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Today, we’re looking at the turning point in our story. If you’re telling the story of how you came to faith, this would be the point when you heard the gospel and placed your faith in Christ. At that point, your story went from the theme fallen to the theme redeemed.

If you’re telling a story of God working in your life after you came to faith, this would be the moment you turned to Him in your struggle. It may have been a season of remembering to continually look to Him, rather than a single moment.

Either way, this is the part of your story when you explain how God entered the picture and your life changed—you were redeemed.

Ask yourself:

When was the first time I heard the gospel? Or, when did I turn to God in my struggle?

For many of us, our first reaction to God’s pursuit of us is to resist Him. Most people need to hear the gospel multiple times before they place their faith in Christ. Was this the case for you?

If you’re writing about a later episode in your walk with God, think through your initial reaction to your situation. Did you resist God’s help? If so, why? Did you turn to God right away? What led you to do so?

What were my initial reactions to the gospel or to my particular situation?

God is always after our hearts, not just our actions. At some point, your heart began to change.

When did my attitude toward God begin to turn around? Why? Or, when did my attitude toward my situation begin to change?

What were the final struggles that went through my mind just before I accepted Christ? Or, how did I continually turn toward Christ in my situation? How did God grow my faith in Him during that time?

Why did I go ahead and accept Christ? Or, why did I finally relinquish my situation or struggle to Him?

Today’s questions are meant to get you thinking about how to explain when God entered your story or particular situation. It may not make sense to tell your story with all these questions, but they are a good way to start. After you’ve answered these questions, look at what you’ve written and piece together the parts that flow well with one another. If you’ve worked through yesterday’s and today’s questions, you should have enough written out to explain the beginning of your story (your life or situation before Christ) and the process you went through in turning to God. Tomorrow we’ll look at how your life changed after that transition!


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Daily Question

Is it easy for you to identify a “before” and “after” Christ in your story? If not, how did your relationship with Christ grow and change throughout your story?

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