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Week Two: You + God Inventory

Week Two: You + God Inventory Book Cover

The gospel tells us we do not have to have it all together. And this, friend, is very good news. In a world driven by performance, perfection, power, and prestige, the gospel smacks down those idols and welcomes all who are burdened, burned out, broken, and brittle to come find rest. Our God says to put down your shovel, cease your striving, and receive a gift you could never earn even if you tried. God saves us. Here are some questions to ponder:

  1. How would you summarize your role in the gospel?
  2. Do you see the world as broken and separated from God?
  3. Place yourself in that hole from Day 4. How does this make you feel?
  4. How do you feel about God right now? How do you think God feels about you?

God, forgive me for trying to hang on to control and prove something to you.I admit that I cannot save myself. I need you. Thank you for rescuing me.


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Comments (10)

Thank you for this week’s lessons. This has helped me in gaining an even better understanding of brokenness and how to develop a better relationship with God to overcome my own brokenness with him

How would you summarize your role in the gospel? First, I am in need of saving and grateful I know a loving God. Second, I am a disciple of God that needs to share the good news with others
Do you see the world as broken and separated from God? Yes
Place yourself in that hole from Day 4. How does this make you feel? It’s a harsh truth but I have seen myself there before.
How do you feel about God right now? How do you think God feels about you? I love Him and He loves me 🙂

The image of the girl in the hole with a shovel really resonates with me. The sweetness of the story hit my core. Imagining God in gentle persistence lifting her chin and reassuring her that the world has it wrong his currency is different. I really can see myself staring up with glossy eyes at our Lord, shovel in hand. I really do feel Him lifting my chin, reminding me that there is nothing I can do to make him love me any more as He already does to the fullest. Today specifically I see Him calling me to extend this to the approval I have been seeking from others. His is the only one I need and I already have it. Today I will put the shovel down and let the Lord love through me.

1. My role in the Gospel is to accept the gift given to me. (disclaimer: we are called to share the Good News, not to be saved, but to be God’s vessels to save others)
2. All we have to do is look to the city of Minneapolis and the situation to see our broken world. But that’s not the only example of our broken world. (i.e. the need to adopt 4 children from a situation unknown)
3. Sometimes I really feel like I am in that hole, but I am giving myself credit for my feelings of inabilities because I have never felt like I can get out of a situation without God’s help. (I guess there is a good reason for my self put downs)
4. I am so grateful to God that the one show I watch is Twin Cities Live where the hosts are both Christians and believe we are all made in God’s image. Good people. Also, I saw the Mayor of St. Paul call for prayer. Yesterday a woman from Minneapolis begin her talk by singing Amazing Grace. This can be in God’s care. I trust our Savior in Jesus Name.

I need God more than ever and I’m grateful for His gift of grace. I want to give up control and “sit in the passenger seat with God in the driver’s seat.”

With this upsetting week from what has been happening in Minneapolis, MN, I, more than ever, know that we can not save ourselves. We need God to rescue us. But on the flip side, I am so thankful for people giving outreach and help to those living in this area of crime and destruction.

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I know that God is the answer. I know all I need to do is ask but when the leader asked for pray requests, I couldn’t ask that the group lift me up and help me get clarity and acceptance in my faith. I still had too much pride. Yes, I am fallen. I will, of course, keep trying to humble my defiant human nature. I want to be aligned with God’s will. That’s why I am here.

This weeks lesson was great and I needed to read this. I have to work on my pride and ask for help, rather than doing everything myself. And to basically refocus on myself and rather than fixing everyone’s problem instead take the help from others too. This is my reminder that God loves me.

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