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Reconciled to Reconcile

And many more believed because of his word.

John 4:41
Reconciled to Reconcile Book Cover

From our stories this week, we have seen the power and compassion of God through Jesus’s encounters with women. One experience with Jesus changed them forever. The same has happened to us. Before Christ’s death on the cross, we were sinners and enemies of God. But after the cross, we are new creatures— recipients of grace and heirs of salvation (2 Corinthians 5:17). Reconciliation has to do with a change in our relationship with God. Now that we are reconciled to God, he involves us in his work of reconciling others to himself.

Let’s revisit the Samaritan woman’s encounter with Jesus and see how one experience forever changed her life and also the lives of those in her community. From the cultural clues from day one of this week, it’s much more likely that the Samaritan woman’s story is one of loss related to pain and shame, not sin. After her conversation with Jesus, she ran to town to tell her community about him. The townspeople accepted her witness, with many coming to faith in Jesus (John 4:41).

God uses our story, brokenness and all, to draw others to himself. Our changed lives are a powerful testimony to others of God’s healing and restorative power. They communicate that God’s grace and love extends to all. God doesn’t care what society says about us. He wants us women to see ourselves as he sees us. And he will break society’s rules to do it.

Jesus held a deep theological conversation with a woman. He traveled miles to minister to a Gentile woman. He saved an adulteress from death. No matter what marginalized state these women existed in, Jesus met them where they were and opened their eyes to his compassion and power of reconciliation. He’s done the same for us. As his disciples, he calls us to the same wall-busting, rule-breaking ministry of reconciliation.

We get to bust down walls and cross divides like Jesus did. When we follow Jesus, we walk right behind him as he tears down dividing walls. There are dividing walls of ability, age, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status. There’s no kind of person he didn’t come to save. We should live that way.

the ministry of presence

For us, breaking down barriers will most often take more than a day. It might take six months’ worth of Sunday dinners or several invitations to church before one is accepted. It might look like uncomfortable, intense dialogue or silently sitting with someone. Whatever wall-busting looks like in our lives, it requires our presence. Stepping into someone else’s world requires humility and vulnerability in order to establish relationships and build trust. We have to keep showing up so that we can communicate the same message to women in our communities. They are seen, they are heard, they are loved.


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Daily Question

How are you crossing the divides, as Jesus did, to make relationships and walk alongside those who are marginalized? What can you do to make a difference and close the gaps right where you are now geographically?

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Comments (14)

Dear God bring someone into my life I can minister too or show me who is already in my life. I feel so isolated. I know there are a lot of hurting women out there. Use me Lord.

I pray that He will answer your prayer, Donna! I love it. He sees your heart. I am confident in Him that He will use you to bless and minister to others.

Wow! I love today’s lesson! Deep and inspiring. I love how we need humility and vulnerability to build relationships. It’s sad that most people will take advantage of others hence why we need God’s guidance and protection before we do anything and if he allows it then we can still be comforted because he is in control and perhaps the breaking will cause a breakthrough. Amen.

It’s hard to reach those far but technology has made things possible and we can still pray for anyone wherever they are and wherever we are. Send daily motivation and inspiration words from the bible. Send Godly songs. Send audio prayers. We can use social media to spread the good news and bring others to God. Amen.

Yes Angela, you are very right, we just have to keep showing up. However that looks likes. Love you girl. God Bless you.

I am on a diversity group at my work. Through that,bI have developed a friendship with one of the women. I have set up 1:1weekly sessions with her so we can chat and learn more of our diverse backgrounds. Through this,bI can openly start and do tell her what God has done for me and how I listen from Him to develop myself more.

I send an encouragement message out through text to over 100 people
I stand bold trying to break barriers of culture differences
Color issues
It’s time to just see Christ only no matter what

I am crossing divides by ministering to various people at my job and in my personal life. To me, hearing and understanding where ppl are coming from (their trials/ struggles) is a good way to pray for them and talk to them about how much God loves them and is a ever present help! I share how he’s brought me through so much and he’ll do the same for them! I can make a difference by continuing to be a vessel and be used by God in this way!

I am aim to cross the divides by showing others what kindness, love and forgiveness is through my actions. Showing others will help convince them that God will bring those things into their lives if they believe ; no matter the circumstance. To close the gap, I can share testimonials and reach more of the marginalized population .

“We have to keep showing up so that we can communicate the same message to women in our communities. They are seen, they are heard, they are loved”. Meet them where they are and Keep showing love. vr

Keep sharing Gods word! Keep communicating and talking with others about the Lord! Inspiring people to seek Jesus. Be kind and loving as Jesus would be.

Yes! We don’t have to complicate it (which I can do:). Just show up, right where we are, with the people God places in our path. Eyes wide open, hearts ready for a new encounter to give grace, display love and simply be kind ~ so that no matter what someone looks like or what they believe (or don’t), they have no doubt that *they matter! ♥️

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