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There Are No Barriers to Jesus

And he said to her, “Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace."

Luke 8:48
There Are No Barriers to Jesus Book Cover

Yesterday we discussed Jesus and his miraculous healing of Jairus’s daughter. On the way to Jairus’s house, a woman in desperate need of a healing interrupted their journey. Today, we focus on that interrupted moment.

As Jesus walked with his disciples and Jairus through the crowd, he felt healing power being extracted from him. Turning around, he asked, “Who touched me?” Finally, a woman stepped forward, timid and afraid (Luke 8:47).

Unlike Jairus’s daughter, this woman was well into adulthood and had been bleeding for twelve years. This was more than an irregular menstrual cycle. Scholars suggest that this disease could have been endometriosis or even uterine cancer. We remember that number twelve, right? It’s the age of Jairus’s daughter. Luke doesn’t want us to miss this. This woman had been dealing with a disease for as long as Jairus’s daughter had been alive.

Because the symptoms of her disease included a continual discharge of blood, she was deemed ceremonially unclean and made anyone she touched unclean. This meant that she could not go into the temple or be around people at social events. For twelve years! What must life have looked like for this poor woman, who had to endure seclusion in a society where community was the cornerstone of the culture? It is scary to have to deal with a disease; it’s even more daunting to have to do it alone.

the presence of jesus

Notice the difference between Jairus’s family and this woman. Jairus was a leader of the synagogue, making him a man of status and perhaps one with an abundance of financial resources. This woman was a social outcast, and she was poor—she’d spent all of her money on doctors, hoping they would find a cure. She was as desperate as Jairus and reasoned that if she could just touch the hem of Jesus’s garment, she would be healed. When Jairus came to Jesus, he knelt in front of him to get his attention. However, this bleeding woman initially came behind Jesus, planning to obtain her healing and then fade back into obscurity. Jesus had other plans.

“Who touched me?” he asked (Luke 8:45).

The woman, healed, came forward and confessed (v. 47). Obviously, Jesus knew who had touched him in that special way. Why would he make her come forward?

By bringing her to the public eye, he validated her healing, putting an end to her public embarrassment and shame. He also served as the ultimate witness that she was no longer ceremonially unclean. Remember that little tidbit that Luke gave us about Jairus? He wasn’t just any kind of leader—he was a leader of the synagogue. So Jesus declared her ceremonially clean in front of a religious leader. Coincidence? We know better.

The interconnected stories involving the bleeding woman and Jairus’s daughter show us that Jesus is concerned about all women, no matter what our age or station in life. He wants to lovingly heal us and restore us to himself first, and then restore us to fellowship with our communities.


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Daily Question

In what ways do you identify with the bleeding woman? Have there been issues or circumstances that have caused separation between you and your communities? These could be your spiritual community or even your family. How do you think God wants to repair those barriers? What steps do you think he wants you to take?

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Comments (12)

Because of the illnesses I have endured the last 15 years I have been isolated. I haven’t been dependable because of symptoms so I quit volunteering to help with different projects. I volunteered to facilitate a group before we went online & now again volunteered. I love to organize and I love to teach. So far I’ve been well enough to participate as my health is improving. I’m stepping out and trusting God to continue healing me. Thanks for all your prayers.

Yes. As humans we do have sin and things in our closets. And if people could read our minds or know our heart like God does? We thank God for Mercy, Grace and Favour every day. God wants and expects us to confess and be real with him. He expects an open, raw and vulnerable relationship with him. I am praying and ensuring that I get his guidance before I do anything. It’s not easy but God never said it will be easy. Amen. He did promise however that he will be with us in the storm. Amen

Good Morning!
I have not said anything on hear in référence to this bible Rudy. I have truly enjoyed this study. But, thé barrièr I deal with alot and mostly at church is Boeing single. My church probably has about 300 to 325 members. Probably 3 single females. I love single. But, there are times at functions or potlucks I feel like Im on the outside looking in. That is a big barrier that I would love to break.

Stop thinking of your single status as being a stigma. Let God use you for His purposes and pray for His will. Carry yourself with dignity, you are a daughter of the highest King! Your church should include couples and families that are kind and sensitive to your single status. If not, then something is wrong with your church and its members. You should not feel excluded, but loved. The Bible tells us it is easier to serve God when single. Let Him continue to work in you, let His will be your first desire. Be obedient to Him and put your identity and self worth in Him and not society’s sometimes cruel prejudices and pettiness. I am routing for you Rena! Be the best you can be for GOD first. People will notice the difference. You will attract the right people into your life when your self confidence comes from knowing God and Jesus Christ intimately. xo

God knows us best better than we know ourselves. Our premature thoughts at times could scare others if not shock them but our Lord knows it all, let alone our actions. God wants to break all constraints between Him and us and our communities. He wants us to reign the way He created us to regardless of the boxed thoughts and idealisms of this world.

