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Reflection: Assessment of the Soul

Watch Week Three, Day Five

Today we’re going to take time to diagnose our soul’s health. Over the past week, we have examined Proverbs’ emphasis on the state of our souls, in whom or what we put our soul’s trust, trusting God in the midst of trial, and giving as a sign of soul health.

Now let’s shine a light on our souls to see where we are flourishing and where we need the Lord’s intervention to grant us health. Here’s a short quiz to help you to assess the state of your soul health.

Circle the areas of soul wisdom that you sense God is nudging you to develop. Place a rectangle around the areas of soul wisdom you strongly exhibit.

Dependence on God
Being attuned to the Spirit

Ask a trusted friend whether she or he agrees with your assessment—and why or why not.

Next, in a journal or in quiet contemplation, reflect on these prompts:

  1. How does reading Proverbs help you to better understand Jesus’ sayings about the soul?
  2. How has the culture around you affected your attitude toward money?
  3. Name some ways that you will practice gratitude in the coming week. It can be anything from writing gratitude lists in dry-erase marker on your bathroom mirror, creating a text thread with your friends that’s all about creative generosity, spending time meditating on scriptures that speak of the lovingkindness of God, or something else.
  4. How does your current schedule reflect your priorities?


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Comments (2)

I think our culture is influential in that we have become an instant gratification society. It’s not fun to wait for things we want and we don’t have to anymore. We don’t see or touch our money much so it’s in and out of our accounts with a swipe. We can get our "things" and we can easily fall victim to finding our rest in our "things".

I will practice gratitude by being more mindful of my blessings and thanking God for them. I will also try praying for specific opportunities to step out of my comfort zone and give when it hurts to give. I will know God heard that prayer when He puts me to the test! Okay God…prepare my heart to obey you and trust you.

Today’s society emphasizes success with material items. It is tough to think differently than most of you friends and coworkers. I find myself most successful by surrounding myself with other generous people of faith

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