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This week, we are hearing from Kat Armstrong about her experience with sharing her story.

How have you seen God use your story?

For almost twenty years, my time, talent, and treasure have gone to investing in the lives of women for the purpose of discipleship. And just now am I seeing some of the fruit of sowing into the lives of young women. There have been seasons that lasted years where I didn’t see any momentum, where I didn’t get any feedback. But starting last year, several young women reached out to say that something I said or did was used by God to propel them into a relationship with God for the first time or to connect to God with deeper commitment. I was awestruck and keenly aware that any impact is by God’s grace working in spite of me.

It got me thinking about the long game of faithfulness. We cheer on overseas missionaries who are committed to one initiative that might take a lifetime of investment. But I expect faster results in my own life here, which is hypocritical at worst and unrealistic at best. Our whole lives need to be devoted to making disciples, and we need to develop faithful resilience in our service to Christ. I too am in this for the long game. The Spirit of God can produce the fruit of faithfulness in us. Glory to our God! So let’s let Him cultivate faithfulness in us.

In what ways do you see the gospel reflected in your personal story?

As we review God’s story, we see that the living God has been working through the course of history to work His redemptive purpose into all things and for all people. God Himself is willing to work inside the constraints of time with faithfulness to generations of rebels like me and you. So this God-method to go and make disciples is what I am hoping to mirror in my own kingdom work. I just keep getting back up day after day with disregard of the perceived impact and instead focus on faithfully serving Jesus this day, leaving the results up to God. He is worthy.

What challenges did you overcome in learning to share your story?

Anytime we put our stories out into the world, we run the risk of being misinterpreted or, even worse, judged. But we keep telling our stories because it’s God’s vehicle for the gospel.

Why do you believe it's important to share the stories of how God has worked in our lives?

Someone reading this today needed to hear this. It’s probably stirred up something in your soul that has your heart pounding and your eyes welling with tears. That, my friend, is Jesus reaching out to remind you that He is near to you. He knows what’s on your heart and mind. He cares. As He is faithful to never leave you hanging. Now you can respond in kind to His mission with faithfulness.When we tell our stories, our testimonies have the power of the gospel to encourage weary souls. Let’s use our fears and failures to point back to the cross.


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Recall a time when learning the story of how God worked in someone else’s life influenced your faith.

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