Yes, I went to detail in another lesson about recently having to disconnect for the ministry I was apart of almost 4 years! I’m not really sure how God is going to repair the barriers! What I do know is in this season in my life I’m focusing more on building an intimate one on one relationship with God! As I continue to pray and read the world and seek him, I know he’ll direct my paths no matter where they lead!

I identify with the bleeding woman as I deal with issues regarding speaking up about things regardless if it may disappointment someone. Growing up in a family that gave women little to no room to fully express themselves without being criticized played a huge role in my career , relationships and friendships. I have strong emotions and have alot of thoughts/ solutions that could help people in their every day lives long term (I believe God gifted me with that ability). God wants me to repair this barrier by being more involved with the community and church , where is usually a safe space to talk. I willing to be more involved , being open and speaking my mind more freely.

I feel like I connect with the bleeding woman because fitting in in any community has ebbs and flows. If you are committed to God and his word as your priority and don’t place the community above it, then when (not if) there comes a public disagreement, that precious fitting in where you felt accepted starts to fade. I’ve always had the unfortunate personality trait of speaking out. I’ve never been afraid to ask questions or bring light to a topic that seems unstable. As a community striving for a closer relationship with Jesus, I assumed that we would want to figure those things out within us but many want to push away my questions because the stability of the community is more important than the stability of our faith and cleanliness of our hearts.
I’m also growing farther apart from my mom who thinks me self righteous because since I became a believer my eyes are opened to my own value and the value of truth and faith.
I know he knows the desires of my heart. I know he loves justice. I know he is sovereign. My God is sovereign. And I know there’s is a plan, what is it God? These are deep deep issues and I cannot ignore them. God please grow continue to grow my gifts. You created me to be something useful and I want to be used by you God! I will walk forward in confidence that you love me and that you love all. Please continue to open the eyes of my heart and show me my abrasive attitude! Help me to find a different way to respond to people. Help me to find help to change my behaviors. I pray for a therapist to come into my life to help me learn to communicate differently. Send me the right one Lord! And God please please please heal my family. Heal our relationships and grant me opportunities to be steadfast, patient and self sacrificing. I love you Jesus. Amen.

I’ve always loved the story of the bleeding woman. Her hidden, brave faith that if she could just touch a piece of Jesus’ clothing, she would be healed! And it was her simple act of courage that propelled her into the sight of her community (well, the entire world) and into the eyes of Jesus, our Noticer.
I think I relate to this precious woman, mostly from my introverted side. I value and need hidden spaces, especially in processing / healing pain and weakness ~ and I’m thankful Jesus values that and notices me there. And yet, He doesn’t let me stay there too long…Its the secret spaces that often become the places of my most powerful testimony, if I’ll just reach out in faith. And that gives me a lot of Hope…

I relate to this so much! Needing and valuing time to yourself to just focus on you and what God desires for you! How miraculous is it that one touch of Jesus can be healing!
~ I also think I could relate to the woman in society today: not being accepted by the community or being judged by others. But God is the one who knows me better than me; He loves me for me. & that’s all the acceptance I need!

when i went through the 12 steps of celebrate recovery I began to peel back the onion. dig deep and understand a bit of my circumstances. And brought me to serving my community, though im not involved at the moment, I still carry the mind set on most things, I pray Lord my son becomes homeless on Friday. it gets to 127 degrees in the summer Lord i lift his journey and his health to you
IN Your Precious Name I Pray Amen

Strangely enough it has been 12 years since my first husband passed away and from all of the years that he was alive being verbally mistreated in front of my children and co-workers it had taken its toll and I still deal with the ramifications today. I feel that this is going to be the year of victory in this area. I no longer want to put up with the disrespect and manipulation that I allowed to go on for years due to fear of not being able to hire and train someone new and so I am trusting God to lead me to my next steps for my future and for my business and with my two estranged daughters I continue to pray for direction if there is something more on our part that we need to do. I don’t want to be stubborn or to miss his leading so I am trusting God to do what only he can do and it will become very clear if I am to do anything and that I will follow his leading with instant obedience

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