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Power Belongs to Jesus

And he stood over her and rebuked the fever, and it left her, and immediately she rose and began to serve them.

Luke 4:39
Power Belongs to Jesus Book Cover

The fourth chapter of Luke gives us a day in the life of Jesus. Earlier in the chapter, we find Jesus going into the synagogue and reading from Isaiah. “He has sent me to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovering of sight to the blind” (Luke 4:18). For the rest of the chapter, he demonstrates the passage he read from Isaiah, healing and delivering many. Again, Luke shows us an example of Jesus healing both a man and a woman, and the woman happened to be Peter’s mother-in-law (Luke 4:33–39).

Luke tells the story simply and briefly. When Peter’s mother-inlaw took ill, Jesus rebuked the fever. Her health was immediately restored and she began to serve them (Luke 4:38–39). Although it takes only two verses to tell the story, we can draw powerful lessons from it. It emphasizes not only Jesus’s ability to heal but also his authority to heal. In healing Jairus’s daughter, Jesus spoke to the young girl. The woman with the issue of blood touched him and received her healing. However, during his encounter with Peter’s mother-in-law, Jesus actually spoke to the disease itself, rebuking it. For the first time this week, we see what role evil forces can have in our lives. The comfort is knowing that Jesus has the power and the authority to overrule any disease or demon. And he will help us in our time of need, because we are his daughters.

healed to serve

As we revisit these stories, no doubt we are impressed by these miraculous examples of God’s power, and we should be. But these miracles also reveal something about God and about us that we should pay close attention to. God desires the very best for us, including our healing. He wants us to come to him in humble submission. Telling Jesus where we hurt allows us to confess our need for him and vulnerability to him. We tell him where we hurt; we tell him how disappointed we are, how angry we are, how scared we are. But we tell him this in hope, with the knowledge that he hears us and delivers us. It is what David does over and over again in his psalms. But he never loses hope.

Jesus also wants to heal us so that we can wholly participate in his kingdom. Notice what Peter’s mother-in-law does once her health returns. She immediately returns to service. When Jesus heals and restores us, it is never for our benefit alone. As we are healed, we are freed to serve at his pleasure—to concern and commit ourselves to being involved in the healing and discipleship of others.


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Daily Question

What stories do you have of God healing you, both physically and emotionally? Do you know a woman who is hurting and in need of God’s compassion? How can your stories help to heal her?

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Comments (10)

Yes. Sometime in 2012 I burnt my right thigh with hot cooking oil. It was the most painful experience and didn’t realize what that will entail. I had to go to clinic everyday so it is cleaned up. I couldn’t wear clothes and I had to sleep a certain way. I thank God that was the year I took out of employment to try consulting work. God was there and he healed me. Emotionally? It’s a challenging question because many people feel different emotions at all times. I grew up believing you had to have a certain color, weight etc to be beautiful because that’s what media said and that’s what all the men and boys around me said too so I grew up feeling like an ugly duckling until one day I told myself I will do something about it. At a certain time in life, it doesn’t even help if one quotes you the Bible that you are made in God’s image. As I grew and matured I found comfort and appreciated myself because I got to know my Creator more. Amen. I know so many women hurting because of marriage issues, not being able to conceive, rape or abuse. For those I can relate to I do share my experiences and testimonies and where I can’t relate I still try to show them love by checking on them and supporting them however way I can.

My lungs, the UC, spinal meningitis, fibromyalgia, sinus, ear infections the list goes on. I share and pray whenever God allows. Every healing is different.

I have a story. Two friends, smokers as young people. Both quit by the time they were 40. Both ended up with the same type of cancer in their early 5o’s. While in the same stage of this cancer, the same operation and treatment. We prayed for both. One was healed and to this day is doing fine. The other died within months. The mystery is why God decides to heal some and not others.

When I was born I only weight one pound and 4 ounces
I could not be heee but 40 years later here I am!
I love this that we see how powerful Jesus words our
Also we have the same power to speak over our family and friends! There is power in the name of Jesus

When I was born I only weight one pound and 4 ounces
I could not be heee but 40 years later here I am!
I love this that we see how powerful Jesus words our
Also we have the same power to speak over our family and friends! There is power in the name of Jesus

God has healed me emotionally from depression/ anxiety and he has healed my body from physical health issues!! I can’t think of any specific woman at this moment, but I’ve shared my testimony on many occasions to various women to attest to the healing and saving power of Jesus!

I was in a very dark place years ago because of a bad relationship in which I had no business being apart of. I was depressed , ashamed and felt ugly inside and out .. God turned it around and has healed me in that area of my life which is now the past. Thank Jesus ! Sometimes my mind drifts to the situation but he reminds me how far I’ve came spiritually. I know of a woman in need if God’s compassion , she so happens to be a close friend. My stories can help her heal in many ways; especially to open her eyes to the fact that God will love you and accept you for who you are regardless of your mistakes , flaws or troubled experiences.

Going to college was a huge step in my life, playing softball having to keep up good grades as well. But my story…? I have many I could tell but this one is the most recent and most important to me. Ending my first year of college unsure what to pursue or what my plans are or what my calling is was weighing on me. I felt so much pressure and was rushing to try and figure things out. But one day I felt another feeling… not pressure but now what I like to call a calling. I felt something in me wanting to just open my bible and understand the working of God. I felt it in me to start reading, learning, and focusing on who created me nevertheless who LOVES me. What I felt…? I felt the Lord! Since then I have devoted myself into pursuing that beautiful relationship with Him; to grow in faith, grow in happiness, grow in forgiveness, & to be that loving daughter.

G od has heled my body from my neck to my toes from chronic pain syndrome as I say it I clam it in Jesus wonderful name. I have been brought out of drug addiction anger; the chains are broken on all unworthiness. he has brought me out of the dark into the light, I have had two 12 steps in celebrate recovery and was able to learn my value and learned to trust in Jesus .and in that my family is always in better hands. Don’t get any better than through Jesus.

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