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Power Belongs to Jesus

And he stood over her and rebuked the fever, and it left her, and immediately she rose and began to serve them.

Luke 4:39
Power Belongs to Jesus Book Cover

The fourth chapter of Luke gives us a day in the life of Jesus. Earlier in the chapter, we find Jesus going into the synagogue and reading from Isaiah. “He has sent me to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovering of sight to the blind” (Luke 4:18). For the rest of the chapter, he demonstrates the passage he read from Isaiah, healing and delivering many. Again, Luke shows us an example of Jesus healing both a man and a woman, and the woman happened to be Peter’s mother-in-law (Luke 4:33–39).

Luke tells the story simply and briefly. When Peter’s mother-inlaw took ill, Jesus rebuked the fever. Her health was immediately restored and she began to serve them (Luke 4:38–39). Although it takes only two verses to tell the story, we can draw powerful lessons from it. It emphasizes not only Jesus’s ability to heal but also his authority to heal. In healing Jairus’s daughter, Jesus spoke to the young girl. The woman with the issue of blood touched him and received her healing. However, during his encounter with Peter’s mother-in-law, Jesus actually spoke to the disease itself, rebuking it. For the first time this week, we see what role evil forces can have in our lives. The comfort is knowing that Jesus has the power and the authority to overrule any disease or demon. And he will help us in our time of need, because we are his daughters.

healed to serve

As we revisit these stories, no doubt we are impressed by these miraculous examples of God’s power, and we should be. But these miracles also reveal something about God and about us that we should pay close attention to. God desires the very best for us, including our healing. He wants us to come to him in humble submission. Telling Jesus where we hurt allows us to confess our need for him and vulnerability to him. We tell him where we hurt; we tell him how disappointed we are, how angry we are, how scared we are. But we tell him this in hope, with the knowledge that he hears us and delivers us. It is what David does over and over again in his psalms. But he never loses hope.

Jesus also wants to heal us so that we can wholly participate in his kingdom. Notice what Peter’s mother-in-law does once her health returns. She immediately returns to service. When Jesus heals and restores us, it is never for our benefit alone. As we are healed, we are freed to serve at his pleasure—to concern and commit ourselves to being involved in the healing and discipleship of others.


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Daily Question

What stories do you have of God healing you, both physically and emotionally? Do you know a woman who is hurting and in need of God’s compassion? How can your stories help to heal her?

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Comments (11)

My emotional/spiritual healing began with a back injury. I couldn’t get still and God used my back Injury to still me…to reveal His power. I was literally carrying the weight of the world on my shoulder…interesting that my back finally gave. God brought me to my knees. I am thankful for that injury….when my metanoia(❤️Transformation) truly started.

God healed me when my son was born. I had 4 miscarriages during years and I was so angry and sad and God was always there for me but I didn’t see it until I heard His voice and He told us that our son will be waiting for us. We started the adoption process and when I saw our beautiful baby boy (24 hours old) everything was well, God showed us His mercy and love. He gave us our son and reminds us how much He loves us and cares for us.

First we ourselves have to believe that Jesus has the power and the authority to overrule any disease or demon. And he will help us in our time of need, because we are his daughters.Then we have to have the courage to reach out and claim that promise ourselves so we can help another. God give us the courage to be the hands and feet you want us to be for you,This I pray in your powerful name because you have the authority!

The most powerful story of God’s healing me that I can share is being healed of eating disorders both Anorexia and Bulimia! Both diseases plagued me for nearly 20 years. I didn’t receive traditional treatments for them, I worked with God and with a wonderful Holistic Health Coach. I studied to become a Holistic Health Coach and now with my healing and my certification, I can serve women who are struggling with emotional/stress eating so that they can stop dieting and abusing themselves and make peace with their bodies and with food. By helping other women become strong and healthy physically and emotionally they are able to do what God has created them for.

