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Savior Needed

For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

Romans 3:23
Savior Needed Book Cover

In America we often live under the delusion of self-sufficiency. We rebuff the help of a person at the elevator and instead shift the weight of boxes in our hands and swing our foot up to hit the button we need. We talk about picking ourselves up by our boot straps, never realizing the boots were a gift and only fools attempt life on their own. Then, when tragedy strikes, we suddenly realize we need help. We face illnesses, we lose people we love, or we need another’s expertise. Our lives oscillate between self-sufficiency and the recognition we need help. Our spiritual lives sometimes look the same way. We seek our own righteousness in various ways—service, meditation, charitable giving—but then we get knocked on our rear and realize we need something stronger. And back and forth we go.

you can't fix this

So far in this study we have talked about the goodness of God, our image bearing, and then where it all went wrong. We have talked about the cosmic sin all around us, the sin within us, and the distance this sin puts between us and God. And this week we have discussed that the law and behaving better cannot save us. At this point, you might be brainstorming other ways to fix your brokenness—your need for control, your inability to restrain your appetite, your lust for others. You might think perhaps if you work toward good in your community maybe that will manifest goodness in your own life. Or, maybe you think there is a cosmic balance somewhere in the universe that weighs out your good qualities with your bad ones, and you are hoping to add to the good column through financial gifts, volunteering, or being kind to your neighbor. Friend, you cannot save yourself. Only God can do that.

God, being rich in mercy, never asks us to try to be good enough for him. He knows we will die from exhaustion. Let the gospel free you from this burden.

god saves

The gospel declares the good news that only God can save. You might be wondering why this is good news. If we needed to save ourselves, how much effort would that take? How much work would you need to put in to overcome the cosmic gap between God’s perfect standard of righteousness and your brokenness? The good news of the gospel declares that every person falls short of God’s perfect standard, which means we can stop trying to earn something that is impossible. It was always a fool’s mission to try to make ourselves righteous. The gospel frees us from even trying. We will never be good enough to satisfy the just wrath of God for our sins and brokenness. Like throwing pennies at a billion-dollar debt, our goodness simply falls woefully short of God’s standard. God, being rich in mercy, never asks us to try to be good enough for him. He knows we will die from exhaustion. Let the gospel free you from this burden.


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Daily Question

How do you see our inability to save ourselves as good news? Have you ever considered it from that angle?

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Comments (10)

As Christians, we are to come to know Christ as our Personal Savior. We are to be examples of Christ’s love and life towards us. There are times in our lives when we may have problems in our lives. God sent Christ to be there for us. Proverbs 3:5-6 states, "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."

I do see this as good news. I know that I pray for God’s will and ask Him to guide, guard, and direct my every thought and action. After I say this prayer, I relax because God in His goodness has refocused me and works all for the good. My refocusing doesn’t open God to me, it opens me to God. When I am aligned with His will, I can be all that He has meant me to be. Earning doesn’t even enter the picture.

I see our inability to save ourselves as freeing. I find it stressfree. I can relax and enjoy the life God has given me to live. In peace I can "live in moment". I don’t have to worry about crossing all the T’s and dotting all the I’s. He knows I’m not perfect and never will be; He doesn’t expect me to be. There is nothing I can do to make God love me more and there’s nothing I can do to make Him love me less. He loves me because I am here and freely provides a way for me to have a relationship with Him. That’s pure love.
I have considered it from this angle in the last few years. However, it took me many years living as a Christian to get to this point.

I have never thought about my inability to save myself to be good news but it really is!!!! What a mind shift?! I will have to dwell on that a bit to totally grasp that concept.

We are unable to go any farther than idea of saving ourselves. We cannot do anything alone for God is the only one who is capable of bringing us through life. It is said with the good news of the gospel that every single person falls short of God’s perfection. So there is no possible way that we can get through life alone. It is hard to consider it from that angle, because we always forget that God is the only perfect thing in the heavens and on earth.

I am relieved that I know i am unable to save myself. I need to remember that more often so that I don’t, especially trying to wor, harder and be better to earn more love from God. He loves me enough, and He doesn’t weigh His love according to howmuch good deed I do.

It is Good News because we could not save ourselves on our own – it would take our whole lives trying in vain.

The fact that I don’t have to save myself is a relief. I can just imagine the amount of work that I would have to put in otherwise. The fact that Someone else, who is more perfect than I, has taken on the responsibility of saving me…that is liberating!! I don’t have to work so hard to convince God that I’m a good person. Jesus already knows my heart. Sure, I want to be certain that I’m doing the right thing. But ultimately Jesus is the one that weighs out our actions. His gift of salvation removes the shackles of life. THIS is truly good news!

Jesus allows us to come as we are and has forgiven us from all of our sins. The fact that He just wants our heart and a relationship with us is good enough for Him. Everything will fall into place as it should. Personally, I’ve never considered it from that angle. I love serving and being with His people. Though, I have experienced burn out when trying to serve everywhere I can. I think when COVID hit, is when I experienced burn out. When everything had shut down, even church, I felt rested but also felt guilty at the same time. That I should’ve done more. Looking back now, I feel like I needed that time to rest and get myself back to the Lord and refocus my relationship with him 1 on 1.

My inability to save myself is good news because it shifts the burden of responsibility. What I once carried, the responsibility to meet God’s moral standards, now falls on the shoulders of Jesus-the only one who can carry it. It frees me from shame and striving to simply love God for what He’s done for me. Love-driven obedience stands. Obligatory/ law driven obedience crumbles under the strain. I love thinking about the Gospel from that angle. I never had before and it is, indeed, very good news!

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