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Know God

As obedient children, do not conform to the evil desires you had when you lived in ignorance. But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do.

1 Peter 1:14-15

Watch Week Two: Spend Time

To be more like Jesus, we have to know him. We have to spend time with him and learn his character and his words. This week, we are going to look at the ways being with Jesus changes us. Let’s first look back at Genesis, when God created man.

After creating field and forest, vale and mountain, chanting birds and flowing fountains, God created his masterpiece—humans. God designed us for greatness. Not a greatness that finds satisfaction in career advancement or accolades, luxury, or the Pinterest life. It’s not a greatness that looks like success or recognition or money. It’s the greatness of being God’s representatives on earth—ruling in his goodness, offering up his beauty, and calling forth his truth. This is our design. We were always meant to be this way, but part of the fallout of the fall is that it became impossible to fully live out our design due to sin. It changed everything for humankind.

Jesus came to save us from the sin that mars our humanness and to restore us to being God’s rulers, priests, and prophets in his world. When God tells us to be holy, the emphasis is on his holiness that we, as believers, have acquired at salvation. We are positionally sanctified, meaning that at the moment of salvation we have the holiness of Jesus on us and therefore can stand before God blameless (1 Peter 1:15–21).

He’s reminding us of who we’re meant to be—set apart from the rest of his magnificent creation to display who God is. So how do we know what that looks like? By watching the only human who lived it out fully. To know Jesus is to know both the divinity we’re meant to represent and the humanity we hold according to its original, unflawed design. Christ’s earthly ministry pictures how we should live, speak, act, and think to recover our intended greatness.

Art Restoration

If we were always meant to reflect God, the creator, as his final masterpiece of creation, then sanctification is a work of art restoration. We need to understand the original painting and the painter. Knowing Jesus shows us both the creator of the artwork and the image of the original artwork. It’s a two-for-one deal. We encounter both the original design for humanity and the Christ who exemplified it in Scripture, a collection of Holy Spirit-inspired witnesses of God’s work and Christ’s life.

We are holy because God is holy (1 Peter 1:16), and when we spend time with him, we better understand his character, voice, and purpose for our lives. There’s not a best-kept secret to living a holy life or a code to crack. Your creator made you in his image, and when you surrendered your life to him, you were made holy. Spend time with your creator.


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Daily Question

What does it mean that the first thing that is true about humans—about you—is not that we are fallen, but that we are masterpieces? How does this change how you think about yourself and your purpose?

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Comments (8)

It is hard for me to think that we are were created in his image. In 1 peter 1:15, we are called to be holy because he is holy. Wow, that stood out at me this morning. What great masterpieces we are!

I am quick to forget that I am made in God’s image. I read it and hear it, but when worldly comparison tell me otherwise, I am quick to forget the truth. God, please help me put your truth in the front of my mind and on the tip of my tongue so that I may never forget how and who you created.

God created us (me) in His image. He blessed us (me) and said looked at everything he had made and said it was very good. Lord help me to remember that I am good through You and You have a good purpose in mind for me. Keep me grounded in those truths when the world around seems to say the opposite.

It reminds me that every single part of me was masterfully created. Nothing was on accident. God not only created my specific and unique physical body, he also created my story and part in his great plan. This reminds me that the world doesn’t define me, even though it tries so hard. I am not a measurement of a human standard or comparison, I am a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, planned by God from the very beginning.

I pray that each day I will walk towards that truth. That I will pick to be the masterpiece that God has created me to be, not the image of a fallen humanity. I pray that God in His power and goodness would chip away at the dirt and sin that has tarnished us, make us more holy and conform us into the image of His perfect Son Jesus. We have a choice each day and with each action. Towards that original self or towards our fallen nature.

Restoration of a piece of art. The artist has intent and meaning of each stroke of paint. The paint is vibrant and very detailed. When the artist is done, the painting is complete and perfect. As years go by, the painting gets weathered, chipped, maybe even dulled. WE are that piece of art and God was the artist. WE are that perfect piece of art. Jesus, thank you for working with us – side by side – day by day in restoring (when needed) and maintaining this one of a kind, perfect masterpiece – ME!

It will remind me that each time I put myself down, I am actually saying that God made a mistake. He cannot make mistakes. He is the only authority, the only author of me. Of all life.
So Ias I reflect on that, I can say with a smile, even though I am not perfect, the God the one true Gid who made me, who saved me is working in my life to make me perfect. One day I will be perfect, and will be able to look on and see the glory of God in heaven. Bit until that time, I will continue to read, study, meditation and hopefully help others seek His kingdom, His life eternal and the ripple effect of one seed planted, growing will ultimately lead to millions of born-again believers, sanctified, set apart for His glory and honor!

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