a plan to reach vulnerable , lost or troubled youth and young adults in an effective way . I feel like he has uniquely gifted me with personality and ability to be open and understanding . He took me through difficult situations so that I can share my testimony and help others be proactive .

Lead by example. To be kind and giving, to be understanding towards others. Block the negativity out because He has blessed me with a new day with a new beginning 🤍

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