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All God Makes Is Good

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

Genesis 1:1
All God Makes Is Good Book Cover

It’s hard to imagine, isn’t it, the world of Genesis 1 and 2? That world is a world where swarms of living creatures filled the earth and sky and water, where vegetation was fruitful, and where man and woman coexisted free of shame and grief and strife. That world doesn’t seem much like our world at all. After all, in our world, animals face the threat of extinction, droughts destroy our vegetation, and man and woman are caught up in a never-ending battle for power and dominance.

And while with its images of idyllic paradise, Genesis 1 and 2 can be hard to relate to—not to mention downright discouraging when we find ourselves living in what can be described as anything but paradise. If we’re going to understand the covenants, the relational contracts God makes with his people, we must begin by understanding something about the God who initiates them. And for that, there’s no better place to start than at the beginning.

If Genesis 1 teaches us anything, it’s that all that God does is good. He brought light into darkness, and it was good (vv. 3–4). He separated the waters from the land, and it was good (vv. 9–10). He made plants and trees to bear fruit, and it was good (vv. 11–12).God spoke an entire universe into existence, and it was very good indeed (v. 31).

Rather than focusing on a day-by-day retelling of how the world came to be, Genesis 2 draws us into the intimacy of God’s creation of humanity. Here, God forms the man out of the dust of the ground. He breathes life into him. He creates a woman out of the man’s rib and brings her to the man to be his indispensable companion. But what is most significant about this retelling of creation, what should stop us dead in our tracks, is that we see a God who took the time, took the trouble, took the energy to make humanity, not out of some feeling of loneliness or wanting for anything, but out of the overflowing abundance of his love.

We see in Genesis 2 that God acts to bring us into relationship with himself. From the light to the land to the animals to the vegetation, he formed all of creation in order to make a place where we could dwell in relationship with him. He created a world for us, a good world where we could be with him.

While our world may no longer resemble the unspoiled creation of Genesis 1 and 2, we can take comfort in knowing that these two truths—that all that God does is good and that all that God does is to bring us into relationship with himself—are not only true of every covenant God makes with his people but are also true of God himself. And that, we can always count on.


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Daily Question

How does knowing that everything God does is good change the way you think about God? How does knowing that everything God does is to bring us into relationship with himself change the way you think about your life?

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Comments (11)

To know and look back on all the good God made from the very beginning is a reminder of all the God has created and is creating for the now. To know that God craves a relationship with me fuels me with each step I take- knowing He is right there at all times, with open ears and arms. I can call to Him whenever I need and I know He is there for me.

This helps me to remember that he has a purpose in the face of confusion and chaos. Even when things in my life feel like they don’t ,some sense he is doing something good. That is the purpose of faith. Trusting in his plan even when you can’t see what it is.

I find that comforting. The difficult things I’ve gone through are a necessary part of my relationship with God because those are the times I’ve grown the most. I’ve learned to go to God quickly at all times. My desire is to live in his presence with no breaks. I imagine myself in the middle of the stream of God’s love and I want to learn to stay there.

It’s one thing to read that "everything God does is good," and another to believe and know it in your heart. It’s hard to believe it all the time with such terrible things that occur daily and when your life goes into shambles etc. There’s always the saying "everything happens for a reason," I understand that God allows free will so bad things happen out of the choice of sin but what about stuff like random fires or car accidents where sin wasn’t involved and someone loses a loved one. Did their loved one die to bring them closer to God? I don’t know. It can be frustrating for sure to try and understand instead of just taking words as is but personally, I’m someone who needs to know the "why" of things.

Yes, Jessie, I think I can relate to the way your mind works! It’s hard for me to see the world, all the bad things, and then come to the conclusion that God is good. But I’m trying (emphasis on trying) really hard to flip the script – I want to know that God is good and then look at the world through that lens. I want to appreciate all the days I had with loved ones, rather than feel wronged because they’re no longer with me. I want to love all the beautiful, sunny days rather than ask God why He let the natural disasters seemingly wreck everything. I want to acknowledge all the good in the world rather than believe in and elevate the work of evil.. Jesus has overcome the world. Let me rest in that truth.

Praying for you, dear friend!

The first one is still hard for me to wrap my head around – I feel like I want a clear-cut definition of what ‘good’ really means. But when I take a breath and just acknowledge the statement for what it is, God is good, I am filled with trust. I can trust in Him who I know to be good always.

I really like the second question as my mind can make better sense of it. Taking this perspective, particularly with suffering, makes sense. Everything in my life is meant to drive me toward God, and I can better appreciate the every day moments when I view them through this lens.

It is so easy to see my relationship with God as a means to an end. Praying to feel better, reading Scripture to learn, praising God to find hope. I often forget that the TRUE purpose of all those things is to have a relationship with God. It is his way of bringing us closer to Him. When I look at the good and His desire for a relationship with me, spiritual disciplines become much less of a to-do list item and much more intimate.

Knowing that what God does is good has given me peace. Many things in my life make me anxious and there have been some hard times but I know that even through those hard times there was a bigger, better picture that He was working on.

I know that I can sit back and look at my life and despite the hardships I have encountered, I can see the many wonderful things that God has brought forth to my life, and for that I am blessed. When I see all that God has done for me, I know that I need to and can do more for Him. I can serve and love Him even more than I already do. God helps to bring purpose and meaning to my life, without him I am lost. I find that I need God more and more just to have a good day.

I think it means I need to be more in connection with God- that that can only be a good thing. It can only make me be more in alignment with Him and make me more who He wants me to be. He is my own personal cheerleader and support team. I have to be grateful for that.

It helps me realize that all He wants is me to be in love with Him. —That is the whole goal of our creation is to glorify Him, to be obsessed with Him– and in order for us to get there, sometimes God will have to take things or break things that we think are good for ourselves just so that we are able to rely on Him rather than ourselves, others, or the world. —Because it is all about Him, but more times than not, we don’t make it about Him. So, all things he does is for our good because HE is Good himself. His way is better than our ways. His way leads to life. His way, glorifies and places Himself in His appropriate place, first place.

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