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God Sees and Saves

The Lord visited Sarah as he had said, and the Lord did to Sarah as he had promised.

Genesis 21:1
God Sees and Saves Book Cover

Throughout Abram’s story we see his faults vividly. He detours and deceives people, and others continue to suffer the consequences of his actions. How many more chances would Abram get? How many more people would need to suffer?

Even as Abram detoured and deceived people, God saw and saved him. Woven throughout Abram’s story is God’s faithfulness, not only to Abram, but also to Abram’s servants and descendants.

One such example is found in Genesis 16. Abram detoured once again to try to fulfill the promises of God himself. Abram took his wife’s servant, Hagar, and had a son with her. While Hagar was pregnant, Sarai cast her out. The Bible says God saw her in the desert and protected her (Genesis 16:13). Later, after Isaac was born, Hagar and her son, Ishmael, were once again cast out. God saw the great injustice toward Hagar and her son. Not only did God see Hagar and her son, he also added blessing to their lives (Genesis 21:18).

God’s faithfulness extends through the covenant he made with Abram. God extended his love and faithfulness to others even when Abram was unfaithful.

In Abram’s story we see our stories. We see the ways we use others to protect ourselves, the ways we deceive others because we are afraid, and the ways we take the fulfillment of God’s word to us into our own hands. We are not so different from Abram.

As we sin, God remains faithful. As our actions cause suffering for others, God sees and saves us. This does not excuse us from doing good and living aligned with God’s ways. It is a reminder that our actions are not more powerful than God’s actions and that nothing can thwart God’s promises to us and to others.

At last, in Genesis 21:1–7 we read of God’s fulfillment of a descendant through the promise of a son, Isaac. Abram and Sarai could not bring God’s covenant to fruition on their own, but God would do it, just as he promised. He would do so in an unimaginable and miraculous way—the pregnancy of a woman who was beyond childbearing years. He would do so in a way that no one could deny it was a work of his hands. With the promise of a son came new names for Abram and Sarai; they would be called Abraham and Sarah (Genesis 17:4–15). Sarah’s pregnancy and their name changes were markers of God’s covenant. Abraham’s new name meant “Father of Multitudes,” and Sarah’s corresponded to mean “Mother of Nations.” God saw and fulfilled his covenant to them.


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Daily Question

God saw and remained faithful to Abram, even when Abram was unfaithful. How does God’s faithfulness to Abram encourage you when you are unfaithful and sin against God?

As God took care of those who suffered the consequences of Abram’s sin, in what ways can you take care of those who have suffered the consequences of another’s sin?

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Comments (11)

Abram faithfulness/unfaithfulness encourages me to keep trying to fight my own flesh and to remind myself of Gods truth in my life and the promises for my marriage and our children for the generations after.
I can pray, listen and take action as Holy Spirit leads me to do my best to work through the challenges with God grace and peace and his everlasting word.
I am joyful I read and reflected on Abram journey!

Well I don’t understand this part, either we sin intentionally or not? When we know its wrong yet we do it? Is this what your saying? Yes GOD is very faithful, but I am not gonna take a chance and use others to get my way, or sin intentionally. To me, GOD said do not do, that means don’t do it. That’s how I grew up, mom said no that means no. SO what I am asking is to please explain this part?

Good morning brother. I just came across your question. I think Ephesians 2:8-10 explains it better. It’s not by might nor by power but by God’s grace and mercy and when we fail or miss it as humans his grace is what carries us through but God forbid that we abuse that grace. Remain blessed.

I am humbled and so, so thankful that God would be mindful of a sinner like me.

And I am the one suffering consequences of another’s sins. It feels hopeless. But God sees me. I must believe that. He has a plan. I must wait on God.

God’s word tells us everywhere that we are to fear not. Our Music Minister spoke about that fear last night a week after he dropped dead in front of our choir. God is so faithful to plan our lives from birth to death and provides everything between those days and beyond. A woman and her husband joined our church 28 years ago, and a man and his wife joined our church in June this year, both are doctors and both were at the choir practice last week with the training and everything to bring our beloved Director back from the grave. We know it was a miracle. He was dead when his head hit the floor. We all prayed and the doctors ran forward and cared for him. It wasn’t his time yet. Why do we fear anything when we know God loves and cares for us and our day to go home is set in concrete and nothing we do can change it. He has provision for everything. He is in control.. Trust Him.

Seeing God’s faithfulness to Abraham gives me hope to know that God will be faithful to me, even when I sin and I am undeserving. It shows that His love and mercy stretches so far beyond condition or circumstance; He sees us as new creations. For those who have suffered the consequences of another’s sin, I can pray for them, that God would personally reveal to them how much He loves them. I can pray that they see God’s faithfulness part of their story and that they are renewed and washed clean in His name.

I need to have grace and mercy on those who have suffered the consequences of another’s sin. I need to come off my high horse and not be so quick to judge. I certainly am guilty of not doing this. I need to remember that God is faithful to everyone who believes in him.

It encourages me to understand and believe God loves me, and will work out His plan for my life, in spite of my sin. My sin matters, it hurts God and it hurts other people. But God doesn’t give up on me when I sin. I can love and support those who have been hurt by another’s sin.

God’s faithfulness to Abram, even when he was unfaithful, encourages me because it lets me know that I can’t mess it up. I can’t mess up what God has for me. I can take us off course and detour us, but what God promises will be done. What a relief! It’s so comforting to know this and also know that what God has for me can’t be accomplished in my own strength either. I cannot bring God’s promises to my life on my own, but God sure will. God, you are so good! You are such a good Father and shepherd.
I can take care of those who have suffered the consequences of another’s sin by behaving as close to Jesus as I can. Giving other’s grace, mercy and kindness. Lending a hand when I am able. Lending an ear and a kind heart towards them. Father, help me care for others as you care for me! I love you, Lord. In Jesus’ holy name I pray, Amen. <3

Despite Abram turning away from God and being deceitful, God still loved him, forgave him, and fulfilled his promise. This is an encouragement to show God will not turn his back on me or leave me even when I do sin. I want to keep my faithfulness to God, but I know I will sin. By communicating my sin to God and asking for forgiveness, our relationship and my faith will grow. I will continue to disciple to others about God‘s love, forgiveness, and promises.

I am encouraged that, as I follow Jesus imperfectly, my failures and sins will not change God’s plan or His love for me. It’s too often when I am impatient or have little faith and take things into my own hands. In the process of (or as a consequence of) doing so, many times people were hurt. It gives me hope to know that God not only is ready to forgive me when I repent, He also takes care of those who experience negative consequences because of my sins.

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