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Jesus Will Provide

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. Contribute to the needs of the saints and seek to show hospitality.

Romans 12:12-13
Jesus Will Provide Book Cover

Generosity runs deep in Mary’s veins. She is generous with her life as she sacrifices what life would hold, in order to be a mother to the Son of God. She is generous as she shares Jesus with others, even to the point of death. Generosity runs deep and scarcity is nowhere to be found.

Her generosity is what we see at a wedding party when the wine has run dry and the party is still going. She knows her son can fix this social faux pas, and she moves quickly to request he do something about it. She tells the servants, “Do whatever he tells you” (John 2:5). Jesus honors his mom’s request and goes above and beyond, providing the best wine of the party. This is the first of his signs to the world—proof that he is more than Mary’s son; he is the Son of God.

holding god to his word... again

When Mary says “Do whatever he tells you,” one cannot help but hear an echo of Luke 1:38 when she told the angel, “Let it be to me according to your word.” Mary knows God, and Mary now knows the Son of God. The power of God’s Word shows up again in Mary’s life, and now it is for the sake of others. Trust him and do whatever he says. Mary knows Jesus can be trusted and his words have power. Mary exhorts the servants to trust whatever words come from the Son of God.

step in and speak up

No one else knew Jesus like Mary did. No one else had to trust God like Mary did. The gift of knowing Jesus gave Mary the confidence to intercede and speak up for others, asking Jesus to meet their need. Knowing the power of God’s Word, and God’s faithfulness to it, gave her the boldness to instruct others to follow Jesus. Knowing God’s faithfulness personally, she trusted God’s faithfulness publicly.

When we know Jesus personally, we trust publicly and for the sake of others. And the more we know him, the more we trust him. In this knowledge and trust, we then step in for others, their needs, their longings, their healing, and their hope. We, along with the Holy Spirit, intercede for others.

big enough

And God is big enough. He is big enough to hold each person, each struggle, each pain, each disappointment. God is big enough to meet each of those people and places with his love, goodness, grace, and mercy. God is not scarce. God is a God of abundance. And just as he provided an abundance of wine at a wedding party, he provides an abundance of redemption, turning death to life.

This is what God does: he turns things. He moves in the lives of people; he transforms our hearts and minds; and he heals our bodies and souls. It is to God that we pray and ask for the redemption and renewal of all things for all people. In his time, he will do it (Revelation 21:5).


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What truth has God made known to you about himself? What can you confidently say you believe about God?

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Comments (11)

That God is listening. God is powerful, loving, kind, caring, gracious~ everything you could ever want or need! He loves me, He loves you, He loves us. He is always there: listening, guiding, loving.

Yes! He hears us ~ and He sees us, even and especially when no one else does. Not only that, but He what He sees, He won’t forget…so He just keeps coming for us. Day after day after day, whispering, “It really will all be okay,” one glorious Day! And this helps settle my restless heart.

My God is a provider , and His plan is always good ! He is a gentleman who always patiently for my return .
He cherishes the heart but not the performance of me .
He anointed and re affirmed His child from bondage of sin , to give them new names and identity

God has changed me in so many amazing ways from broken ,angered, sick drug addict homeless
to a women who knows God can do all things. i have a roof over my son and my head clean 5 yrs. come august.
I have a relationship with my children. I don’t walk in anger. i try to be humble and kind helping others.
I have always felt like the women at the well. a nobody just like me I am truly blessed.

God has reminded me that He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. The same God that walked with Adam and Eve, the same God that spoke to Moses and Joshua, the same God that wrote the stories of Corrie Ten Boom and Elisabeth Elliot is the One who meets with me every morning and is with me in my misguided journey that is messy. He is writing my story…or using me in His story, rather. I can say that He is faithful and that He can be known. He wants to know you, not for your individual benefit, but for His glory. And in His grand and majestic purpose so far beyond our individual selves, He delights in the smallest details of our lives. He blows my child-like mind every day. As much as I know and love Him, I can only understand just enough.

He is a loving father and he cares about every area of our lives. He will never leave me or forsake me. He never fails me. I am always amazed at how he always provides so perfectly. I know that he truly works all things out for good for those who love him

The truth that God has made known to me about himself is that he is a kind and loving God when it comes to the past. Our past doesn’t define us as much as the enemy tries to convince of us of that. Going off of that statement l can confidently say that l believe God is an overly understanding God as well. He knows we will make mistakes because he is an all knowing God and he gives us the free will and l think what means most to him in that moment is choosing to turn back to him and acknowledge that mistake and keep getting closer to him.

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