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Kingdom Abundance

"Behold, the days are coming,” declares the Lord, “when the plowman shall overtake the reaper and the treader of grapes him who sows the seed; the mountains shall drip sweet wine, and all the hills shall flow with it.

Amos 9:13

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miraculous signposts

For the gospel writer John, the inclusion of miracle accounts in his gospel is meant to signal to the reader a deeper truth behind the miracle. While he intended to showcase the miracles as true, historical events, John also wanted his reader to see what the miracle revealed about the character of Christ. In fact, John preferred to call these miracles signs. They, like stop signs and other signposts, direct us to something else—something more substantial—about the Lord. This first miracle in John’s book, the turning of water into wine, forces us to ask, “What is John trying to say about Jesus?”

wedding disaster averted

In the time of Jesus’s ministry, weddings played an integral part in the social fabric. Since they lived in a culture based on honor and shame, running out of wine would have cost the family some serious honor. Jesus, choosing to use the purification jars, turned about one hundred and twenty gallons of water into wine. Not only did Jesus turn an overwhelming amount of water into wine, he made it a quality drink. Only a few people knew where the good stuff came from, and the others went about their merry way probably dancing to the ancient Near-Eastern equivalent of the “Cha-Cha Slide.” Disaster averted, the party continued. John stood at the end of the story with a wink for us asking, “Did you get it? Did you get what the miracle meant?”

kingdom abundance

John used this first miracle to show how Jesus inaugurated his public ministry. When Mary came to Jesus asking him to fix the problem, he called her “woman” not to insult her, but to distance himself from her. It was as if Jesus was telling her, “Mary, I am no longer simply your son, but now I must begin my public ministry as the Son of God. Therefore, I need to wait on God the Father’s timing, not yours.”

Then, Jesus strategically used the Jewish purification jars to represent the old religious system would now be replaced by the gospel, symbolized by the abundant, quality wine. The prophets of old—Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Amos—told us that when the Messiah came and inaugurated his kingdom, new wine would flow readily. The one hundred and twenty gallons of miraculous wine pointed to the coming of the kingdom that Jesus began at a wedding in Cana.

Jesus knew that the wedding party needed immediate help in providing wine, but He showed through the abundance of wine that He knew they had a greater need for the kingdom wine that flows everlasting. Though He removed their shame this one time, this miracle should remind us that what He ultimately offered was the removal of shame for all times.


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Daily Question

Where do you most clearly see the abundance provided in the kingdom of God? When do you struggle with believing that God only provides scarcely?

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Comments (9)

All the miracles Jesus performed. I see God’s miracles every day and it is truely amazing. When I look back on my trials and tribulations he brought me through each one in his timing. He never leaves or forsake us. Jesus said " if you remain in me and my wordsremain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given to you."

I see His abundance in that He has ALWAYS provided what I needed, not necessarily what I wanted. When I’m struggling financially, it seems as though God only meets my minimal needs. Yet, I still trust in Him.

God has richly blessed me and my family, sometimes not materially, although He has provided everything we need, and supplying our needs is all that is necessary. I am grateful!! He continues to teach us how to truly love one another despite our shortcomings and imperfections. Those lessons are indication of kingdom abundance.

Every day in shelter, food, health, miracles, divine apptmts. I struggled financially and physically a few years back and felt like I was drowning. Fear kept creeping up. Sometimes wondered if I was ever going to be rescued .

I know that God provides for me always. There was a time when my husband was the last to be let go from a family business. When we weren’t sure what would come next, I knew that I still needed to tithe what I was before it all happened and know that God would provide. There were times that I wondered would we be able to get through the month. Yet through God’s grace he got us through that period of time! I struggle now at times when I see my dad struggle with his handicap and watch him physically/mentally deteriorating.

Living in America shows our abundance everyday. I know even in my worst days, I am still a truly blessed person. It’s when you see people struggling to make ends meet, or see people living in poverty that makes me wonder what God has in store.

In the abundance of God is everywhere around me! I know I have more than enough and he has always provided my daily bread. I have gone from having literally enough for the half of a day to having far more than I truly need and I know it’s all because of Jesus and his provisions for me.
Where I struggle in this area are with the intangible items things I pray for and I don’t directly see the answer to right away the prayer can be for years and I don’t see it yet so that’s where our faith comes in to know it’s not that he’s providing scarcely he will provide in his time and in his will

In my current situation. It becomes difficult when we ask, believe, but still don’t receive. Mark 11:24 says "whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours", but I’m still waiting on healing, job, finances, my storehouse to be filled

I’ve noticed Gods abundance a lot through my life but currently I was 6 days late on getting paid for my job and I was really sad and someone pulled money out of my account that I don’t know which made me very negative in my account I was very upset trying not to let it bother my day but when I got paid I got paid extra. I was so happy today this literally happened today so I know that he provides when we need it and it’s blessed always. I’m truly grateful for this miracle. Exactly the same with that I was getting nervous and a little upset and trying to cast my cares onto God but it was building up because I still wasn’t getting paid and I had school which is an hour away there was just a lot going on and today really was such a glorious thing to come too.

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