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Take the Sword of the Spirit

Watch Week Six Day Three


Paul had spoken generally about the armor of God, but here he told us how to stand firm against the evil spiritual forces, listing six pieces of spiritual armor to put on: the belt of truth; the breastplate of righteousness; the sandals of the preparation of the gospel of peace; the shield of faith; the helmet of salvation; and the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. The entire armor is absolutely necessary in spiritual warfare against the Devil and his angels, and is absolutely impossible to obtain as a result of human endeavor.

When you read through the full list of God’s armor, can you envision standing before your bedroom mirror each morning making sure your breastplate of righteousness is in place, and your belt of truth is fastened at your waist? Paul desired the believer to fully recognize the powerful, supernatural resources of the Lord available to those who believe. He did not want the Ephesians to forget that this battle is spiritual and must be fought in God’s strength, relying on the Word and on God through prayer, but he did want them to take an active role in putting on the armor of God.

Don’t overlook that the belt of truth is mentioned here first. Before a Roman soldier put on armor, firrst a belt was fastened around the waist that held all of the other garments together, giving ease of movement. Likewise, our belt of truth, our integrity and faithfulness, provides a foundation of freedom with self, others, and God as we move about our lives.


Though not mentioned as a piece of armor, prayer is vital for the purpose of maintaining alertness in the spiritual battle we are engaged in. Hoehner says it like this: “prayer causes alertness and alertness keeps believers in prayer.” Observe the repetition of prayer and petition in this verse. This is for emphasis, as Paul highlighted the importance of prayer (Ephesians 1:15–23; 3:14–21), and he didn’t want us to miss it.


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Daily Question

Of the six pieces of spiritual armor, which piece do you “put on” most often? Which piece do you think you should make an effort to “put on” more?

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