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Jesus Heals

Then Jesus answered her, “O woman, great is your faith! Be it done for you as you desire.” And her daughter was healed instantly.

Matthew 15:28
Jesus Heals Book Cover

History bears countless examples of the ways in which mothers have protected their children during the presence of danger. Natural disasters, wild animals, car jackings—all of these have proven matchless against the seemingly supernatural power of women looking out for their young. What wouldn’t we do for our children?

Today, we see Jesus’s compassion extends to all, no matter what. In Matthew 15, we come across an extreme circumstance. A demon had oppressed a woman’s daughter. She realized that only the power of Jesus could remedy the situation. Her action was to reach out to the one who alone can heal.

an outsider's faith

Let’s not miss the implications of this story. This woman wasn’t just any woman. She was a Canaanite. Tyre and Sidon were nonJewish cities, about fifty miles away, and there was no need or any likely reason for Jesus to go to or through these cities. By car or train, fifty miles is less than an hour away. On foot or even by donkey, it is quite a long distance. But Jesus traveled those many miles to meet a need.

What a noise and disturbance this woman was causing! So much so that the disciples practically begged Jesus to grant her request to quench her outcry. Wanting to draw out the contrast between the pride of religious bigotry and the power of persistent faith, Jesus stood by while she pleaded her case, despite insults and obstacles. No matter what Jesus and his disciples said to her, she dug in her heels, determined to get healing for her child.

At surface reading, it could seem like Jesus was being unintentionally cruel to this woman. But maybe it was more for our benefit, to show us the extent of her faith.

Sometimes the marginalized refuse to be silenced. She knew that Jesus could help her, and she refused to leave him alone until he granted her request.

faith for all

At one time, not being Israelites would have excluded us from access to God and his promise of salvation. But because of Jesus’s sacrificial death, God has granted access to all who will come to him in faith. That means that we have 24/7 access to him. He promises to not only hear us, but to answer our prayers, according to his will. As women, this gives us the ultimate confidence. When we feel dismissed or undervalued, Jesus lovingly reminds us of how special we are to him and that our identities are anchored in him.


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Daily Question

In what areas of your life is it hard to believe God: finances, health, relationships? What can you take away from this woman’s story that will help to build up your own faith?

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Comments (8)

My career is the hardest area of my life to believe God has good things planned for me. Because I can’t have children, my work is what gives my life meaning and purpose. As a social worker in the nonprofit world, budgets are always changing, which has led to unemployment for me three different times. It has also meant that my role is often changed to meet the demands of the funding streams. It’s chaotic and hard to find solid footing. I have really had to be intentional about reminding myself that my status as child of God is my most important role so that my work does not define me. It’s been a life long struggle.

Rachel, I pray that God will put a child or children in your life whom you can call your own. Or have a healthy, loving relationship with. If that is His will for you. He knows your deepest longings. Open your eyes and see if you are missing an opportunity to have what your heart desires. We don’t need to be perfect, nor does works count more than our faith. I pray that the chaos goes away as you just trust God more day to day. Yes, you are a child of God, an ambassador and image bearer of Christ. So use that role for yourself not just for others. He loves you! Maybe there is a career change ahead. Be open to new possibilities. God doesn’t want you to struggle in your "role" as his daughter, He wants you to Be and Feel Blessed!

Praying for you

God is teaching me that the battles I face are His, and He is faithful to fight them, but I’ve got to release them to a Him. Right now I see this in some of my relationships. I appreciate the reminder that Jesus sees me, and pursues me, not just for me, but for the people He will pursue through me. I am an ambassador for Him. I need to apply the same patience, grace, mercy, and care He extends to me to others. I need to allow Him to work through the tension because He’s working on me just as much as them.

Right now in my life it is hard to believe God with my finances and my relationships. The Canaanite Women pressed into her faith that Jesus would help her and her daughter. She knew that God would listen to her prayer and had the faith that through Jesus she would receive what she asked for–healing. It shows me to be persistant in prayer and to press into my faith that God will heal all areas of my life. He sees me, he knows me and he hears me. I must always remind myself that He is working in all areas of my life.

I like to buy things when I am stressed or feeling out of control. COVID is a great example of this. I need to remember that my pleading needs to turn towards Jesus and seek his calm, not things I can buy that won’t actually bring me peace.

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