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You Don't Have to be Intimidated By the Bible

"For nothing will be impossible with God." And Mary said, “Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.” And the angel departed from her.

Luke 1:37–38

Watch Week One: Understanding the Bible

Have you ever picked up the Bible and felt lost in the massive text in front of you? The Bible is both God’s story and his Word to his people, but when you read a verse or a chapter, do you understand what he is saying?

As we go through this study together, we want to help give you a big picture of what each part of the Bible means and give you a better understanding of how to approach it. First and foremost, you are not alone in navigating this big book of Scripture. Each word was written by humans but was inspired by God. This means that God, through the Holy Spirit, commissioned human authors to write his Word. Therefore, as you dive into Scripture, ask him to speak to you. God has given you the Holy Spirit as your helper, and he will not leave you with his story in your hands without a guide to help you understand it. As you open your Bible, ask the Holy Spirit to lead you.

The Bible allows us to see God’s presence throughout history. From the first words of creation until today, a pattern within humanity of fellowship-rebellion-exile-restoration has repeated itself. Seeing this same pattern in our own lives, we come to terms with the reality that our struggles are universal and there is only one redeemer capable of rescue. The Bible is one big story of God rescuing his people.

The Story of Scripture

The basic story line of the Bible is:

  • Creation: God created everything, and he had a plan.
  • The Fall: Humans screwed it up. We wanted to go our own way, and selfishness spread to all humanity, which means every single person is born into sin. There is an enemy that spoke into that selfishness and speaks into our lives today.
  • Flood: There was judgment and a flood—a reset where Noah and the animals survived. Given the chance, humanity again completely screwed it up. But God redeemed the story with a chosen people.
  • Covenant people through Israel: He began a new story through Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. A baby is born to Abraham in his old age and that baby would be the seed that would eventually lead to Jesus.
  • Jesus the Messiah: Jesus, the Messiah, is born into the people of Israel. He put the sins of the earth on his shoulders and died for our sins so we could live forever with God.
  • The Church: Today, the church is the family of God. All those who have trusted in Jesus. That church is supposed to be about one thing: giving the great hope of Jesus away.
  • Our Hope: There is a future hope that is coming. We’re going to be with Jesus forever in the new heavens and new earth. We are the family of God. So, our purpose here is joining the story of God and giving it away.

From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible tells this story, but when you open up the table of contents and see sixty-six different books, how do they all fit together? What order are they in and why? Whether you are new to the Bible—or you just need help remembering how it all fits together—we are going to give you a big overview of the books of the Bible so that you know how to understand what you’re reading when you open this big book.

We live in between Jesus revealed and Jesus returning. With the Bible, we hold in our hands God’s expression of the full arc of his grace, and our most useful tool for both getting to know God and discovering our calling. Thanks be to God.


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How to Read Your Bible

Daily Question

Both the Old and New Testaments show us nothing is a surprise to God. How does knowing that nothing can derail God’s story (Romans 8:38 and Hebrews 12:28) motivate you to love and study your Bible more?

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Comments (68)

These verses motivate me to love and study my Bible more by showing me how lost we would be without it. Without the Bible we would not know the history behind the Bible, the prophets who were in the Bible, we would not know Jesus very well without the Bible. When I read the Bible I feel closer to God.

Because in Romans it covers all of time and all things that God is greater. In Hebrews, it states to be confident in Christ and His Kingdom to be worshipful with reverence and awe. Thank you Father for helping me love and study your Word. Amen

At a time when so many things OF this world are being thrown at us daily, it is so comforting to know that nothing is a surprise to God, nor will it derail Him. His promises are so much bigger. By studying my Bible more and digging deeper into His word, it gives me comfort and security as well as a deeper understanding of His love for me and His plan for my life.

Knowing that nothing can derail God’s plan motivates me to love and study my Bible more because I want to intimately know and trust this incredible God more. He is the ultimate victor and he invites me into this ongoing story. Through studying the Bible I allow him to show me more of who he is and where I fit into this plan of his.

Heaven is there for us whether we discipline ourselves to read the Bible or not. By discipline ourselves to read it, He will not lead us astray.

The Bible is encouraging because it tells the past, gives examples to follow in a given sutuation, and revels the future to give us hope. Having a deeper relationship with God by knowing his Word is motivating.

I don’t have to be afraid of what I find in the Bible or how it challenges me. I can’t mess up The plan with my lack of understanding or fear!

Perhaps it makes me want to be part of the ongoing story, and to understand it more deeply as I share the good news.

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