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Do We Trust Him?

He said to them, “It is not for you to know times or seasons that the Father has fixed by his own authority."

Acts 1:7

Watch Session Six: Jesus Empowers

We’ve learned a lot of who Jesus is so far as we’ve looked at the life of his mother, the relationship he had with his friends, the women he healed and cared for, and the woman who was the first to see his resurrected body. So why does it all matter and what does it mean for our lives today?

From the very beginning, the life of Jesus was marked by the unconventional. From birth to death he was countercultural. Taking his place on earth in the womb of an unwed mother, he lived with the stigma of perceived secrets. His exit was unlike any before as well. Crucified and buried, he rose from the grave and presented himself first to a woman and then for forty days to those closest to him.

to the ends of the earth

There is a slow realization throughout Jesus’s ministry that this message is not just for the Jews. Jesus did not come to rescue one tribe or one people group. He came to rescue all people. He broke down barriers and welcomed in the untouchables, the unclean, the sinners, and the women. He shattered legalism and elitism and welcomed all who would believe.

Those who were closest to him, those who witnessed the words he spoke and the love he gave to all, Jesus described as witnesses. He charged them to tell those in Jerusalem and then to fan out from there until all the world had heard.

Jesus’s work wasn’t done, but his time walking on earth as a man was. He left the charge to all those who believed in him to share the good news with others. They were to live out the words and deeds he had been teaching them all along.

will we go when called?

Trusting God is not an easy call. He asks hard things of us. He tells us to go and bear witness to the ends of the earth, to tell others of his goodness, and to surrender willingly to him. It’s unconventional, it might even start rumors about your reputation, and it will most definitely be uncomfortable.

May we all have the strength of Mary, the mother of Jesus, to say when called on, “Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word” (Luke 1:38). No matter the cost, no matter the difficulty, may we have the strength to be obedient to God’s call.


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Daily Question

Is there something or someone God has placed on your heart? What is holding you back from saying, “I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word”?

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Comments (15)

Can you check what video was placed here? It is not What Women Saw.
Can you send the correct video out tomorrow or on a special email?
Thank you.
Marcia Hansen

My heart hurts for that struggle with thoughts of suicide. Every 40 seconds in the world a soul is lost to suicide and 129 daily in the US. My son struggled with suicide in his teen yrs in and out of mental hospitals and 1 night he told me he really want to kill himself he just wanted his mind to stop. And so crazy how that made since. It is a mental illness.

The Sprit seems to be saying to step away from the responsibilities of church, traditional type, and move into a place of deeper community with a small group of believers when I can be safe to be real. It is hard to leave the people of the church I am with now and love dearly, and start over with new people.

Karen, I would encourage you find a church where the gospel is upheld AND you can find deep, safe community. The local church is God’s plan for His body. Find a church leadership that you can safely and faithfully submit yourself to and dig in! A group of women at my church have provided such safe fellowship, really challenging me at moments and just being ears to listen at other times. Praying that you find these blessing too!

My five nieces are the ones always on my heart. I want them to know Jesus. I want to be an example of unconditional love and to teach them how to be bold and strong in their faith.

My/our grands. It hurts so bad that we can’t be closer. Now my daughter is moving to Germany. Other daughter in RI. Jim’s kids in Topeka/ Kansas City area. My health doesn’t permit much travel anymore.

Amen! I have to think about the people but I know there are some areas in my life that God expects me to live accordingly but I slip each time. I continue to pray and remove life distractions. Yes, following God is not easy and literally those who follow God as missionaries need to be prayed for and thanked. We thank God for people who are obedient to his words and his voice and we pray to all be obedient at all times. Amen.

My heart is grieving for my sister(90) and her daughter who lost a grandson/son in a head on collision in WY. His sister was lost in a car accident when she was in high school. My sister raised these 4 children. Two are left. Their faith and the closeness of my sister’s other 5 children and family is comforting to see. None of my own family dare go in these difficult days, but we hold them close in love and prayer.

Thank you for allowing me to share. Tonight is our last study session. I will find blessing there!

My son. He knows my walk with God and he once did himself years ago. I try to talk to him about Jesus and that He never left him, but he does not want to hear it. I keep praying for me to have more strength to witness to him though

I can’t think of anyone in particular that is on my mind. I do often share my testimony with women I come into contact with in hopes that they’ll see Jesus within me and be drawn into him!

Yes , my close friend .Its challenging sometimes, when I get into the word , subtly dismisses it I don’t think she truly believes in God ; could possibly be because of the things she endured in life question him but I hope one day , she would allow God to come into her heart.

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