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I will remember the deeds of the Lord; yes, I will remember your wonders of old. I will ponder all your work, and meditate on your mighty deeds.

Psalm 77:11-12
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In Luke, we find Mary leaning into curiosity as she ponders the story of the shepherds and how they came to find her and Jesus (Luke 2:19). And before that moment, she wondered how she would become pregnant as a virgin, asking the angel, “How will this be?” (Luke 1:34). Farther back in the story we read that she was troubled and discerning when the angel first greeted her and called her “favored one” (Luke 1:29). What we find in Mary is not a silent woman who is stepped all over, but a woman who thinks deeply, considers her situation, and is curious about what God is up to. She is also a woman who moves and acts, knowing that she cannot carry this calling alone. She carries it to her cousin (Luke 1:39).

not alone

Mary runs to share her reality and curiosity with Elizabeth, and Elizabeth rejoices in the magnificent and miraculous words of God. Elizabeth pours blessing out on Mary. She speaks love and truth, and she shares in the work God is doing in her as well, attesting to the reality of what Mary is going through (Luke 1:40–45). Mary is not alone.

Both women carry a physical miracle. As Elizabeth has experienced the shame of barrenness, Mary is subject to the judgment of her virgin birth and eventual pain and humiliation of her son. Elizabeth knows Mary needs her love, support, and a reminder of God’s presence with her. She offers this joyfully. Both women are in awe of God’s wondrous works, and they share in it together.

cultivating wonder

As the women shared in wonder, they cultivated curiosity and gave courage. Many of us have lost our sense of wonder. Throughout the years we were quieted, we were told we asked too many questions, or maybe we were told we should not ask questions. Questions, wonder, and curiosity were the enemies of truth. Yet these things lead to deeper and richer truth. The exploration of our doubts and voicing our questions grows in us space to receive what God may be saying in different ways through a variety of people. After all, God is a creator! His creativity is far beyond our imagination, and we will never out-question God! We are invited to stay curious, listen to God, and connect in community. In community we share, we receive, and we explore what God is doing and saying in each of us. We pay attention to how he is moving through others, remaining open to new ways he is revealing his truth. We stay curious and we see the beauty of his creativity in and through his creation. We don’t want to miss it!


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Daily Question

Who has been your source of community and connection lately? Who points you to Jesus?

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Comments (10)

My girls from my recovery group at North Coast Church. These women speak the truth into my life when its difficult to hear, when I am not seeing it myself, they lift me up and love on me no matter what is going on in my life and have stood by me through some really hard times. They have helped me get sober and they help keep me on track. I love them!

My mom– she truly is my source of strength after God and a great source of connection. For some reason, I have never been a person who connects easily with other women, however, a I have found community in a few of our older church ladies, and they have helped me tremendously during tough times. I appreciate them more than words can say.

My church family and friends as we worship together electronically these days, help to keep me focused on God. I have a very spiritual cousin and friend whom I am able to have deep conversations with about our faith. The worldly issues going on really help me to depend more and more on God. Only He can fix these things. My mother, too, as we have our faith discussions.

My community group, and April. It has been nice to have that constant contact with people from church that I can rely on.

For one, my sister. I have been a believer and saved for many years and would go to church, many times alone. My sister would tell me many times this past year that I need to connect and join women’s groups and would always encourage me. God bless her! I am so grateful she did as it has given more meaning and purpose in my life.

It is funny that you should ask that question. The person who has been a source of community and connection lately and who has pointed me back to Jesus, is the person who Papa God pointed me to first.
God told me to submit to a Pastor I have known for at least 10 years who now pastors a church across country. Listening to his Bible Studies and Sermons and joining his online campus has turned my life back in the correct direction.
Thank You Jesus ?

A few friends of work know of my faith, and the virtual opportunities for worship music and prayer as well as weekend services. A co-worker that I would have never guessed would be interested now holds me accountable to remind her to check in for the worship music. These interactions point to Jesus, because I know it is not me that softens the heart and causes someone to look to Him

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