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This week, we have Cheryl Luke joining us to share her experience of telling her story.

How have you seen God use your story?

I come from a broken home, and my father walked out of our house one day into the home of another family. It was such a stigma in my mind. God has used that story to help people understand God’s love as a Father—knowing that you’re not forgotten, that He’s our provider, that His love never fails, that He’s always there.

In what ways do you see the gospel reflected in your personal story?

The gospel is reflected in numerous areas of my life:

Because of God’s immeasurable grace I have experienced forgiveness, salvation, freedom, and will experience eternal life. I have done nothing to deserve nor could I work to earn such love.

Throughout my life I have experienced God’s provision. In loss, sickness, disappointment, and failure His promise to be with and provide for me has given me strength to not lose hope and to continue to trust Him.

Looking at the lives of those who have gone before me, as well as those around me gives me courage to keep moving forward.

Others watch and are encouraged or find interest as I navigate my life in Him.

What challenges did you learn to overcome in learning to tell your story?

The unmitigated fear of being judged, misunderstood, or rejected. In the midst of focusing on my life journey I tend to forget that everyone has a story. Our stories are a fusion of laughter and tears, good and challenging times, highs and lows, ups and downs.

As I share my story I realize that I am not alone. Others with similar struggles, pain, or questions can glean from the resources I’ve picked up along the way, as I share my story.

I recognize that my story is not only credible and authentic; it’s useful, powerful, and relatable. My story matters.

Recall a time when learning the story of how God worked in someone else's life influenced your faith.

My mother had a profound impact on my life and faith. I had a front-row seat and the privilege of watching her live a life devoted to God and those around her. She was a single mother with four children, and life wasn’t easy. Her relationship with God was uncomplicated and intimate; it was inviting and easy to follow. She simply trusted God for everything. She was consistent in her prayer life and wasn’t afraid to share her faith. She was a bridge—to the generations, culturally, and to the church. Her life was a lesson in faith and grace.

Why do you believe it's important to share the stories of how God has worked in our lives?

Stories personalize the existence of God and humanize the Christian experience.

Our testimonies are powerful—they build faith, provide hope, and encourage others to believe that what God did and continues to do for me, He will do for you.

Stories cultivate the truth of the Word of God.

Our stories remind us of our humanity and our need for a Savior.


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What challenges have you learned to overcome in sharing your story?

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