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God Restores What is Lost

Therefore the Lord God sent him out from the garden of Eden to work the ground from which he was taken.

Genesis 3:23
God Restores What is Lost Book Cover

We experience it a hundred different ways: It’s the call from the doctor telling us the tests are back, and it doesn’t look good. It’s the string of long nights spent at the office only to be passed over for the promotion. It’s the hurricane that wipes out half a city in an afternoon, and the political unrest that doesn’t seem to care who gets caught in the crossfire. It’s the marriage counseling that didn’t work; the guy who said he’d call but doesn’t; the pregnancy test that comes back negative; the child who’s losing her way—and we can’t do anything to stop it.

No one has to tell us. No one has to convince us. Something’s “off” in this world, and we know it. We feel it.

Between natural disasters, socio-political disruption, and personal disappointments, our lives hardly resemble the world of Genesis 1 and 2. And not without reason. While the first two chapters of the book of Genesis give us a glimpse of an idyllic paradise, only one chapter later paradise is lost.

Deceived by a snake and led by her own faulty thinking about God’s explicit command, Eve takes fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, eats it, and gives some to her husband (Genesis 3:1–6). A moment later, the open, perfect fellowship of Genesis 2, what made it possible for the man and his wife to stand before each other naked without a trace of shame, vanishes, and for the first time Adam and Eve use God’s creation to hide themselves, both from each other and from God (Genesis 3:7–8). Only four verses later, an already strained relationship is pushed to the limit as the man turns against God and his wife (v. 12). Before all is said and done, all of creation—the woman, the man, the earth—will suffer the effects of Adam and Eve’s sin (vv. 14–19). As Genesis 3 comes to an end, God drivesAdam and Eve out of the garden to make their life east of Eden.

It’s all too familiar, what we see in Genesis 3. And if all we were left with was a picture of a man and his wife broken by sin, it would be almost unbearable. But the thing about God is that he’s merciful. And so, in the midst of shame and hiding, blame and accusation, the pain of childbirth and the cursing of the ground, God made a promise, not to the man and not to the woman, but to the snake. God says, “Because you have done this . . . I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and her offspring; he shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heel” (vv. 14–15). Wrapped in that promise we find the foreshadowing of the gospel—the good news that God would send someone who would set right what Adam and Eve’s sin had broken.

And God has been true to his word, moving heaven and earth to restore what was lost in Genesis 3. It is toward this movement of redemption that we now move.


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Daily Question

Is there a part of your life that feels broken beyond repair? God is moving heaven and earth to restore what has been broken in your life. What do you need to entrust to him?

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Comments (12)

I am in a single season right now, and it feels like I will never be able to find a man that is what I truly want. I feel stuck in a loop, thinking that with every relationship I’ll have to settle for less. I find myself wanting a relationship, yet I don’t even know what my standards are and I don’t want to fall into the trap of another bad relationship or miss out on something that is actually good for me. I need to trust God with my fears and look to Him for my standards of a good, healthy relationship. I need to set my relationship with Him as my first priority and trust that I am not missing out or running out of time.

Relationships. In-laws, friends, husband. The common factor is me. I can’t help but look at me and wonder what I’ve done to cause the feeling of brokenness in these relationships. They aren’t ‘broken’, they are badly bruised. They are in dire need of repair and I just don’t know where or how to start. I need to trust and let go and sometimes I just don’t know what that looks like.

I need to entrust Him with my family. I can’t fix what’s broken in our lives. I used to try but I just made things worse. I know now only God can fix what’s broken.

Sometimes I feel like I am broken beyond repair, but I have learned to take my bad thoughts and turn them into truth based on God’s words. This has taken a while to learn, but now comes easier. I need to trust God and know he works everything out for good. I need to trust him now to be my all.

I feel paralyzed by fear and overthinking. I need a paradigm shift, a new perspective. I need to surrender my need for perfection and control, for things to always be peaceful and comfortable. A life lived under the illusion of safety and control is no life at all. It is a life wasted. I need to take courage and have faith that God will walk with me through anything I face, good or bad. And that He IS enough.

Kyrie, this is a struggle familiar to me. I’ve been working at this for quite some time, but what you wrote still hit home for me. I pray that we both are able to let this go in the different areas of our life. God bless you!

No longer is there a part of my life that seems broken beyond repair. I entrust it all to him, my goals, my dreams, my career path, my entrepreneurship goals, my children, my husband, my health. All of it

It’s stress for me. I’ve been feeling the physical effects of stress for quite some time. I’ve been trying so hard to give it all to God, to not be stressed about the different things in life. Now it just feels subconscious, where I can’t point to any thoughts indicating stress but I’m still feeling it in my body. I also see it tear apart people I care about. The impact it has on our minds and bodies is horrible – I pray that we soon be set free. Romans 8:23 from the first day still resonates strongly with me on this topic.

I feel this. Stress. It’s manifested from mental to physical. It’s something that becomes such a huge part of everything when you let it. I’m in and out of this same state as some days I give it all to Him and let myself breathe. Other days, I bring worry for tomorrow into today and no matter how hard I pray or pause and reflect, I can’t shake it. I ultimately know it’s not my plan to control, but it feels like the more I pray it through the more stress evil piles on. Keeping you in prayers in this time as you’re not in it alone.

Broken/ended friendships. My best friend ended our friendship, a lot is to due with her not dealing with past PTSD and with me having relied on her too much emotionally and I don’t have a family or significant other, it’s just me and her and her family were my family and it’s all lost. I see them around town from time to time and it breaks my heart because there was no closure. I’m still holding out and praying that God mends it at some time but also know we all have freedom of choice so ultimately it’s her choice. My heart feels broken and needs God to repair it desperately. I don’t have any close relationships where I live and it makes it more difficult but trusting that He’ll come through.

My doubt and anxiety get the best of me. I doubt that God truly has it all under control and that He is working all things for the good of those who believe. I struggle to remember this and often feel like I must take control to fix all the things instead of surrendering to Him and finding true peace.

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