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A Parent's Grief Turned to Joy

Watch Week Four Day Two

A Parent's Grief Turned to Joy

In the last few chapters of Mark, Jesus’ display of power heightens as His enemies grow. From the raging sea, demon possession of Legion, and a woman hemorrhaging for over a decade, we see that nature, demonic forces, and disease bow to the Messiah’s authority. Now Jesus will face His greatest enemy: death.

Jairus' Vantage Point

Mark loves using a literary device where he sandwiches one story in between another to make a comparative point between the two. The healing of Jairus’ daughter serves as the bread surrounding the healing of the bleeding woman. The comparisons between the two stories jump off the page. The woman bled for twelve years; the girl died at twelve years old. Both received the title “Daughter.” Likewise, the contrasts stand out. The woman was poor; Jairus was rich. The woman had low social standing; Jairus was very important. The woman came in private; Jairus publicly approached Jesus. These similarities and differences allow Mark to communicate timeless principles. Jesus cares about all people—rich and poor, important and insignificant, powerful and weak, your daughters and everyone else’s daughters.

Jairus painfully learns this lesson as he watches Jesus care for another’s daughter, knowing that with each passing minute his daughter nears death. His stature could not rush Jesus. His money could not hurry up the Messiah. His power could not press Jesus. He, like everyone else, had to wait on the mercy and timing of Jesus.

Jairus’ worst nightmare comes to fruition as the envoy learns that his daughter died while waiting for his return. In that moment, one can imagine the thoughts swirling through Jairus’ head. Why did we have to stop for that woman? If only we had arrived earlier. All hope is lost. Jesus cuts through the chaos and asks Jairus to trust.

Jesus asked Jairus to trust Him to do something seemingly impossible: defeat death. Sure, Jesus can calm storms, drive out demons, and heal sickness, but can Jesus actually bring someone back from the dead? Jairus chooses faith, and he witnesses the resurrection of his daughter. Even death bows before Jesus because nothing is impossible with God.


Today’s lesson brings us to the crescendo of Jesus’ miracles before He heads to the cross. He defeated His greatest enemy and proved that His power supersedes that of whatever foe you might face. Jesus is greater than nature, demons, disease, and even death. A simple math equation might help us drive home this lesson. On one side of the equation write “Jesus,” on the other draw a blank line that you can fill in with any trial you face, and in between place the greater-than sign facing Jesus.


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Daily Question

In what areas of your life do you need to remember that Jesus is greater than the enemies you face? Who in your life needs to hear this message?

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Comments (3)

I need to
Know that Jesus is wanting Will and me to have a relationship
Just as much as I do. Show me what this relationship
Might look like and show me my part in changing my heart and actions

I need to remember it in all areas of my life.
Jesus > sexual abuse
Jesus > child loss
Jesus > years and years of pain and unanswered questions and unanswered prayers
Not all of us get the answered miracle. I disagreed with the video when they said "we are all Jairus’ daughter, no we aren’t. Not all of us are so lucky to have our children brought back to life. At the end they also said they see hope in this passage for those of us who are still waiting on that miracle, that if Jesus can bring a child back to life then He can do anything. I don’t think I have any more or less faith than Jairus and the fact that his daughter got to live, I just think we have different stories to tell. I’m still not sure exactly what my story is, but I know that it is full of questions, strength, hope, heros, loss, tragedy, great love and even greater faith.

I needed to hear this message. As it happens one of the "enemies" I’m facing is my own doubts and fears. Especially in the area of having faith that God will bring me a husband. I think I’ve been in my head the past couple days about thinking these spiralling thoughts: "my family estrangement complicates my dating life and even if things go well in the beginning, what if it doesn’t go well when I reveal it?", "what if I won’t be validated by my partner for doing what was needed for me in that estrangement?", "Maybe they are better off with someone else, so why even try". All theses thoughts feed into me thinking it’s impossible, but if Jesus can raise someone to life, He can also resurrect my faith in this area.
I’ll be prayerful for others who may need to hear this too!

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