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God Provides

And Joseph said to his brothers, “I am about to die, but God will visit you and bring you up out of this land to the land that he swore to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob.”

Genesis 50:24

Watch Week Four, Day One

Sometimes provision doesn’t look like protection. We didn’t get the job we wanted. A relationship didn’t work out. Our plans were interrupted. What is provided for us falls short of what we hoped and dreamed. Is there a grief and lament to this? Absolutely! In addition, there may be a protection that we weren’t aware of.

When famine hit the people of Israel, God prepared a place with food and provision for them. He made a way for Joseph to care for his family and the nation of Israel. So, Abraham’s descendants, now a people known as the Israelites or the Hebrews, moved into Egypt (Genesis 50:22–26).

The Israelites flourished in Egypt. They thrived so much that they became a threat to the new Pharaoh in power. To curb their growing strength, Pharaoh forced the Israelites to be the slave laborers of Egypt. Not only were they slaves, but because they were so numerous, Pharaoh tried to cut off any possible uprising through the infanticide of every young Israelite boy (Exodus 1:6–10, 22). What a twist and turn! Famine and flourishing, and now infanticide and slavery.

In the midst of this, we find some amazing women. Midwives who honored God (Exodus 1:15–21). A mother who trusted the future of her newborn son to God. A sister who shrewdly watched her baby brother land in the arms of a person of power. And a baby boy who was then raised in the care of women in power (Exodus 2:1–10). This boy would be the one God would call on to lead his people.

The Exodus story would not exist without failure and frustration. But God’s faithfulness and protection would carry the Israelites, just as God’s faithfulness and protection had carried the people before.

Eventually, Moses would have a conversation with God on Mount Sinai and God would say to him, “‘Now therefore, if you will indeed obey my voice and keep my covenant, you shall be my treasured possession among all peoples, for all the earth is mine; and you shall be to me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.’ These are the words that you shall speak to the people of Israel” (Exodus 19:5–6).

In addition to being for the people of Israel, God’s faithfulness would continue so that others might know his great love and mercy.


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Daily Question

Have you ever experienced a quick twist and turn from a great circumstance to a horrible one? What was that like for you? Did you receive care from others that you didn’t expect? What would it be like for you to be a person who cares for another in her crisis?

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Comments (9)

Yes and that experience was difficult and extremely humbling. I did have people surround me and care for me as best they could but it was Jesus that saw my heart and sustained me. It makes me better able to give grace, space, and trust that God works in everyone’s lives in unseen ways.

Yes I have had in laws take care of me while my husband was stationed in Saudi Arabia and during this same time my best friend that loved the Lord with all her heart would just come over to my house and hold me now she is struggling with cancer and I love her and hold her

I have had my share of ups and downs in my life. God has sent me people to help me through. In return, I have helped others through their problems as well. I thank God for my Christian friends who support me and help me when I am struggling. I just have to remember to reach out and ask for help when I need it.

Three weeks after our youngest of 3 was born, our family got the norovirus. I was hospitalized for dehydration one night while my husband was too sick to care for our newborn. The baby ended up getting passed to some retired neighbors. We hadn’t even tried giving him a bottle at that point but they went out and purchased all the things to care for him for us. Fast forward 3 weeks later and my mom died of Parkinsons. Again, our community stepped in and helped shoulder the load. I remember receiving so much kindness and generosity in that hard season. It’s a good reminder how meaningful our support can be to others.

I feel like much of my 20s were big twists and turns, but I don’t recall anyone that was "unexpected" to come to my aide. Luckily I had a good support system through my family and as ice grown I hope that I can return the sentiment when needed.

I have cared for, supported and listened to others in their crisis. But to recieve the same care, support and listening ear has not happened for me. I find some people are here for others – that is their purpose in life. Some just never recieve what others do.

My mom and I were in a truck accident a traumatic situation in winter with high snow banks
The men rescued us we were grateful got us on the road again We drive to visit sister in cold Lake
Ab…..we were cared for by my sister, brother in law and his friend
I have cared for my friend, my prayer partner … when she was so depressed it was a challenge
I had to bang in her door many times to get her to answer delivered her food and prayed with her
I cared for her. Jesus made a way when there was no way to help my friend

I have definitely experienced a quick turn from a great circumstance into a terrible one. It was absolutely earth-shattering! I felt like my life was over. However, in my deep pain, I knew that this was God’s way of saying "this path is not for you, I have better for you." I received so much tender care and kindness from friends and family. It also started the long process of learning how to care for myself, too. Being able to be the person who cares for another in their crisis is an honor. It was a way to share the love of God through your actions. Father God thank you for the quick twists and turns in my life. They were oh so painful yet oh so necessary. I see now how every rejection and failure was ultimately you taking such good care of me. The fact that I can live to tell the tale is proof of your glory. Father God I love you. I thank you for everything you’ve done, everything you’re doing and everything you will do. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen <3

Senior year of college swimming was met with challenges from the freshman class. We had been having a good season when it was brought to our attention the acts of the freshman class, which threatened our chances of going to conference. The 4 seniors stuck together with the support from the junior class. To care for someone in a crisis, it is important to listen, pray, and be present. Only try to help if the situation allowed.

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