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What Do You Observe?

What Do You Observe? Book Cover

We’ve talked about their authors, their contexts, and their roles in the overall story of the Bible. Now it’s time to open our Bibles and start studying! We’re going to practice making observations using John 3:16 and Acts 1:8.

Just as we would never open up the latest New York Times bestseller to a random page and start reading, the books we find in the New Testament are no different. When studying the Gospels or Acts, we should always start at the beginning. Before we move on to observation and interpretation, it can be tempting to skip past genealogies or jump to our favorite verses. But to truly understand the message and power of each book, we have to take the journey as it has been set before us.

What Does it Mean?

John 3:16

Read John 1–3. Reading these chapters shows us that the immediate context of John 3:16 begins with John 3:1. Where does this section end?

The major characters in our section are Jesus and a man named Nicodemus. John gives us some important information about this man. For example, he writes that Nicodemus “was a man of the Pharisees” (3:1). What do you know about Pharisees? (If you’ve never heard of a Pharisee, take a minute to look it up. A simple Google search will suffice.) What else can we observe about him? How does he address Jesus?

By reading the sections that come immediately before our focus verse, we come to understand that John 3:16 is part of Jesus’s response to Nicodemus’s questions. What were those questions?

John 3:16 begins with the word “for.” This may be a little word, but it packs a lot of meaning. Here, it indicates that what comes after it provides an explanation for whatever came before it. What does Jesus tell Nicodemus in the verses immediately before verse 16?

What does John 3:16 explain?

Acts 1:8

Read Acts 1:1–11. The first three verses of Acts 1 provide an introduction for the book. It is here that we learn that there is a “first book” that precedes the book of Acts. Which is the first book? (Hint: The mention of “Theophilus” gives us a clue.)

Beginning with the introduction, Luke shares some details that help set the scene for our focus verse. In verse 3, we learn that Jesus presented himself “alive to them after his suffering.” Who are the “them” Luke is referring to? What are Jesus’s instructions to them? And why does he give them these instructions?

As we continue reading, we discover that Acts 1:8—much like John 3:16—is part of Jesus’s response that begins earlier in the passage. In this case, it follows a question found in verse 6. What do the disciples ask Jesus?

Acts 1:8 begins with the word “but.” This little word is our clue to pay attention to what’s coming next. It is a signal that what follows after it is the most important part of our verse. What does Jesus say before the “but”?

Who will be the source of the disciples’ power? What will happen as a result of the Holy Spirit’s coming?


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Daily Question

Who will be the source of the disciples’ power? What will happen as a result of the Holy Spirit’s coming?

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Comments (10)

The Holy Spirit will be the source, God Almighty living within them. As a result, and through the disciples testament to what has happened to them and what they have experienced, all of humankind will have their ability to directly communicate and be in relationship with God RESTORED should they chose to be baptized in the Spirit.

The source is Holy Spirit coming upon them and giving them power.
The gospel will be shared with All Nations.

The Holy Spirit is the source of GODs power in our lives. I often ask the Holy Spirit to speak when I am troubled. Asking HIM to revealy sin if I have sinned and that is the cause of my feeling troubled. HE does always show me. Then I must repent and take steps to ask forgivness of those I have wronged. We will have power in our lives if we listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

God gives His followers the Holy Spirit so that we may know Him better. Since the Holy Spirit is God’s Spirit, it knows the thoughts of God and reveals those thoughts to believers. The Holy Spirit opens believers’ eyes to the hope of salvation and the inheritance they have in Christ knew that his disciples would need the power to carry out their mission to be witnesses to the entire world.
Jesus told his disciples, “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” (Acts 1:8)

The Holy Spirit will be the source of the disciples’ power. The Spirit will enable them to tell EVERYONE about the Savior. People of all kinds will be able to hear, and understand, the message of hope through the power of the Holy Spirit within them.

Holy Spirit is power source! And kingdom of heaven will be established thru that channel of Holy Spirit thru us! (Not US needing to go convert the world!)

The Holy Spirit is the source of the disciples power. The Holy Spirit coming will result in everyone having access to the Lord.

The source of the power will be the Holy Spirit. And as a result, the disciples will bear witness to salvation through Christ – in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the end of the earth.

The source of the disciples power was the Holy Spirit. They would be His witnesses to tell the whole world about Him. He is present in our lives today. He is the one who gives us the power to tell people about Him. I thank Jesus for doing that for us.

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