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Jesus Heals

Then Jesus answered her, “O woman, great is your faith! Be it done for you as you desire.” And her daughter was healed instantly.

Matthew 15:28
Jesus Heals Book Cover

History bears countless examples of the ways in which mothers have protected their children during the presence of danger. Natural disasters, wild animals, car jackings—all of these have proven matchless against the seemingly supernatural power of women looking out for their young. What wouldn’t we do for our children?

Today, we see Jesus’s compassion extends to all, no matter what. In Matthew 15, we come across an extreme circumstance. A demon had oppressed a woman’s daughter. She realized that only the power of Jesus could remedy the situation. Her action was to reach out to the one who alone can heal.

an outsider's faith

Let’s not miss the implications of this story. This woman wasn’t just any woman. She was a Canaanite. Tyre and Sidon were nonJewish cities, about fifty miles away, and there was no need or any likely reason for Jesus to go to or through these cities. By car or train, fifty miles is less than an hour away. On foot or even by donkey, it is quite a long distance. But Jesus traveled those many miles to meet a need.

What a noise and disturbance this woman was causing! So much so that the disciples practically begged Jesus to grant her request to quench her outcry. Wanting to draw out the contrast between the pride of religious bigotry and the power of persistent faith, Jesus stood by while she pleaded her case, despite insults and obstacles. No matter what Jesus and his disciples said to her, she dug in her heels, determined to get healing for her child.

At surface reading, it could seem like Jesus was being unintentionally cruel to this woman. But maybe it was more for our benefit, to show us the extent of her faith.

Sometimes the marginalized refuse to be silenced. She knew that Jesus could help her, and she refused to leave him alone until he granted her request.

faith for all

At one time, not being Israelites would have excluded us from access to God and his promise of salvation. But because of Jesus’s sacrificial death, God has granted access to all who will come to him in faith. That means that we have 24/7 access to him. He promises to not only hear us, but to answer our prayers, according to his will. As women, this gives us the ultimate confidence. When we feel dismissed or undervalued, Jesus lovingly reminds us of how special we are to him and that our identities are anchored in him.


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Daily Question

In what areas of your life is it hard to believe God: finances, health, relationships? What can you take away from this woman’s story that will help to build up your own faith?

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Comments (10)

Jesus didnt save me for just Himself, but for the sake of setting others free from what entangles, or traps them. Theres a purpose He desires to accomplish through me.

I believe God for the part of my life where he uses me for others, I find it hard to believe that He can work out me for me. My career sometimes feels like a mess. I believe He’s doing it so that people can see Him in me as serve Him in this season, but what about me? It’s so hard to get my head around it…The clinging faith that this woman has, is everything. I noticed she didn’t even have to bring her daughter to Jesus, she believed, and the daughter was healed from a distance.

I would have to say in relationships. This is a tough one for me. Waiting on God. Yet it saves a lot of heart break. God always has the answers. God knows best. God holds tomorrow. God is bigger than the world and all our sicknesses and problems put together. Amen. Belief, Faith, Perseverance, Putting God to the test of at his own word. Focusing all our energy and direction on God not man. Amen.

God has shown me his miraculous dealings in all areas. I do struggle with relationships and at times interfere with God’ plan and work. I should believe as this woman did that Jesus forgives all and with our faith, God answers all prayers we ask.

It was so hard being single it has taking me years to get content and it’s because the lord took it all away from
Me to draw me closer to me
This is the best I have ever felt
I love God more
I trust him
I listen and I am content in him!

I believe it’s challenging to believe God in the area of my finances. I’ve made some choices that have led to some debt. I want to believe God can move in this area, but it’s sometimes hard to have faith when I see bills/ debts adding up. Praying for God to lead me and show his favor in this area of my life!

Sometimes it is hard to believe God when it comes to health of loved ones and relationships. I can take away from the story with the woman that no matter what we go through , we must continue having faith and just because things are not happening as quick as we would like them to , doesn’t mean that God does’nt hear us . He is testing our faith, and our obedience to him.

Do not give up hope, keep on believing. The scriptures says to says to keep asking, keep knocking and pray without doubting. vr

It’s not so much that I don’t believe in Him when it comes to these things but when something horrible or hard comes around and I feel like I can’t get through it (almost as if I’m stuck) I question why it is happening or where is He. Health with family, relationships with others, athletics and school; each of them have its own struggle but what I take from this passage is that if I am determined to live through Christ, He will guide me down the right path! Trusting and staying strong with Him is my walk to faith.

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