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Life Interrupted

And yet you say, ‘Who touched me?’

Mark 5:31
Life Interrupted Book Cover

“It seemed to the disciples an unreasonable question. As Jesus had begun moving from town to town, crowds had begun gathering around him, following him everywhere he went. And this day was no different. Moved with compassion by the desperate plea of a father for his dying daughter, Jesus was making his way to save the life of a little girl. His disciples were following behind him as the crowds began pressing in around him, when Jesus turned to them and said, ‘Who touched my garments?’” (Mark 5:30).

reports about jesus

Maybe she’d heard how Jesus had restored a man’s withered hand with a single command, or how he’d freed a man held captive by an army of demons just on the other side of the sea. Whatever it was, “she had heard the reports about Jesus” (Mark 5:27) and that had brought this woman to this moment—that, and the brokenness of her life.

Twelve years of menstruation. Twelve years of suffering at physicians’ failed attempts. Penniless and with nothing left to lose, she did the unthinkable. Hiding herself in what must have seemed to her a faceless crowd, she stretched out her hand, reaching maybe just far enough to let her fingers sweep across his outermost garment—the unthinkable and unacceptable.

The unthinkable and unacceptable because women like her, women with issues like hers, had no business being touching distance from anyone. Jewish law made that clear (Leviticus 15:25–27). A woman’s menstruation made her unclean. It marked her and everything she touched. Where she slept. Where she sat. She couldn’t worship at the temple. And whoever touched her would be contaminated by her impurity. So maybe she thought no one would notice her among the crowds, that no one would pull away from her for fear of contamination. Or maybe all she could think about was getting just close enough. “If I touch even his garments,” she said, “I will be made well” (Mark 5:28).

One touch was all it took. More than a lifetime’s worth of pain wiped away in a single moment. But then she heard him speak: “Who touched my garments?” And she must have been expecting his reproof, because she “came in fear and trembling and fell down before him and told him the whole truth” (Mark 5:33). How many times do we come to Jesus just like this? How many times do we come in fear? And how many times do we come trembling, expecting reproof?

lives of broken moments

Maybe she didn’t want to bother him. Or maybe she thought he wouldn’t bother with her. Jesus was on the way to save the life of a little girl, a desperate man’s daughter, but the truth, both for this woman and for us, is that Jesus makes room for interruptions, even when they come at the most inconvenient times.

It’s easy to take stock of our lives and mourn for how messy and broken they’ve been—how messy and broken they are. But in the midst of the brokenness of our lives, when we have a tendency to feel most alone and most dejected, we have the assurance of knowing those moments don’t go unnoticed. Jesus turned to this woman, and without a hint of reproof, said, “Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace, and be healed of your disease” (Mark 5:34). Jesus takes notice of the broken and messy things. He came to touch and heal the broken. Maybe we haven’t suffered for a dozen years straight, but, then again, maybe we have. Whatever has made up the fragments of our lives, we can know they’re not beyond the reach of God’s loving mercy.


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Daily Question

Consider what fears, relationships, or other aspects of your life you ’re not willing to interrupt Jesus with. Why not?

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Comments (10)

MMMMM. This is part of step 4 in recovery and it is so hard to realize how much God wants us to fall at his feet and explain it all and this LET IT GO TO HIM and LEAVE IT FOR HIM. All too often I find myself wanting to let God take my fears and pain away but then I second guess it and think maybe he has bigger problems to deal with than my "little stuff". It is hard to remember God has no measure of time or space and that all of us are wanted in his life and he is willing to take it all no matter how big or small. The 2006 – 2020 I have been a world of fear and not wanting to interrupt God but I am not as scared now as I find new ways to see and find God and how graceful and merciful he is.

We teach our son to not interrupt… only to do so when it’s incredibly important. But that’s here on Earth. Anything we have to say to God is incredibly important and therefore… not at all an interruption. There is nothing we can’t bring to God. Thankfully….

I usually block my previous marriage. I saw it as a failure. I tried for 23 years but it left me disappointed in believing in love. I now shy away from any men that show interest or are just being nice. I shut them out. I know I haven’t totally healed and I know I haven’t gone to the Lord fully with this situation. It still brings anxiety in my heart.

I hate to bother Jesus with all my problems even though I know he will help me. I need help with my relationship with my spouse and family, Jim my spouse is in prison and needs lots of prayer. And that my children and grandchildren would come to know the Lord.

This is so appropriate for me this week. I feel terrible about my weight, it really effects my mental health but I dont like to trouble him with my weight as I knkw I should love myself as he loves me.

I have been trying to pray before I do things that are important to me. Examples of some of these things are: preparing a special meal, preparing a lesson plan, driving, and etc. I am learning to pray and not be bashful before God.I am learning that nothing is too small or too big for Him.

Many times I do not go to God about my health problems and my feelings of inadequacy. I feel like He has so many ore serious health problems to deal with that I shouldn’t bug Him with my own. That is putting God in a box though and saying that He isn’t big enough or powerful enough to help everyone with health problems.

Mine is the fear of my son & family’s salvation & many more. I have prayed for years on this subject since it’s so much conflict in conversations so I never bring it up now. I only know that God does not want anyone going to hell & pray that I will see the day when they truly turn to God & change their lifestyle. I know that Jesus sees my heart & the sadness it brings to me knowing others are not saved. I need to seek Jesus more & pray without ceasing on this issue.

I no longer ask God for personal matters in which I had prayed and prayed about. I sometimes wonder if he hears me. Yes I know that there is nothing to hard for God.
After years of the same pray, without an answer I have concerns

For me I think that I often fall into the trap of thinking that b/c God knows what goes on in my life and my heart that I don’t have to talk to him about every detail. The truth is though, that conversation builds relationships—both human and heavenly.

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