When I was 16 My sister and our best friend were in a car accident. We were t-boned in a Jetta by a pickup truck doing 55mph. Our best friend got the worst of it, she broke her femur and was air lifted to the hospital. But my sister and I walked out of that car without a scratch. The car was unrecognizable, completely smashed, they had to cut the top off to get us out. Physically God protected me and kept me safe. Emotionally I had a lot of guilt and shame to deal with. I was the one driving and I didn’t get hurt. My best friend nearly died, was in rehab for months and underwent multiple surgeries. Visiting her in the hospital was hard. I just cried and kept saying, “I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry” I couldn’t stop blaming myself for what had happened. I had to forgive myself. No one blamed me for what happened. It took time, but eventually I was able to
Stop feeling guilty and start feeling free. God worked in my life in so many ways during that season. He was compassionate, caring and empathetic. My family was my biggest support system and I learned to lean on them. My relationship with our friend grew stronger and we were really close for years after that. I also came out of that experience with clarity on what I wanted to do with my life(become a healer/massage therapist) and help others with pain management. I hope that other women who are hurting or blame themselves for bad things that happened in their life will start to feel free and lean into God accepting his grace in their lives. God uses tough experiences to help us realize that we are stronger than our circumstances. With God healing is possible.

After discovering betrayal in my marriage two years ago, God provided a curriculum and group of women to walk with me in my healing. He has proven his power to fix broken hearts and redeem my marriage. I know lead a study for women experiencing similar betrayal. I feel blessed to use the darkest parts of my story to help them find restoration too.

In 2014 I had renal failure and was in a coma for 6 days. I went into Cardiac Arrest twice and God brought me back twice; so evidently He wanted me to live.
I have no memory from May of 2014 until July of 2014. God has erased all of the horrible things I went through. My daughters tell me, “You don’t need to remember and God doesn’t want you to. So I just accept my life as it is.
I know that God gave me the strength and power to make it through and back to an almost normal health life.
I Thank Him everyday that I’m here.
Growing up was hard for me and I was emotionally messed up most of my life, until 1989 When I gotta relationship with God. I found out that I had a Bipolar Disorder and the Lord helped me get on the right medication and I’m doing fine now.
Praise God for everything He has done in my life. I’m almost 70 years old and feel very spiritually young.
I know that my life can help other’s going through the same problems I had because God shows me how to love others with His Love ❤️.
Jesus is My Best Friend and I totally depend on Him.

I was very emotionally scarred last year. A lot of things all happened at once, I lost most of my friends, and I was in a bad place. Slowly, though, God is helping me to heal by showing me what true friends looks like and who I can trust. He is helping me see my worth and how I am needed by those around me. It will continue to take time before I can say I have recovered, but I can definitely say I am getting better. Someone I know that could really use some healing right now is my best friend. Not only has she gone through the same kind of situations I have, but she’s also dealing with additional stuff as well. Family issues, current friend issues, having to move to Michigan soon. She’s going through a lot, and I just pray that God can heal her and help her to get better soon.

After the death of my grandmother I needed God to heal me emotionally. I was completely broken. I felt abandoned as I was away at college when it happened and I would never see her again, never come home to visit, and would miss witnessing her in prayer every morning and reading the Word. God had to dig in deep and meet me in my grief and despair. I asked hard questions and His Word was there to answer them and He slowly brought me back to knowing His heart which in the midst of all the pain, I had somehow forgotten. I do know a woman that can use this same healing and have shared my story but mostly I am allowing her to sit and talk out what she is feeling. When she can’t find the truth in His Word, I ask God to help direct her or me and He meets us there. This is where reconciliation begins.

My schooling was one tough journey from high school through University. I faced huge financial giants that costed me some months out of school and even a dead year. Through it all God continued to be faithful. He kept fighting for me and providing in the most divine ways.
I kept testifying at our local church whenever a semester would end by His grace.
One day I heard a lady who was facing the same with her daughter say, "The God of Lydia is alive, and if He did it for her, He will do it for me" This made every tear worth it.
God will always use our tears and hurting moments to bring Glory to His name. The key is to SURRENDER it all to Him.

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