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Jesus the Messiah's Kingdom is Everlasting

And he will reign over the house of Jacob forever, and of his kingdom there will be no end.

Luke 1:33
Jesus the Messiah's Kingdom is Everlasting Book Cover

where is your hope?

It doesn’t take long to realize that everything in the world that we live in is temporary. Houses creak and crumble, cars begin to rust, and our favorite businesses close their doors. Understanding that everything in the world is finite can be rather sobering. If everything comes and goes, what do we have to put our hope in? Our hope can never be found in the temporary nature of the world we live in. Our hope can only be placed in a Messiah who rules forever.

Imagine you were one of Jesus’ disciples. You were there witnessing His miracles and soaking in all you could learn from His unmatched wisdom. You had left everything behind because you believed He was the Son of Man, the Messiah that God had promised. Imagine sharing that final meal with Him and then watching Him submit to authorities that surely He had authority over. Imagine watching Him take His last breath on the cross, His lifeless body being carried away to a tomb. Imagine spending three days grieving, questioning who exactly you had placed all that hope in. Your hope, too, would have been buried in that tomb—had Jesus not risen from the grave.

an infinite hope

Jesus’ kingdom will never end, because Jesus has conquered death. God promised Mary that Jesus would rule forever (Luke 1:33). Just as it was always God’s plan to send Christ to earth, it has also always been the plan for Christ to return (Daniel 7:13–14). The Lord gave a vision to Daniel of Christ’s second coming. Christ will have power over every nation and all people will worship Him. When Christ returns, an everlasting kingdom will be established. No person, no government, nothing will overcome the reign of Christ. There is a comfort and hope in knowing that we will walk with God, face-to-face in His presence, forever.

Sometimes circumstances allow us to question what or whom we have placed our hope in. When marriages fail, children leave the faith, or friendships wound us deeply, we still get to choose to hope that God really is who He says He is. In whatever tough situation you are facing, trust that God is timeless and that His wisdom is not limited to time or circumstance (Job 36:26). God has both an infinite future and an infinite past; God has always existed, even before creation (Psalm 90:2). The circumstances you are facing are not final. Everything in this world may be finite, but we are loved by the Messiah who rules forever. This brings us hope as we wait—knowing that this is not our final home and we will live forever with our Savior, Jesus.


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Daily Question

Knowing that our Messiah will rule forever and that this is not our final home—in what ways do these truths bring you hope?

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To think that this earthly life is all there is so depressing but to know that real true life awaits us with nothing but praise and love keeps us living this temporary life until we meet our Savior face to face.

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