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Teachable Hearts: Lean in and Listen

Take my instruction instead of silver, and knowledge rather than choice gold, for wisdom is better than jewels, and all that you may desire cannot compare with her.

Proverbs 8:10-11

Watch Week Two, Day Two

Our lives are filled with learning. We are inundated with information, advice, instruction, and opinions. Yet information by itself does not produce learning or application. The purpose of Proverbs is more than head knowledge; it is lived knowledge. To live knowledge, we need understanding and wisdom. This wisdom gives the heart what it needs to make choices in life—choices that lead to life, hope, and peace for ourselves and for others. Proverbs 2 speaks to this truth.

what is a teachable heart?

The teachable heart is one that knows it needs help. It seeks to take information and instruction and turn it into understanding and application. This understanding begins with God Himself, who is ready to give generously.

God is ready to give, yet do we slow down to listen and pay attention? Do we make space for listening? Or are our lives so crowded with distractions, noise and notifications, pursuits and pleasures, that we have ignored our heart’s cry to hear, to learn, and to live? We desperately need space and time to hear from God. To have a teachable heart is to have a heart that listens for instruction and waits for wisdom. A teachable heart listens.


Proverbs shows us how to listen and pay attention. There are three steps in this process of active listening. First, we posture ourselves to receive. This means we read; we intentionally take time to hear from God’s Word, and we treasure it. Receiving requires time, quiet, and freedom from distractions. It means we turn off notifications, we let go of social media, and we create time to listen, as if we were having a conversation with a good friend. Second, we ask. We call out and ask God for His wisdom. Lastly, we go on a hunt. We are hunting for the treasure of God’s words, for wisdom, for understanding. And no one hunts half-heartedly after treasure! We choose to search out God’s Word with effort, diligence, and excitement—like a hidden treasure. And oh, what a treasure we will find!

To hunt for wisdom’s treasure, our hearts lean in and we listen. And in our listening, we receive discernment, understanding, and wisdom—the things our heart needs to make choices. When know God’s heart, we live His heart. We live justly and with equity, treating all with dignity who are made in the image of God. We see the good path to walk and we long for others to walk this good path with us and with God.


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Daily Question

Where do you need time to stop, listen, and learn? What time can you open up in your schedule to sit with God, without music, without noise, and simply be with Him? Each day this week, you are invited to sit in eager anticipation of the words God wants to give you, that your heart might know and see Him and live His good will.

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Comments (7)

Putting God first for me has become a habit. I get up early and I work on a bible study or a reading or I watch a sermon on line. Frequently I listen to a sermon on line On my way to work. I have two small groups. I try to cover my free time in the word. I am a prospector of the word. When God reveals something to me, something new that changes my perspective , I want more. His knowledge and his word are just stories to the outsider, but when co read With the spirit and understanding comes in and you know what God meant, then that is something to have and own, to hide away in your heart. If you can understand deeply any topic then it changes things. You are the first change always. The great exchange, I take your filth and give you my righteousness is a factual ever happening thing as we submit more and more.

Thank you so much for sharing Christina, you are so right! When I go to God and HE reveals things to me I wasn’t more! Yes! When the Spirit speaks to me it is so awesome! He is the help in the time of trouble ❤️

Thank you so much for sharing Christina, you are so right! When I go to God and HE reveals things to me I wasn’t more! Yes! When the Spirit speaks to me it is so awesome! He is the help in the time of trouble ❤️

Oh my goodness I love your comment! I have come to discover the same sweet reward from taking God at His Word when spending time with Him in His word! What a beautiful way to think of it…a prospector of the word! Your shared thoughts spoke truth !!!


I don’t have a set time everyday. Usually its in the morning in my room where there is no noise or distractions.

Oh this was such a timely reading! GOD is SOOOOO good! I needed this soo much! I’m going through a trial and really need to take the time to listen to the LORD JESUS! Thank you so much for sharing all those awesome scriptures too! I desperately need God’s wisdom!

I like to study in the morning but mostly I will try and make sure to set aside time at least 15 minutes a day. My biggest thing right now is not only seeking him in the morning, but also throughout the day. When my thoughts are anxious or when I am constantly getting distracted and lack focus, I stop and ask God for help in those moments. It’s been really helpful to reset with the Lord, even if it’s 2 minutes here and there throughout the day.

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