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The following is a blog post from Paige Dillon, the first ever intern at IF:Gathering.

The first day of my internship, I sat down with Jessica Taylor and took three pages of notes.

In just a few short weeks, over 60 women were coming to Austin, some of the greatest leaders in women’s ministry, and we had to explain what this crazy thing was.

I was the first intern for IF. But lest me remind you, I am 21 years old, a third year Public Relations student, and I just wanted an internship.

Am I crazy about women’s ministry? Yes. Did I plan to be a part of a national non-profit with over 13,000 women? No.

So sure enough, a few weeks later, I found myself sitting amongst some of my heroes in women’s ministry at our leader’s retreat.

Me. Paige Dillon. Just a college girl who likes to talk about Jesus.

And let me tell you, I had no idea what I was in for.

At one point of the retreat, I stood in front of all of these incredible women, and Jennie Allen asks the IF team to stand. Jessica, Amy, and I all stand in front of these 60 something women, and they proceed to thank us.

To honor us for our time and service to this vision.

Now, since you don’t know me, you don’t know that I really would rather not be vulnerable. I’ll share my life story, sure, but to explain the deep hurt and pain that God has redeemed in my life is a different can of worms.

So guess how God made me? My body makes me vulnerable, I have no choice in the matter. My lips will start to quiver, I’ll get a frog in my throat, my cheeks will begin to twitch, and I will bawl my eyes out.

You’re crying? I’m crying. You talk about what Jesus has done in your life? I’m crying. I talk about how Jesus has spoken through my story? I’m crying. You want to affirm me in my gifts? Are you kidding me, I’m crying!

I stood in front of these incredible women, best selling authors, renowned speakers, and I bawled my eyes out.

I had every single woman I’ve looked up to honor me.

At 21 years old.

During my time at IF, I have never felt more encouraged, more affirmed, and like so many people were for God’s call on my life.

And so here I am telling you, I am so a part of this organization. It is anything but an organization to me. It is God breathed, God ordained, and God honoring. And I’ve never seen God move like this before.

And I want it for you more than anything in this world- to experience the power of women being for one another.

So I am giving my life, my time and my energy to this vision. Because I can’t help but be a part of this.

God is moving here, in my time, and in my place at IF.

And if God is real, then He is for us.

If you are interested in being an IF Intern, we are currently accepting applications for 2014-2015. 

Please go to for more information and to apply.