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The Holy Spirit Will Change You

The Holy Spirit Will Change You Book Cover

At the end of each week, we want to help you process what you listened to and read and help you think about ways to grow in your relationship with God and be more like Jesus. As you pray and spend time with God, answer the questions below:

  1. What things in your life (character or habits) do you wish looked differently?
  2. Below, fill out this chart. On the left, list the things you want to work on and grow into, and on the right, list the things you’re going to ask God for as you grow with him.

As Philippians 2:12–13 reminds us, God is ultimately doing the work in and through. The Holy Spirit is changing you. Surrender yourself to him and let him change you.


God, help me to be more like you. Help me see people as you see them. Help me love people the way you love them. Help me see myself the way you see me. Thank you for never giving up on me. I want to know you more and live a life that reflects your goodness. Help me, Holy Spirit.


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The Power to Change

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Comments (7)

Yes! Holy Spirit help me to be more like Jesus!
I am so grateful that the working out of my salvation is not up to me. That my job is to daily submit & be obedient & Jesus does the changing & makes me more like himself. Submission & obedience is not easy… my flesh wants to have its way & sadly often does, but I am so thankful for a forgiving, merciful Father. Holy Spirit teach me to be more like Jesus, teach me to hear your voice & obey.

Such a tension, right? Between relying on God’s empowering Holy Spirit and working hard at living a responsible Christian life. I am praying that God will teach me more and more about this. I want to live from the place of rest in my soul, surrendering to the Holy Spirit, and I believe the obedience will be the living water that overflows. Have a great day!

Praise God that He does not leave us stuck and that His way is the only way to real change. I pray that Hr would give me the strength, wisdom and grace to completely surrender to His will for my life and change it to live only for Him and to glorify Him only.

Help me to make JESUS the ONLY THING! As we walk with the LORD HE should be who we go to first! Not our own ideas HE is our constant help I pray that the HOLY SPIRIT would speak to me and remind me of this.

I love the concept that I have a choice because God is freeing. Thank you for the way you packaged what a spirit led life looks like, free to be who God created us to be, centered on Him!

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