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Jesus Conquers Death

And when the Lord saw her, he had compassion on her and said to her, “Do not weep.”

Luke 7:13

Watch Session Six: Jesus Conquers Death

death visits nain

After healing a centurion in Capernaum, Jesus traveled about twenty miles southwest to the village of Nain, where he encountered a funeral procession. Though the time isn’t specified, it was likely near evening. Funeral processions typically took place at the end of the same day the deceased had passed, to avoid decay. The body was covered with a cloth and traditionally placed on a burial plank. Then the procession would exit the city and head toward a cemetery outside the city walls.

This funeral was for the only son of a widow. Being a widow was hard enough, but being a childless widow triggered shame and isolation. She had quickly fallen to the lowest rung of the social ladder. Her society wasn’t typically kind toward widows, especially ones who had no one to provide for them. One could say both the son and his mother faced different types of death that day—one physical, the other social.

a glimpse of death's defeat

Jesus saw the situation and was filled with compassion. Going up to her, he told her, “Do not weep” (Luke 7:13). Then Jesus commanded, “Young man, I say to you, arise” (7:14). The man sat up, began to talk, and was restored to his mother. In this singular act, both son and mother received life. The people responded with fear that led to glorifying God: “‘A great prophet has arisen among us!’
and ‘God has visited his people!’” (7:16).

To the onlookers, Jesus was a prophet sent from God, reminiscent of the great Old Testament prophets—for this was not the first time a woman’s son had been raised to life. The prophet Elijah, through the power of God, raised the son of the widow of Zarephath during a terrible drought (1 Kings 17). His predecessor Elisha raised the son of a wealthy Shunammite woman (2 Kings 4).

The idea that God “has visited his people” refers to his “gracious activity for his people as he utilizes his power on their behalf.”3 God still graces us with his visitation. Perhaps you may not know how you are going to pay your grocery bill this month or how to get out of a tricky legal situation. Maybe a friend destroyed your reputation by spreading malicious lies. No matter what dire circumstances occur in our lives, we can rest assured that God walks beside us and works on our behalf—even when he shows up in ways we don’t expect.

Jesus’s actions sparked questions about his true identity. The people of Nain began to recognize Jesus’s authority and power that day. After all, nothing shows the extent of one’s authority quite like the ability to raise the dead. But he was more than just a great prophet. Jesus was and is God the Son. Though the people had yet to fully realize who Jesus was, they had received an incredible window into the ultimate truth—death cannot defeat Jesus, nor his people.


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Daily Question

How has God demonstrated his power in your life in unexpected ways?

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Comments (12)

Jesus has helped me loose weight & quit smoking that has lasted for for 17 years so far. With that blessing, more came with endurance, confidence, and health. Over the years he has got me out of many messes and still will. He conquers my fears and gives me peace. So, so valuable. To know He is in control and everything is His anyways is so satisfying.

In so many ways God has demonstrated His power in my life …
* using breast cancer to catch uterine cancer early enough to treat successfully
* answers to prayers
* beauty of creation
* love shown through my immediate family and church family
* Him speaking to me
* His salvation of me

Oh Marilyn, as I read you challenges and then you are accrediting the power to our Lord, I am reminded that each example gives each of us courage. I mean we can rejoice with you in your victories, but they are each uniquely special to us. The trials in my life need to be lifted up with His universal power, displayed in our specifically individually, designed character for Hid purpose.

He has kept me alive & well for the past 69 years of my life. He helped me get out of Satan’s grasp as a young teenage girl. He continued to bless me with uncommon strength to handle whatever is thrown my way. My mantra is God is in control, therefore, I am not afraid.

I have always felt God’s presence in my life. Even in the times when I question Him, I know He is there. I can here Him through songs, sermons, Bible studies, and other people. He seems to put the right people in ,y oath at the exact right moment. I stand in awe of this, yet I soon remember that He is creator and sustainer, redeemer and mercy-giver, friend and father.

I had been praying for my son who works long hours and has a difficult marriage. I prayed his work load would lighten some so he would have more time to address his marriage. The next time I talked to him he was getting to go golfing at work with some of his vendors. Praises to God for a fun break for him.
I also was sad that I don’t get to see either of my kids very much and prayed I could have a better relationship with them. That same day my daughter texted me that she was in my town to get some work done on her car and wondered if I was busy. I was able to spend a couple of hours with her that day. Thank you Lord!!

I know that God is capable of whatever he wants to do and I have seen him do things in my life For me and others. Many times it is difficult to see him working because we feel like he is not addressing the things we want him to “fix” for us But if we look and consider there is always something he is working around us. My daughter struggles with addiction and refuses to walk completely away from a toxic relationship and although I pray that he will heal and remove her from those things Im reminded to see the positive ways he has moved in her life … she lives at home and is safe in that respect and she has a job and is still alive. Those are miracles that only He could have performed. And I am so thankful to Jesus for them.

Pam- Your words could have been. My daughter is an alcoholic who has been in and out of a toxic relationship which has destroyed her efforts of recovery many times. God has provided me strength, patience, direction, and enduring hope through many traumatic experiences. Thank you for sharing your gratitude for the positive ways God’s grace has been working in your daughter’s life. It helped me to focus on His grace and countless times He has unexpectedly worked in miraculous ways. – Candy

God has always been by my side and given me strength to get through so many circumstances in my life, from the healing of my sister until her death, from a suicide in our family & many unexpected deaths. He has carried me through so many trials and tribulations even when I felt he was not near-He was there holding me up. Without God, I just don’t know how I would have made it through so many unexpected issues. I thank Him for being my strength and my Almighty God.

Recently he was able to help me make more money at my job. I wasn’t getting enough hours and now I have too many hours and an extra side job babysitting so he really said HERE YOU GOOOOOO

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