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How then do we live? Week Three

Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Isaiah 41:10
How then do we live? Week Three Book Cover

Today, let’s reflect on some of the things we’ve read this week and highlight some observations.

he cares deeply for us

Jesus cares about our pain, be it physical or emotional. He knew that the bleeding woman’s problem wasn’t solely physical; he met both needs. Notice how loving he was in his interactions with the women, endearingly calling them “daughter.” What assurance for us to see that Jesus’s touch contains more than power but also the presence of his love.

he wants us to come to him

Jesus desires that we come to him in faith. When we are at the end of ourselves, he is enough. We can come to him, believing he can help. Jesus won’t condemn us for asking for help either.

he won't abandon us

Let Jesus’s urgency to raise a little girl from the dead be a reminder to us that when we are in the pit, he’s coming. His love is our blessed assurance, and nothing can separate us from it (Romans 8:35).

he wants to use our stories

Jesus heals us to love us, but also so that we can be examples of the good news and share his love with others.

we have his approval

Accept his loving approval. We are his daughters. We are who Jesus declares us to be, whether in pain or in process or in victory. We can act like we are his, trusting and obeying our Father. In this, he is pleased, and we are blessed.


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Jesus Heals the Wounded

Daily Question

How can you share with someone the ways Jesus has healed you emotionally or physically?

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Comments (10)

share my testimony as the Holy Spirit leads me. Continue to meet with others and encourage, pray with, serve, and share life with.

Emotionally, this is a feeling that moves me every time I pray earnestly. It’s a mixture of peace, love and the overwhelming presence of God in my heart and it goes throughout the day or if I get after my bedtime prayer, my sleep gets so peaceful. Beyond words. I thank God for His peace that passes all understanding.

I can be vulnerable and help them to step into my pain but also to see my healing. God is a miracle working God. There is no pain that He doesn’t feel and there is no hurt that He cannot heal. We must be willing to surrender it to Him and truly believe that He cares for us enough to answer our prayers and fulfill His promises. It may not be right when we want it, but it will be right on time.

I put it on FB. I ask for prayer and when God answers I put the praise report. I have a prayer chain on Messenger with ladies that used to meet. I tell them. I call friends that have prayed with me and tell them. When God brings people across my bath who are hurting or sick I share with them how God has helped me.

First and foremost praying about it so God can direct the words that will come out of my mouth and also to lead me to the right time to share and for the person to be open to receive. Then authencity is needed. To truly connect to people we need to remove all the walls around us and be vulnerable to others hence why we need to pray first so we are protected in God’s Grace, love, mercy and favour. After i lost both parents and my boyfriend within a year’s time it broke me and I backslide…I wanted to sin so that I could deserve the pain and hurt I was going through and I ‘hated’ God but he loved me through it all and he made me alive today to inspire and encourage others that with God anything is possible. We live by God not by our power nor our degrees nor our wealth nor our experience but it’s all for and to show God’s honor and glory. Amen.

Jesus has healed me of epilepsy. A disorder that shows itself every third generation in my family. I am very thankful for the healing, but feel guilty about it too. God healed me but not my sister. Why? She asked me why in the past. I don’t know what to tell her. She has faith, serves God, prays – she is no different from me in that respect. Why did God heal me and not her? How do I respond to that? What does it tell others who knows our story?

I use to be so emotionally attached to men but the love of Jesus has healed my heart that I don’t need a mans approval or his attachment but I need the love of Jesus
I am so thankful
I loved how he healed her physically and emotionally!

I can share my past with others! I’ve been totally healed both emotionally and physically! Only the power of God allowed me to endure and live through the trials I’ve encountered! I’d share that there’s no problem he can’t solve!

I can share with others how God has gotten me through a scary time in my life when i was hospitalized for cardiac issues/ the flu . I was uncertain of the outcome post treatment but he held my hand , healed me and made me healthier . I could also share the dark times of my life emotionally when I was seeking for love in the wrong places but later realized God’s love was all I needed to feel.. it fills my cup everytime !

Prayer with Him has led me to being a better person or just communicating with Him. Noticing and realizing that we should live through God but also leading others to do it as well! It gives me hope, joy, peace, love, strength, and so much more!

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