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We’ve spent the last two weeks looking at the stories of Paul and Moses. We’ve seen not only how God used these men during their lives, but how God specifically used their stories for generations to come. Our stories are not just our own. They are meant to be shared with those around us and passed on to those who will come after us.

This week, we’ll work through the process of writing out our stories. Maybe you’ve been itching to get to this part and even started thinking through it ahead of time. If you’ve been dreading this week, take comfort. You’re not the only one to feel this way. We encourage you to give it a chance. We think you’ll be surprised at what you learn through the process. At this point, you’re just writing this out for yourself. While we ultimately hope you will gain the confidence to share your story with others, we won’t ask you to do that yet. So think of this week as a conversation between you and God. He already knows your story better than you do!

Why are we taking the time to actually write down our stories? There are a number of benefits to putting these words down on the page. First, many of us don’t take the time to think through the whole of our story until we’re given the chance to stop and do so. You’ll likely gain new insights into how different parts of your story have worked together to bring you to where you are today. Second, life is complicated. Our stories are often made up of many different elements and show many different influences. If we are going to share our stories with others, we need to condense and clarify so it’s easy to tell and follow along. All the details of our stories are important. But if our goal is to communicate what God has done in our lives, we need to keep our stories focused. Lastly, there is something beautiful and freeing about writing out in black and white what God has done. When you’re done, you’ll have a physical, tangible reminder of how the Lord has redeemed you and is restoring you to who He always intended you to be.

Over the next three days, we’ll work through questions adapted from the campus ministry organization CRU. We’ll continue to look at our stories through the themes of our story in relation to God: fallen, redeemed, and restored. Before we begin, spend some time in prayer. Ask the Lord to remind you of His presence as you look back on your life. This process can bring up painful memories and even reveal places where you need to ask God for continued healing. Be open to what He wants to reveal to you and remember to give yourself grace. This is the story of how God has rescued you. It’s the story of His unending love for you!


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What thoughts or feelings come to mind when you think about writing out your story? Are you excited? Intimidated? Unsure?

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