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Are You Stuck?

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

Romans 12:2
Are You Stuck? Book Cover

How many times have you found yourself mentally spiraling because you thought, “I said I was going to change ________ today and I didn’t”? Maybe it was something as simple as giving up sweets that day, but you found yourself breaking that fast. Or maybe it was something bigger, like battling deep-rooted jealousy. Maybe after getting a handle on it, you found yourself backtracking and back to where you started. You felt stuck.

These patterns can make all of us feel like we’re never actually able to change and grow. We’re broken humans, but our hope is that we’ve been rescued by a God who wants us to keep walking toward him no matter how many times we have to turn around and start over. The Bible never says, “Believe in God and you will act perfectly.” However, it does say, “Believe . . . and you will be saved” (Romans 10:9). We can’t change on our own, but we can with the help of our savior. There are two parts to this transformation: 1) If you believe in Jesus, then he has already saved you and therefore you are a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17). This is justification. 2) The Holy Spirit continues to transform you into the image of Christ. This is sanctification.

you have a choice

Romans 12:2 says: “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.”

Transformation is possible. Jennie Allen reminds us in her book, Get Out of Your Head, that “the greatest spiritual battle of our generation is being fought between our ears.” We actually have control over our thoughts, so instead of spiraling every time we think, I’m never going to get this right, we ask the Holy Spirit to renew our minds, to help us start again, and to restore our broken pieces.

We can choose to stay in a frustrated, shame-filled place of believing our lives can never look like the one Jesus lived, or we can choose to daily surrender our emotions and set our minds on the things of God instead of the things of this world (Colossians 3:2). We are allowed to fail. In fact, we’re going to. We grow, however, when we learn to repent and ask God to give us the strength to follow his will and way over our own. He will, because that’s who he is: a God slow to anger and full of compassion.



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Is Change Really Possible?

What pattern in your life makes you feel stuck right now?

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Comments (11)

When I begin something new, whether it be a hobby, an exercise routine, project, or book, I don’t finish it, don’t carry it through. I loose my motivation and drive of purpose. I’m learning to seek the Lord and his purpose on a daily basis. Asking Him to fill me and give me consistency and discipline.

Cycle of tiredness, busyness, and "needing to lose weight". I’m so tired of being tired. I’m so tired of being busy. And I’m definitely tired of not having tackled this personal Everest of my weight/health. I have never understood how to apply the Word of God to the weight loss issue. I am literally weighed down by the constancy of my selfishness.

I hear you, health/weight is a difficult battle for many. After a life time of trying to control my weight and having very poor health, my eyes were opened and I realized that my body is Gods temple. I stopped focusing on the long term goal of weight loss and better health and learned to do the best I can each day to give Him respect by treating my body as His, to bring Him glory. That means putting in to it more of what He created, than what man has created. I’m not just speaking of food, all things that can create true health. Also, taking care of my entire well being. Reducing toxic lifestyle choices & adding in healthier ones. Heal the ENTIRE body (mind & spirit). This is a daily choice I must make & if I veer off the path, I get back on as soon as I realize it, all the time asking for God’s will & for His strength to guide me.
My mantra- I do my best to follow: if it wasn’t created by God it shouldn’t go into my body!

Spending intimate time with Him. Not just when I wake up and go to bed. Always calling on Him throughout the day. Another thing that makes me feel stuck is sharing the Word of God with others because I don’t know enough, I don’t know what to say,

I think I’m getting stuck in perfectionism. Its hard for me to get moving on things because I get mired down in trying to make the best choices. Its hard for me to see when its happening because it seems like a good thing to think about what I want and try to make the best choice but it’s not bearing good fruit. I think I need to focus on letting the Holy Spirit in in those moments and praying for guidance. I guess I’m looking for justification in my choices instead of by Grace through Jesus.

I am stuck constantly worrying about the future. I need to focus my thoughts on all things above and trust that god has the best plan.

Negative thoughts, learning to change the I can’t to i cans the i wonts to I will try. The I give ups to the im going to do better next time. Daily emotional habits, learning health positive behaviors

Being a mom just because it feels like you are doing the same schedule every day but I look at the positive and try to make everyday fun .

That I have to get it right most of the time to be transformed, and since I don’t, I get defeated easily. Then I think God is disappointed in me.

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