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The Holy Spirit Will Change You

The Holy Spirit Will Change You Book Cover

At the end of each week, we want to help you process what you listened to and read and help you think about ways to grow in your relationship with God and be more like Jesus. As you pray and spend time with God, answer the questions below:

  1. What things in your life (character or habits) do you wish looked differently?
  2. Below, fill out this chart. On the left, list the things you want to work on and grow into, and on the right, list the things you’re going to ask God for as you grow with him.

As Philippians 2:12–13 reminds us, God is ultimately doing the work in and through. The Holy Spirit is changing you. Surrender yourself to him and let him change you.


God, help me to be more like you. Help me see people as you see them. Help me love people the way you love them. Help me see myself the way you see me. Thank you for never giving up on me. I want to know you more and live a life that reflects your goodness. Help me, Holy Spirit.


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The Power to Change

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Comments (10)

God is so good. He is helping me to desire what He wants me to desire. I want to see who is is more clearly, so I may love Him more dearly and follow the more nearly each day. This can only happen with daily surrender, opening my eyes to His goodness and wanting to abide in Him versus another item on the to do list. I want to actually have my eyes open to truly see others, love them well and point them to Him. I want to see myself more like He sees me, as His daughter, a princess who is dearly loved and to remember that nothing can separate me from His love through Jesus Christ. I want to be a light in a world that points to Jesus, whom the world so desperately needs. Although we live in this fallen world it’s not the end of the story. We win because we get to spend eternity with God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Our salvation is our protector in this world of uncertainties when we are weak our salvation makes us strong because it’s always there as life moves on from season to season we can turn to God under, over any kind of circumstances because God is with us

Thank you for your words of encouragement and reminding me that I need to ask the Holy Spirit to guide me, lead me, direct me daily – especially when there is so much to distract me and keep me from seeking God and His will for me.

I really liked that a believer in the video said God does not want to strip away who we are, or our uniqueness, because that is our glory to God. He wants to use us that in His kingdom to draw others near to Him and glorify Him even more with the rest of His creation. And Kathy and others have said He has given us that free will or choice to accept Him and grow toward Him in the light, away from darkness.

Why does the speaker in the jean jacket speak so fast? She is lovely and speaks powerfully, but there is no need to speak in such a hurry, it makes it hard to take in what she is saying. Is it possible for Right Now Media to edit the video clip to slow down her speech? I am using the slowest speed available on the video, which is the default at 1x. Thanks

I wish my attitude was better, that when times are tough that I don’t run to others, but I run to God first. I wish I was a better example to my family. There’s a lot that I wish, and that can only be accomplished with Gods help. His redemption. I want to be more like him each day, and that is my prayer. I want to follow God. Not the world.

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