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Week 5 Reflection

Watch Week Five Day Five

Begin by rereading Ephesians chapter 5. Does anything new stand out to you? What truths are reinforced? What truths do you need more faith to believe? What truths do you need to put into practice today?


In Ephesians 5:1–7, Paul commanded us to be imitators of God, thus spurring us on to know God more. For how can we imitate someone we do not know? We learned that we should not partner in a lifestyle marked by sinful behavior, and we also learned that gratitude displaces sinful thoughts. Try out thanksgiving this week. Jot down how you sense God using gratitude to move you from destructive thinking.

Walking in the Light

In Ephesians 5:8–14, we learned about the great contrast of darkness and light. Walking in the light reveals our true character, leads to fellowship, and enables unity. Paul reminded us that as children of the light, our walk should demonstrate this fact. How can you actively pursue the things of the light, the things that please the Lord?

Walking Wisely

In Ephesians 5:15–20, Paul exhorted us to be careful in how we live and make the most of the opportunities we are given. We also examined what we are choosing to fill us up, to influence us. We saw that being filled by the Holy Spirit looks like thankfulness and sounds like sweet music in our heart to the Lord. What are you choosing to fill and affect you this week?

Submitting in Love

In Ephesians 5:21–33, we focused on the pivotal idea of submission to one another out of reverence for Christ. Counter to our culture, we were challenged to consider others above ourselves and encouraged to seek a deeper understanding of Christ’s sacrificial love for us. In what ways is submission to God, and submission to others, difficult for you? Ask God to give you a deeper understanding of His love for you this weekend.


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Daily Question

In Ephesians chapter 5, which truth has affected you the most, and why?

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