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Jesus Knows Your Name

Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you, casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.

1 Peter 5:6-7
Jesus Knows Your Name Book Cover

In our culture of social media, Instagram, Facebook, IGTV, and YouTube, we are pressed to believe that if our faith is not celebrity status, it is not really faith. If our faith is not big enough to have followers and likes, then our faith is not enough. If what we do for Jesus isn’t seen on certain platforms, then we need to do more for Jesus. Celebrity status is not the litmus test of a life that loves and knows Jesus. It is not about how much others see of us—it is how much we see of God. Mary is a great example of a life of faith. Before anyone knew her name, Mary knew and saw God.

Mary did not have celebrity status at this point. No one knew Mary, yet Mary knew God. Mary knew God with the depth of her being. She knew God and could say, “Let it be to me according to your word.” She praises God with a song in Luke 1:46–55, proclaiming who he is and what he has done. She sings of his justice, his faithfulness, and his sight of the poor and lowly. She believes and knows that God sees her. God sees Mary, and Mary sees God. No one knew her, but Jesus did.

the gift of quiet

All of this changes very quickly when Jesus is born. King Herod hears the news and wants to find Jesus so he can kill him (Matthew 2:1–18). Mary is now known, and her son is a threat. Can you imagine what it would have been like if others had known Mary’s story at that point? What if they had known of the crazy, miraculous, culturally problematic pregnancy?

Before she and Jesus were known, Mary was given this gift of quiet and a space to deepen in faith. She was given a few months of reflection. A gift before the chaos. In that time she was able to confide in her cousin, lean into her husband, and deepen her praise and wonder of God. That time of anonymity was a gift of space to ponder, to reflect, to praise, and to get ready for what was to come. And what was to come would be widely public and incredibly painful.


We all feel the pull to be seen. We want others to notice us, our gifts, and what we have to offer. At times this can be a selfish pull, and we need to remain humble through confession. As we confess our sin, whether it is pride, selfishness, greed, or something else, God’s grace and mercies meet us. At other times the pull of being seen can be the longing to live as God has called you to live, to have someone notice your gifts, your mind, your heart, and your service. With so much competition, minimization, and comparison in our worlds, we are left unseen. Living a faithful life following Jesus does not have to be done on a stage or on a platform. Your obedience to him is not a show.


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Daily Question

Like Mary, how might these unseen spaces be a gift? How might this humble space be an opportunity to know God more deeply, to trust, and to be prepared for whatever and wherever God is calling you?

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Comments (10)

My daily time with God is to grow me in relationship with Him. It is so personal and private it needs to be unseen. It gives me a time to really reflect and be real.

i have to let go so i can pick up truth, when i confess. "God let it be as you said" your will not Mine. Have faith in Jesus know that i am just like one of those at the table and he brought them from self-centered. To out centered where I want to be.

In the quiet space you can be very vulnerable and honest with Him about everything. We can get to know him deeper by not only opening up to him but trusting him and letting go of our worries/problems. I believe after we fully let go and trust God, we will feel more empowered to step into whatever He is calling us to do and can equip us more for the season we are in.

Sometimes we feel so alone and often feel unseen, but we need to remember that the Lord is always with us and that He sees us. Sometimes we want to shout look at me, look at all I am doing. We just want approval. I have to step back and remember that the only one that matters is my Heavenly Father and that He approves of me or He wouldn’t have called me to walk with Him as a disciple. That is very humbling. Why does He care so much for me? I have not done anything that deserves His attention, but He still hangs on to me and pursues me. I don’t have to prove anything to anyone else. I love that and it frees me from having to please man.

I actually feel like I am in that season right now with the decision with my business and preparing for my future I feel like God is preparing me for something greater and something where I am able to grow in my gifts and be present. I am growing in my trust for his plan and the unknown and to not worry about who might be upset with me or mad at me for the choices I make which is a really hard thing for me to do.

I like my space to be filled spiritually through kindness, prayers, and serving others. I don’t need to be seen by anyone other than God. I know He sees my work and I have to believe He sees it!
Having time to reflect on God’s eternal life for me is sometimes difficult but humbling myself to His will is a constant reminder that my life is eternal with Him and I don’t need anymore than what He has given me. His unfailing love ❤️

I feel like currently at my job there is this lull of quietness and it is really starting to get to me l like being busy and it is very slow at work. BUT this devotional today really impacted my view instead of looking at it from a negative aspect to look at and go okay why am I in this lull? What is coming my way that l need this space? And how should l prepare in this space for what is to come?

The space gives us the time to meditate on Gods words & to be humbled by how he is preparing us for something else. The space or struggle can lead you to the most beautiful things God has designed for you

You can focus on your relationship with God, slow down. It’s a good time of reflection. Going somewhere out of the ordinary makes you focus more. Being in God’s creation / scenery.

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