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Paul’s Petition and Conclusion

Watch Week Six Day Four


To close out his letter to the Ephesians, Paul set an example of honestly asking for prayer. It’s easy to forget the difficult situation Paul was in when he wrote this letter, but let’s remember that he was in prison, facing a possible trial before Caesar where he would have to defend the “mystery of the gospel” to the attacks of the wicked one. He asked for prayers to be bold; to “fearlessly make known” and to “declare fearlessly.”

The opposite of fear is faith, and Paul was asking the Ephesians to petition God to greater grow his faith. After selflessly pouring himself into a letter full of admonition, encouragement, and truth on behalf of his fellow believers in Ephesus, one would think that Paul, in light of his circumstance, would ask for prayer to get out of jail. Or find favor with his captors. Or have patience in his situation. But no, Paul asked for more faith to proclaim Christ boldly.


In an effort to comfort and encourage the Ephesians, Paul sent a fellow believer, Tychius, to deliver his letter. We live in an age where endless information is literally at our fingertips at all times, so it’s difficult to grasp the unknowns of the Ephesian believers. But there were many unknowns, and no way to get answers. Paul knew the comfort that sending his letter, and an update on himself, would bring, so he made it clear that this was the intention of sending Tychius, his trusted brother.

It is fitting that this epistle ends how it began: with grace and peace (1:2). Paul knew full well that without God’s unmerited, enabling grace, the believer can have no peace. It’s great bumper-sticker material, but it’s also great truth that the Ephesians then, and us now, can rest in and proclaim boldly over our life as Paul did: Grace changes everything (Ephesians 2:1–9).


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Daily Question

Have you ever asked God for more faith to proclaim Him boldly? As Paul asked for more faith to proclaim Christ boldly, in what areas of your life do you need to ask God for more faith?

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