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What Does Accountability Look Like?

But exhort one another every day, as long as it is called “today,” that none of you may be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin.

Hebrews 3:13
What Does Accountability Look Like? Book Cover

Earlier this week, we discussed the difficulty in receiving correction. As hard as that is, many of us find it equally difficult to help others grow through accountability.

How many times have we found ourselves in a scenario where we’ve needed to point out negative behaviors but didn’t? We want to avoid awkwardness and embarrassment, or we fear that others will accuse us of judging them.

We are called to serve others, which involves investing in their growth. Serving others is an act of love and selflessness. Serving others is not just the job of the clergy, but it is the responsibility of every believer. God has equipped us to help lead others to maturity right where we are. The goal of discipleship is to shape our attitudes and actions so we look more like Jesus and to help others do the same.

What does accountability look like? How do we pour into others? Perhaps it’s a conversation, a weekly check-in with a friend. Perhaps it’s teaching a Bible study or leading a small group. Some personality types, perhaps, have an easier time reaching out to others. But it is for everyone.

Truth with Love

We grow and mature when we serve others, and there’s a deep dependence on God in all of it.

“Speak the truth in love,” Paul writes to the Ephesians. How we speak truth is as important as what truth we speak. Holding others accountable is a sign of love. When we lovingly correct others, that means that we are concerned about them and desire to see them grow. Truth speaking leads to maturity (Ephesians 4:15).

Exhortation through accountability helps guard against sin, according to our verse for today (Hebrews 3:13). Trust is built in each relationship when there is both encouragement and accountability. Point each other to Jesus. Remind each other what’s true. Practice reconciliation. Make each other better.


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Daily Question

What do your relationships with other believers look like? How are you serving and pouring into them? If you’re not involved in the discipleship of others, why? What are some ways that you think you can pour into others?

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Comments (10)

I have a few friends that I’m serving and speaking to them about Christ. I feel with the friendship we have there is a closeness that only Christ can fill.

I host an IF:Table. I have the gift of hospitality and love feeding and providing an open, comfortable, safe place for people to come to. I also love face to face conversation over a meal. Some of my most memorable time with friends was realizing I wasn’t alone after sharing something I’ve been struggling with, over a meal.

My relationship with others is good. I’m involved in bible study as well as church. I’m asking more questions about the Bible that I don’t understand and researching to understand the Bible more. Try and get them to get involve in church, bible study, or one on one study with the pastor. I have been away from the church for a time. So I started to do reading the Bible at home and then I found your programs online. I enjoyed these so much.

I mainly have communication with family members whom are believers
It’s important to keep peace as much as possible
Sometimes we can do bible studying together and share prayer request
Some of us do love to read and study the Bible and pray
We do have a large family of believers in Christ from childhood
Thank God

I have a life group that I meet with weekly. This is new to me, doing life in community — so I am still figuring out what it is, how to do it, and how to do it well 🙂 I think sometimes it is happening without recognizing that is what it is… life on life with people.

There are many times that I prefer to do it alone, anything. This is not what God intended. I believe that we should work together as a team. This is a practice of patience, love and endurance. God gives us strength. I need to invite others to help as a community and a group. I will practice initiating activities that involve a healthy sets or assemblies. With the holiday’s in the near future we can plan on our church and community gatherings and everyone will pitch in and work as one body in Christ.

I have recently begun hosting If:Tables and now I’m hosting a Get Out of Your Head study, as well as attending 2 virtual studies. Having others to talk with, share, learn with, pray with makes all the difference. The sharing and the caring. I’m praying I can help my husband find a place for him.

My relationship with other believers is distant at the moment. I do have a life group but I haven’t been fully connected to it. I also feel like an outsider sometimes because I don’t attend the life groups consistently and that causes me to feel left out sometimes. Also I’m a lot older than most of the ladies in the group so it’s is a little disconnection there as well. I do believe God has something for me to offer these ladies. I can certainly start praying more for the ladies and imparting wisdom of a mature woman to the younger ladies.

I have a few friends and family members where we help each other emotionally, spiritually, and sometimes physically in Christ. The help can be cards, calls, going to the store or helping with "honey dos" along with my husband. While I don’t have someone I am specifically disciplining in Christ I have someone who is a believer that I am mentoring during her job search by meeting once a week on the phone. It’s sometimes hard because we have never met in person – our relationship started in a virtual job search class, so I am being guarded on how directly I speak the truth in love. As time has continued I am able to be more direct in a loving well in helping my friend focus on what’s best in her job search versus what is "good". I look forward to the day that we can celebrate her new job and meet in person.

Check-in’s (through COVID, prayer requests – My sweet Christian friend will hold me accountable and pours into me, and I do my best to pour into those around me.

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