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All God Makes Is Good

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

Genesis 1:1
All God Makes Is Good Book Cover

It’s hard to imagine, isn’t it, the world of Genesis 1 and 2? That world is a world where swarms of living creatures filled the earth and sky and water, where vegetation was fruitful, and where man and woman coexisted free of shame and grief and strife. That world doesn’t seem much like our world at all. After all, in our world, animals face the threat of extinction, droughts destroy our vegetation, and man and woman are caught up in a never-ending battle for power and dominance.

And while with its images of idyllic paradise, Genesis 1 and 2 can be hard to relate to—not to mention downright discouraging when we find ourselves living in what can be described as anything but paradise. If we’re going to understand the covenants, the relational contracts God makes with his people, we must begin by understanding something about the God who initiates them. And for that, there’s no better place to start than at the beginning.

If Genesis 1 teaches us anything, it’s that all that God does is good. He brought light into darkness, and it was good (vv. 3–4). He separated the waters from the land, and it was good (vv. 9–10). He made plants and trees to bear fruit, and it was good (vv. 11–12).God spoke an entire universe into existence, and it was very good indeed (v. 31).

Rather than focusing on a day-by-day retelling of how the world came to be, Genesis 2 draws us into the intimacy of God’s creation of humanity. Here, God forms the man out of the dust of the ground. He breathes life into him. He creates a woman out of the man’s rib and brings her to the man to be his indispensable companion. But what is most significant about this retelling of creation, what should stop us dead in our tracks, is that we see a God who took the time, took the trouble, took the energy to make humanity, not out of some feeling of loneliness or wanting for anything, but out of the overflowing abundance of his love.

We see in Genesis 2 that God acts to bring us into relationship with himself. From the light to the land to the animals to the vegetation, he formed all of creation in order to make a place where we could dwell in relationship with him. He created a world for us, a good world where we could be with him.

While our world may no longer resemble the unspoiled creation of Genesis 1 and 2, we can take comfort in knowing that these two truths—that all that God does is good and that all that God does is to bring us into relationship with himself—are not only true of every covenant God makes with his people but are also true of God himself. And that, we can always count on.


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Daily Question

How does knowing that everything God does is good change the way you think about God? How does knowing that everything God does is to bring us into relationship with himself change the way you think about your life?

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Comments (10)

I think it means I need to be more in connection with God- that that can only be a good thing. It can only make me be more in alignment with Him and make me more who He wants me to be. He is my own personal cheerleader and support team. I have to be grateful for that.

It helps me realize that all He wants is me to be in love with Him. —That is the whole goal of our creation is to glorify Him, to be obsessed with Him– and in order for us to get there, sometimes God will have to take things or break things that we think are good for ourselves just so that we are able to rely on Him rather than ourselves, others, or the world. —Because it is all about Him, but more times than not, we don’t make it about Him. So, all things he does is for our good because HE is Good himself. His way is better than our ways. His way leads to life. His way, glorifies and places Himself in His appropriate place, first place.

It is a reminder that all things stem from love. Rejections are protection. Failures are lessons. Mistakes are redirections. Everything flows from His love. It reminds me that his hand is on all things on heaven and earth. Knowing that everything God does is to bring us into relationship with Him gives me a sense of peace. My flawed human nature will send me on all sorts of paths but God is there, steadily directing and redirecting me. Father may you search my life and redirect me when needed to come back into relationship with you. God, give me the discernment to know what you’re doing in my life. Father, let me hear your voice. Give me strength, courage and freedom. Give me fresh vision. I love you Lord! In Jesus name, Amen.

All my trials and sufferings have made me into the woman I am today. All God does is for my good. How can I be resentful of the sad and distressing trials. I am at times, though I know in my heart of hearts that he loves and has a better way just up ahead. For that reason I am grateful

Sometimes something happens in your life that shakes your world and you wonder how that could be good. How could God think that it is good. Then I’m reminded that God does things to bring us into relationship with himself or bring us closer to him. In my case, a very sudden death of my son-in-law shook my world so bad I didn’t think I could find my way back. Then, at his Celebration of Life people came forward and spoke about how their lives were enriched by knowing my son-in-law; how they were made better; how their relationship with God was made stronger, and the comments went on and on. I then realized that what happened had purpose. God turned it around to be good. He used it to bring people closer to himself. It was moving. It was bittersweet. God answered my prayer why this happened. Missing my son-in-law will always be there, but because of the Godly man he was, people were changed. I can move forward knowing that and rest assured that God has everything in control.

It helps change my thinking. Even when my life seemed to fall completely apart I also watched my life fall into place. Uncertainty of the next chapter was not even a question. Husband died , I lived 5 hours away from family and my daughter was 5 weeks old, my life was toppling. In the same moment loved ones reached out, I was offered a job back home and my family came to the rescue. As upset and angry as I was there was still a calmness that it was all going to be ok. Did I think it was good? No, but 20 years later I know it is the life I was to live and it has ended up good. A new husband and another child and still blessed.

It doesn’t feel good sometimes. When our children are hurting, when my father lay in a bed dying after YEARS of pain and his son won’t visit him and doesn’t care. But my faith tells me that God’s plan is good. I am thankful for that truth. Otherwise, some days would be excruciating.

Psalm 23:6 & Revelation 21:3
The word became flesh and dwelled among us so that we can live through Him, for Him, and ultimately in Him.
It is amazing to be part of this plan, and it just compels me to overflow with gratitude and joy abundant.

It helps me to trust Him more. It reminds me that my burdens aren’t to be blamed on Him but entrusted TO him. Because everything he does is good.
It changes the way I do life because it reminds me that there isn’t a God working against me causing me to fight my way into good standing. I’m already there. He’s done the good work to bring us together. I can trust that.

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