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God Is the Same Then as He Is Now

And no longer shall each one teach his neighbor and each his brother, saying, ‘Know the Lord,’ for they shall all know me, from the least of them to the greatest, declares the Lord. For I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more.”

Jeremiah 31:34
God Is the Same Then as He Is Now Book Cover

We live our lives at lightning speed. And how can we not? We have families to raise. Careers to develop. Goals to reach. Things to learn. Relationships to grow. Instagram accounts to update. Dreams to actualize. In the midst of all the demands of twenty-first-century life, it can be hard to connect to ancient notions of promise and obligation, duty and responsibility. We might find ourselves asking: Why should a set of ancient covenants matter now? What do these contractual agreements God made with other people have to do with our lives today?

There’s no denying it. We lead very different lives from Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and David. But even with the myriad ways our lives are different, there’s at least one way our lives are the same. Just as every one of them felt the consequences of broken relationship with God all those centuries ago, we continue to feel the strain that comes with living in a world that’s not as it should be.

Adam and Eve experienced life in a world where the earth had been cursed and where shame, pain, dissent, and strife were felt. All of this after having tasted the unhindered goodness of creation and perfect fellowship with God. Noah felt the excruciating pain that comes with witnessing his world be ravaged by flood and experiencing the loss of life. He had to start over with only his family by his side. Abraham knew firsthand the heartbreak of childlessness. Moses was all too familiar with the feelings of incompetence. He knew imposter syndrome long before it had a name. David lived with the pain of broken family relationships. And Jesus—Jesus knew the worst pain of all, as he hung on a tree, betrayed by his friends, carrying the weight of all the sins of the world.

So, why should a set of ancient covenants matter to us now? Because just like these people spent their lives waiting for God to fulfill his promises of redemption, we also find ourselves waiting. No, we’re not waiting for God to give us a descendant and make us into a great nation like Abraham did, but we’re waiting for something. Maybe we’re waiting for healing in our bodies, our hearts, our minds. Maybe we’re waiting for restoration in our relationships. Or maybe we’re waiting for companionship in the form of a child, a spouse, a friend. In our waiting, we can look to God’s covenants with Noah, Abraham, Moses, and David and find hope. Because, like all the other covenants, the end of our waiting is wrapped up in the fulfillment of God’s New Covenant through Jesus.

Why study the covenants? Because for those of us who follow Jesus, there is no covenant whose blessings we do not enjoy. As it turns out, our lives may not be all that different after all.


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Daily Question

Do you find yourself in a season of waiting? What are you waiting on/for? How can knowing God is working to fulfill his promises bring hope to your situation?

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Comments (10)

I’m waiting for my spouse to be healed. He’s drinking alcohol daily all day. I think he’s depressed and won’t admit it. His family business closed after 35 years. It’s like mourning. He is a believer but not very strong. Also pray for women I know who are single, who hope for relationships.

I’m waiting for things to be ok with there one I love. I hate seeing him in pain and dealing with hardship financially and physically his back is hurting. I’m waiting for peace in my life. Fellowship at church. Bible study with others in person. Peace waiting for God’s peace. Waiting for a job I don’t hate. Waiting to feel valuable. Waiting. My faith seems small right more so I’m going to have faith God is working when I can’t see it.

I am constantly in a season of waiting for God to bring more peace and understanding to my life. I sometimes just look at things and people and often think that it is a sign that God is sending me to let me know that he hears me and He is sending me answers, even though I may not always understand what those answers are. There is so much that is going on in my personal life, that I find that the only place that I will ever find true peace and commitment will be to continue to trust and believe in Jesus with all of my heart and soul. God is a continued joy:)

I have found myself to be in a very pronounced season of waiting. Globally, the world has seemed to come to a standstill in a lot of ways over the past two years. Personally, I feel like I’ve experienced a lot of "false starts" in relationships, hobbies, jobs. I have been trying to force my way into a new season and God has been saying, "No, not yet." The circumstances haven’t been anointed. Now, he says "Soon." What am I waiting on? I feel like I’m waiting on an opening. Something that changes my circumstances. I’ve felt very stuck and stagnant in my life the past couple of years. In reality, I see God is shaping me. I feel stagnant, yet so much growth has happened. He has been molding me and shaping me and I feel his call on my life coming. I still have my struggles but I’m hopeful that God is working all things for the good of His people. I take heart and hope in the fact that God is present and actively working to fulfill the promises He has made me. Father God, I love you. Father, I’m sorry that I doubt you. I have hope in you. You are my only hope. I know you haven’t brought me this far just to leave me here. I know you are making a future for me; "Plans to propose and not to harm." God, I pray that your will be done in my life and in the world. I love you. Amen.

I cannot remember where I heard this, but I once heard a Bible teacher say, "When I cannot see His hand, I trust His heart." That has remained with me for decades. God is in the waiting. Sometimes the whole reason for the delay is for me to experience God and know Him intimately during the waiting. I trust His heart.

As I sit here I really am wondering what it is that I am waiting for. I never thought of it in that way. Now that I do, it brings me too tears because I don’t know. I want to see the love that is around me. God, I pray that you help me to see your Love for me, through the people around me. I know it’s there, help me too see it.

Always waiting for an answer to prayer. Question to me: am I patiently waiting or am I like the exiles in Babylon and forsaking His covenant??

A season of waiting on prayers to be answered. A season of doubting my prayers are being heard. We all need a time/season of waiting. God’s promises are good and true, but he says they happen in his time. I believe because of the fast pace we live, we don’t like waiting. In all promises in the Bible, God did fulfill just as he will ours a he sees to be good.

Part of me is waiting for the Lord to reveal His plan for my career; after 7 years of training, I am now working in a field God has prepared me for, but I sense that the season I’m in might still be a season of preparation for something else. I feel kind of restless. I feel that there must be some other reason God called me to and led me through this long, challenging training. I dream that there are more meaningful ways to use my career for Him.

Another part of me trust that I am where He needs me to be, that I am on mission with Him right now even in this season of waiting. He is making me more like Him and teaching me to trust in His sovereignty through my day to day work, parenting, leading small group, building relationships with neighbors and coworkers. It is encouraging to know that God is always on the move – fulfilling His promises, bringing people to Himself, redeeming the lost world… I can find joy and hope in that.

I’m waiting for the day when my daughter has a child. She lives in Austin. She wants me to move to Austin, but I’m comfortable in Pennsylvania with my sisters family. I don’t know what I will do if a grandchild comes along.

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