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Put the Shovel Down

For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.

Ephesians 2:8-9
Put the Shovel Down Book Cover

Try to imagine a huge pit in the ground. It is ten feet wide, circular, and dark. In the bottom of the pit is only a shovel. Somehow a person finds herself at the bottom of this terrifying pit. She picks up the shovel and figures she will dig herself out of this pit. After hours of back breaking, sweat inducing shoveling, someone lowers a rope ladder to her. Instead of climbing the ladder to her freedom, the woman figures she might as well keep digging. She would rather help her own rescue by digging to freedom than receive the free gift of the ladder. Though this woman represents a comical and foolish depiction of stubbornness and self-righteousness, this caricature sadly represents how many of us feel about salvation. We want to help.

the gospel is free for you

The good news of the gospel declares that we are the passive recipients of God’s saving work. God sits us in a chair and stands before us showing us the great heights, depths, and lengths he will go to rescue us from our sin and brokenness. Every few seconds as God declares his undying love for us, we stand up and try to help. He gently walks us back to the chair, sits us back down, and says, “Only I can save. Receive.” He continues on about his desire to reconcile us to him and his plan to do so. We stand again and ask how we can make it easier for him. He smiles, walks us back to our chair, and reminds us, “Sweet child, this is my gift to you. Receive.” He continues on about his plan for our future and how he has big plans for us. We stand again and remind him nothing good in life is truly free. He walks us back over, and gets down on one knee. He lifts our chin with his gentle hand and looks us in the eyes. He smiles, this time sadly because he knows the toll this world has taken on us. And he reminds us again, “I know this world demands more from you all the time. I know that in this world there is often a cost too high for the good things in life. But, child, my kingdom works on a different economy. My gospel is free, and only free.”

put down the shovel

The good news of the gospel beckons you to put down your shovel, cease your striving, and receive what only God can offer—the salvation of your soul. The triune God eagerly wants to save you, but we have to come on his terms. He gives us everything, and we simply say yes. Put down your shovel, and pick up the cross.


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Daily Question

Why do we want to contribute to our own rescue? How is the gospel opposed to this thinking?

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Comments (33)

Luckily for us, we can contribute to our own rescue. Jesus has done the work…it is true…but I have to do the work of submitting my will to God’s. I have to do the meditating and prayer. I have to ask for help in surrendering my arrogance. I have to refocus and remember God’s message of loving Him and my fellow men. All this is work. Of course, I don’t measure up but I still have to be willing. This takes every day effort, humility, and conversation with God.

God’s free gift of grace is so "other", so "not what we are used to" and the world is ALWAYS telling us otherwise. Entrance into the Kingdom of God can only be gained by free grace, we just have to say we want it.

We believe the saying “God helps those who help themselves”. So we foolishly think we have to “help” God. The Gospel tells me salvation is a gift we simply receive from Jesus.

We want to contribute to our own rescue because we feel that if something is given to us we need to repay the person who gave it. We feel that we owe them something. Hence understanding the free gift from God is not easy to grasp. It is difficult to fully become a "passive recipient of God’s saving work". I know it, I get it, but not necessarily easy.

We each have to know there are no "good works" that bring us to the Love or Salvation grace offered. Thanks be to God.

Praise God for His abundant love and grace that makes our faith a journey in relationship with Him rather than trying hard to be better and better. We try to help ourselves because that’s what we see all around us in the world. The Gospel is about love not law!

I think we want to conteobute to our own rescue because we think we are not good enough to be rescued or loves so freely. Like we must earn it to be valuable and real. Love from God is like no other love, it toiches me deeply that he cares and underatands what we jave gone theough and how the world has changed us and how it can be dfficult to put down the shovel and pick up the cross.

I’ve been taught to work hard. I enjoy working hard and putting forth my full effort because I generally see the fruits of those labors and I take pride in knowing that it wasn’t given to me, but that I worked for it. The gospel is so counter-intuitive to this. Praise the Lord, because my "work" will never ever be enough to satisfy what Christ did on the cross for me.

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